Saturday, January 31, 2009

Somebody Needs a Spankin

I was right and they were wrong.
My informant for Surfs-Ahoy thought the 'active ad pack' requirement would not be enforced in order to receive your payment on any expired ones. That is wrong.
You DO NEED to have at least one active Ad Pack running for $5 in order to receive your payout on the expired ones. OK?
Also, did you notice the Server Time on the site has been changed? Well that's only temporary and will be set back to it's original time later.
And Derek has made today a Surf Holiday, so if you miss surfing, not to worry.


Hey Thanks everyone for your comments here and in my gmail address re: Windows Vista. If I get a new laptop with Vista, I may be calling on you again. Deal? I'd get a Macbook if I could afford one, but I really can't right now. So any help I can get with Vista would be greatly appreciated :)) You guys rock!


Received this "reminder" from one of my oldest friends here on the net. Thanks Pauly. I've just clicked for today :)


Animal Rescue
Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals.
It takes less than a minute (How about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.
Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.



Last day of January eh?
Wow, this month has gone really fast.
Just know that I appreciate you all and you ARE my Sunshine!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Morning (yawn)

Been up since 5 today so don't expect too much from me, unless I catch my 'second wind' later on.


Today's the day for the PAC mini-promo. Just pulled this note from one of the forums:

we will give only 10-12 hours notice for mini-promos ,the only thing we can tell you is that- we will have them rather frequently!

So we have 2 Promos Running today, 9% Bonus on all AdPack Purchases, and a $500 prize for PP deposits ends at Midnight today."

Yes, I am going to make another purchase today to better my odds. Good Luck you Guys! And May the Best (Wo)Man Win, ha!


At 9:30 AM, I am eating left-over pizza. I hardly ever eat this early. It's going to be a lonnnnng day :(


After 3:00 PM my time today, will surf the 11th (final) day on my first Ad Pack at Surfs-Ahoy! So far - So good. He's been paying the referral commissions real fast, so let's hope he keeps his energy level up for this next challenge.


Anybody out there use Windows VISTA?
Would love to hear what you think about it.
I'll share more later about why I'm asking.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Business Updates Mostly

- Just a reminder that today is the day for PAC's little promo. New members and Free members can upgrade with $20 (instead of the usual $30) and your first month of 'standby' membership will be free.
Oh and I received a referral commission from them last night. Thanks Guys!

As previously posted:
All new members who join on Thursday, 29th January and FREE members will be given a Free Standby Membership. And the minimum First AdPack Purchase will be $20.

** NEW Note from the Admins: (and I wish I had known sooner before I wasted an Ad for them today at 9planet. oh well)

Dear Members,
We are celebrating tomorrow-so all AdPacks (for both PAC and SA) will have a 9% Bonus!

In addition, any member who can guess what we are celebrating, post on the forums (not those who know and please be sports and don't give it away)if there are many correct answers we'll pick a random winner- prize $100 to your choice of PP.You can start posting now, we'll choose the winner on Saturday server time.


- Received a Thank You note from Paula York and here is a portion of it:

"EUREKA!! I have a job interview tonight for a place that I applied to back in December. The application was a mile long with all type of integrity and leadership question. It took them three months to call, but they called! Wish me luck.

Also, I received my letter for testing in phase 2 for the first job!! The first word on the letter was CONGRATULATIONS. Things are finally looking up and thanks to you and all of your friends, I can go to my interview after having a NICE HOT SHOWER.

Please thank everyone; blog readers and writers, for helping to tide me over this rough patch.

In the mean time, I will be posting my letter to as many people as will read it. I hope that the help continues and with GOD's blessing, it will.

Bless You All
Paula York"


- I have 11 downline in Revolutionary Matrix so far, but only 8 verified as paid. And I wish the Admin didn't start talking as soon as you open the site. It kind of scares me (and the cats) since he's soooo loud!


- Was over at MMG Forum and one of the members very rudely PM'd me to join another program. Have no clue who the person was, but I thought that was against the forum rules. Oh well, he's deleted.


- Surfs-Ahoy is doing wonderfully! Two more days of surfing on the first ad pack I bought on opening day. Whoo Hooo!


- The Team Pay (Insane Matrix) guy keeps sending me $2. Of course I'll take it but I just need to remember to cancel my subscription when the time comes ... unless folks keep joining. I have not been promoting it so am not sure where these referrals are coming from. Oh well, 2 bucks will buy me a burger at McDonalds, right?


- Been a long time since I checked ALL my ID's (for cash) over at MyNetWealthTeam. I'll do that later today since it's kind of a tedious process. I have made over $1500 in this one, and was required to invest in Phase 2 a few times also. Nevertheless, it's still good money and I hope the changes that Thomas has done will help it last a long long time.


- WebProsperity ... (sigh) Well I dunno. Been debating for days about whether or not to cancel and ask for a refund. Then I keep remembering all the folks promoting it, my sponsor telling me I could receive spillover, and I can't help but wonder what will happen once they DO release the program with the spill. I only have 1 paid referral at this time, so have decided to "Let It Ride" and hope I made the right decision. Wish Me Luck and I will keep you posted.


Have decided I need to hear this song at least once per month. And it kind of fits with today's dilemmas.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slooooooow Motion

I'm moving in slow motion today.
Excuse the delays for email responses, etc.
Think I'm caught up now. If not, plse write to me again.
Thanks guys :))


Finally had a chance to watch the video here, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. When you can take 20 minutes out of your day, it's well worth it. Then get out there and share with others. We can all win!

PS, Thanks to all who have joined thus far :)


Don't forget about the PAC Promo Tomorrow. See the link for Premium Ad's Club here on the right ...

Tomorrow is Promo day for our new members and members who have joined but never upgraded. Yes, we mean you, what is stopping you.. get your butt upgraded already! You will only need $20 in adpacks to get started and we will give you a free Standby Membership, so you have no excuse. :P"

Funny ladies eh?


Ken - Upline in Birthday Bonus Club - Birthday Today!
Dude ... either validate your email in Alert Pay or stop using it. Sheesh!



This morning, I requested a withdrawal from PayPal to my bank account. Within minutes of that request, I received an email from PP, which actually looked legit.
Of course being on the net as long as I have, I don't trust many, so sent it to PayPal. And I was right, it was a hacker trying to steal my information. Dang !!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heeeere's Jake !!! plus a New Matrix !

Here is a 4 week old pic of my next grandbaby Jake!
As you can see, he really IS A BOY this time, hahaha
Dave n Jess will visit him on the 31st, then he'll be ready to go home just after Valentines Day. Such a cutie eh? I'll keep you posted and we can all watch him grow up!!

Oops .. one more. Baby Jake and Sisters.


A New PAC Promo this coming Thursday ... so if you missed the one on the 19th, this one is very similar. Minimum purchase is $20 and the first month standby membership fee will be waived. Here is a part of their News:

"Our Current Promo - All Deposits to our PPs upto 30th,January ,2009 will be entered into a draw on Saturday 31st, January.A winner from each PP will be given a $500 AdPack.

And here is a little one :

All new members who join on Thursday,28th January and FREE members will be given a Free Standby Membership.And the minimum First AdPack Purchase will be $20."

PS, I bought another Ad Pack this morning. Wanted to get my name in this weeks drawing. (wink)


Tried to send my upline Ken the recommended $3 for his Birthday in the Birthday Bonus Club! Happy Birthday Ken! BUT your Alert Pay account is not verified?!? So I couldn't pay you Ken. (sorry). I'll try again tomorrow and maybe the problem will be fixed.
I wonder if this thing will still be running when MY birthday comes around? ha!


I do believe a Matrix can work if it's done right. Just Joined Revolutionary Matrix after reading a very excited review and post about it. (har!)
It's a 5 x 6 Matrix WITH Spillover. Yes, this Admin really does know what spillover is! (no offense to the other "Insane" guy, of course)
Paid my $10 through Alert Pay lickity split. Off to read more of the site now but I hear the Video/Movie is outstanding!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Birthday Boy!!! Special Addition :)))

This post is 100% full of pictures.

To my business associates: no need to open unless you need a good laugh.
To my friends and family: don't let the 'little ones' view too long. They will just be confused. You'll see what I mean. hahaha

Last Sunday was just another Birthday Party.

Dave and Jess each got a Marshmallow Shooter.
(Mom doesn't play favorites)

And Dave got his own baby piano to practice on (well it said for ages 3 and up so what the hell).
(I told him he could have my 'real one' (piano) whenever he wanted it ... he wants to be like Billy Joel when he grows up :)

So our little dinner party at the house went great.

Then Wednesday, the 21st was his REAL Birthday Party at the bowling alley.

(Looks like he's way ahead of me on the beers eh?)

Jess had hidden his present on the counter top ...

What is it? What is it?

It was a Giant Poster of Las Vegas Show Girls !!!

But I'll tell you what ...
those were the UGLIEST Show Girls I've Ever Seen !!!

This next one is my favorite ... Love the Cigar !!!

OK, so what was all this craziness about anyway???

This was Jessica's way of Surprising Dave with a Trip to Las Vegas for his birthday!
(they were married in Vegas on 7/7/07)

Isn't she the best?!?

I love my kids and may they live happily ever after!!!!

The End :))

Birthday Pictures Coming Later

A Snow blizzard is keeping me in today. So I guess you guys are stuck with me all day. Yes, I will finally load some of Dave's birthday pics for those of you who need a good laugh :))


If you have trouble getting into our "P"rivate program today, it's because their security authentication has expired. You CAN however bypass that by adding an exception. Just follow the link at the bottom of the "warning" screen when it comes up. Then you can log in and get to their forum where there IS a New Update from Gary posted yesterday. Cool?


Bux-Matrix is offering a one-year pro membership for $48.00. Well, my current Gold Pro doesn't expire until 4-23, so I'm gonna hold off and see where this one goes. Heck, I've got three more months to play with it. Besides, as soon as I make another $12, am going to buy another spot in OUR matrix. Cool.


My Coyote friend was here again last night lurking around the food bowl. Once I opened the back door, he backed up, sat down, and waited patiently for his food. Hard to believe these animals can be so vicious. I've not seen it.


This is Important re: Surfs-Ahoy !!!

1- Do I have to request for my payout?

Yes, in order to receive rebates, members will need to request payment from the members back office as soon as their upgraded membership expires.

2- Do I have to be an upgraded member in order to get paid?

Yes. When your upgrade expires you need to upgrade your account at least for $5 in order to get your pending payment processed.

So you big spenders out there (or small) just remember to have at least one upgrade running when you request your payout. I have 2 upgrades running now and the first will expire in 5 more days :) YaY!!!

SCRATCH THE 2ND ONE: heard from my sponsor that it WILL NOT be enforced.


Off to do my surfing over at PremiumAdsClub now.
You know ... I have more money in PAC than I normally put into surf sites. WHY? Because I trust them!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Was asked to post this today on behalf of Paula York. Copied from John's blog:

Remember Paula York? Well, donations did come in but ceased the next day. Total collected was $776, $200 of which came from myself. Her water bill was taken care of and part of the gas bill and she's grateful.

Unfortunately a 3 month back-rent bill is hanging over her head and she's not sure how long the landlord will tolerate it.

She's applied for a job, passed the first test but there are two to go.

So she's asking for your help, if you can at all. Any amount will be helpful.

Here are her pay processor details:

Paypal is, alertpay is and solidtrustpay is djinn

Thanks folks! "


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today is the Colorado Lotteries 20th Anniversary! I've played faithfully all these years and have not once won the Jackpot of a million plus :(


PremiumAdsClub (PAC) has some great new promo's that just started. Here's a little of each:

1 -
All Deposits made to our PP accounts starting today Friday to Friday,30th will be eligible to enter a draw.On Saturday,31st we will pick a winner from each PP.The winner will get a $500 AdPack added to his or her account.....
2 - PAC Cares: Every week,starting today,Friday 23rd, we will give 3 members $1000 AdPacks.They will earn from them and when they expire, we will withdraw the $1000 and leave the profits with them.....

That's just a small piece of their last email update. Sounds great to me!!!


Just found the listing for the House across the Street. They're asking $144.900? OUCH! There goes the value of my own house right down the tubes! On the bright side, maybe I can get my taxes lowed now. Hmmm


There is a Referral Contest starting tomorrow over at Surfs-Ahoy, which will run for two weeks. The prizes are cash, cash and more cash :) Details are posted over at CIF. Just remember it's a high profit game. Only spend what you can afford to "play" with. It's always more fun that way :))


What's up with Alert Pay?
I went to move some money to my bank account yesterday and it wouldn't let me. When I first logged in, there was something about deactivating bank transfers until we enter the Swift Code. But today, I can't find that
News anywhere on their site. If you see it, would you send it to me? I need to transfer some money and am not sure how long we're going to be "deactivated". Thanks

** Problem solved (for me anyway). They ARE still sending checks to the USA and Canada. Whew!

UPDATE: Found the Alert Pay News ...

Date: January 16th, 2009

Unfortunately, a glitch by our banking partner in their system upgrade has resulted in a technical issue which is directly impacting our bank transfer functions at this time. We expect that they will resolve their issue shortly. Until this issue is remedied, we will have to disable Bank Transfers to accountholders in USA and Canada.

This issue is similar to an issue faced by banks before:

To DEPOSIT into AlertPay, you may still use the following options: Money Order, Certified Check, Bank Wire and Bank Transfers outside of USA and Canada. (i.e EUR, GBP, AUD…)

To WITHDRAW from AlertPay, you may withdraw by Check and Bank Wire.

We are working around the clock to remedy the situation as it puts us in a situation with you our members. We thank you for understanding, and it should be resolved in a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience."

"Date: January 23rd, 2009

We are now able to provide you new information regarding the ACH/EFT downtime. We are still waiting for complete information from our bank RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) regarding this issue. Their initial explanation to us last Friday January 16th, 2009 was that they had a system upgrade and this is why we were unable to access our accounts last week. We also understand that they were also reviewing our accounts. Unfortunately, at this time we are still in the dark as to what is truly going on.

We contacted every aspect of the bank from Account Manager, Branch Manager, Ombudsman (supposedly an independent mediator), and Legal Department to get an explanation. Only after much maneuvering, were we able to get in contact with our Account Manager who simply avoided any explanation. Our legal team contacted RBC’s legal team who responded on Tuesday stating that they need time to review our case and will respond back by Friday. Till this moment, our legal team has not heard anything from RBC’s legal team.

On a brighter note, we were already in the process of moving to another banking provider who will be providing us with better services and faster processing time. We were 2 weeks away before this RBC issue came about. We will be up and running with new EFT/ACH services shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience, as this issue was beyond our control and took us by surprise.

If you wish to have more information, we encourage you to call RBC directly at:

Hanane El-Makhad (Account Manager) at her direct line of 450-923-6115.

Additionally, if you are unable to contact her, then please contact Diane Belanger (Branch Manager) at the Main Branch number 450-923-5130"


Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday !

- My Jeep is getting a new windshield today.
- Rain and/or snow is coming.
- John? It's the 23rd and we're still here.
- Dave n Jess are in Las Vegas.
- There are 9 Cows grazing on the farm.
- I use a stack of phone books as a side table.
- I love my new chair, but my hair keeps getting caught where the seat meets the armrest.


A reader from Holland wrote to me yesterday asking why I don't mention 10DollarsWonder very often. Well I dunno. Maybe since the last updates were Jan 7th and 14th, and there's not much new since then? I have been cycling on my "high" positions. Not every day mind you, but a few times per week. It's still running and that's just fine with me. And no, there is no word on 10centclub yet :(


Just got done surfing day 5 out of 15 at PAC, and added Surfs-Ahoy as one of my promotional sites.

** Wow! PAC just announced some great new promo's. If you're a member you've already received their email. If not, I'll probably post it tomorrow, ok?

Surfs-Ahoy is now over 300 members and I was #22. Should be fun to see this one grow. So I've decided to buy another Ad Pack there today as soon as I can, which will be after 3:00 PM my time. (remember their server time is ahead of most of us and I've already surfed for the 23rd). I do have some Alert Pay so might as well put it to work for me.


When I work and play in these programs, I call it like I see it and am always truthful. So if I say something you don't like ... prove me wrong or leave me alone. I've never held back when I smell trouble or deceit, and I'm not going to start now.


Let's do a quick update today. Links to these are on the right under "My Favorite Programs". Yeah I'm too lazy to copy and paste em all.

- ... forced 7 x 7 matrix and you do get spillover. I've made 12 bucks so far.

- WorkFor3Dollars ... using it mostly for the "List" these days. They are taking pre-registrations for their "Diamond Club" which will cost $30 per year. I have 50 referrals in the $3 program. Out of that, only 14 have upgraded with $3. So what are my odds?

- Bux-Matrix ... PTC - Matrix. I'm at a break-even point right now. I was hoping this one would get more attention than it did. Sorry sponsors.

- Team Pay / Insane Matrix ... see yesterdays post where I've just added a link to CIF that shows the Admin trying to explain to me how the matrix and spillover works. Does not make sense.
** PS, he just paid me $4 by credit card. Something smells here. See this:
Credit Card Payment Received From Robert Trueman

- MyNetWealthTeam is doing some maintenance to our member area. So if your "downline" list doesn't look right, that's why, OK? Most of my list is gone, and yours could be too. So don't panic, they are working on it now.

What am I forgetting?


I have 2 dogs and 2 cats here right now. This is NOT good. Will tell you the story tomorrow. Have got my hands full right now. Trust me.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to work :))

Had a great time last night at the bowling alley Birthday party. I'll share more later. Back to work for now.


UPDATE TWO: Well shit. I got an answer from the Admin about how the matrix and spillover works. (you can see it here, 3rd post down) Made no sense to me or another person familiar with matrices. So I say ... promote if you like. There are some good Advertising offers there for your $5 bucks. And any personal referrals you get will earn you some money. OK? Case closed.

UPDATE ONE: The Admin for the Team Pay program below just sent me a personal email, so am chatting with him now about "spillover". So keep the door open. Let's see where this goes.

Original Post:
Read my blog comments from last night (thanks Cody) and started scratching my head. Took a second look at the "matrix" I joined yesterday, then I popped over to John's blog to see what he thought (yes, js is my sponsor) and I read this:

Well, what I said yesterday about that 4 by 10 matrix? Forget about it. They guy does not understand matrices. He's got $5 paying out out $18! Pointed out to me by Cody. Thanks Cody. Dang, should have paid more attention to that one! I guess the message is: trust no one. Do your own research! Ok, now have a nice new day."

Well, you can make your money back if you already bought in. Just promote a little. And he IS paying! Paid my ref. comm's to me last night, and I didn't even have to ask for it. Just don't look for any spillover, ok? Seems like you have to "do your own thing". Yes yes, I was originally confused as well and am sorry :(


A note from Derek, the Admin of Surfs-Ahoy which explained their down time yesterday. Seems there was a ddos attack because of this:
Message: admin:
I will attack you site if you refuse to buy banners:"
There sure are some jackass's out there, huh?
Well surf's back up today :)


It was 72 degrees F here yesterday :))


Collective Investments Forum is having another referral contest. Go find your link, (my controls, refer your friends) get some new folks to register, and you could be the next winner. Here we go:

The prizes for the new contest are as follows

1st place - 200$
2nd place - 2 weeks large banner ad
3rd place 1 week 125x125 banner ad

Same as last time it will be the member with the most referrals that wins this. Also remember that multiple signups arent allowed and we will be checking for duplicate ips.

This contest will run from January 22nd through February 22nd.


If you're waiting for a payout from MyNetWealthTeam via Alert Pay, sit tight or hang loose (whichever you prefer). There was a slight delay with their AP deposit, and Thomas will get it to you as soon as he can.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Son David !!!

Pictures will follow later after I download them :))


Love You Lots and Lots !!!
C'ya later at the bowling alley (I think).


Surfs Ahoy Mateys!

Joined last night and went to surf for today and realized they are 9 hours ahead of me. So my 8:30 AM is 5:30 PM Server Time. Take note of that so you don't miss out on a day like I almost did.

Recall this one is brand spankin new and pays 13% x 11 days for a nice 43% profit. Should be good for a few rounds or more. Too bad it only takes Liberty Reserve and Strictpay. Will let you know if he adds more Pay Processors soon.

*** I see Alert Pay has been added!

Just noticed their FAQs say they accept Alert Pay and STP also, but I don't recall seeing that last night. Let me check around the forums for some news.


A friend mentioned to me last night that the surf button wouldn't work for him in Premium Ads Club. He tried his AOL and IE browsers with no luck. I suggested he use FireFox ... so he did and it worked just fine. So now you know, OK?
Am off to surf. BRB


The house across the street is officially FOR SALE! The real estate company sign was put in the front lawn today. Of course I'll find out what their asking price is, but the house is a frickin wreck. (yeah, we peeked in the windows on Sunday) haha Quite a fixer-upper for some handy man or woman :)


Is there No Respect for bloggers these days? I wonder about it every time I "reject" a comment because that person is trying to steal my readers for their program(s) by wanting to post an AD with their URL. Sheesh!!!

I am already a Member of

I am already a Member of MyNetWealthTeam
(which had made me some very good bucks so far)

Oh and here's a funny one: TeamOrangemoon promo in my comments! No, of course I didn't publish it.

So please take it easy on me, would ya?


Something NEW coming in a minute ... so DO come back.
Am waiting for my link now. Sit tight.

JUST JOINED and Received my Link for

Team Pay / Insane Matrix!

It's an advertising / 4 x 10 company forced matrix and costs $5 bucks through Alert Pay. It's really new so those of us who join early should see some profit quickly. Their front page says it all, and I am really looking forward to receiving as well as creating spillover. Sounds like a plan eh?

After you Register and Pay your $5, you will need to wait for your own link to share with others. It'll be sent in email and could take a little while, so do be patient.
PS, it is $5 monthly but if you don't like it, you can always drop out.
Have Fun and Good Luck!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Does Networking Mean To You?

I'll write about my subject line a little later. I need to think through what happened yesterday and how to express my feelings. So do come back.


OK, I found a simple way to say this. Those of you who are bloggers and read other blogs will understand right away what I'm getting at.

Let's say we're in school. There is a book report due and I took the time to write one. The person who sits next to me didn't. So they took my report, put their name on top of it, and turned it in as their own ... then joked about it being 'networking'.

Oh and that person 'next to me' .. joined the "book club" under someone else, yet took my book report on it. (big sigh)

Was a bit strange reading my exact words (verbatim) in their blog last night with no mention of me anywhere. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Maybe not. I just had to talk about it.

So please remember to give credit where credit is due.
Thank you much, and of course I forgive that person :))


Yep, watching Barack Obama as I work. He's a lefty just like me :))


Just sent Dick (Richard R.) who is one of my upline $5 for his birthday via the Birthday Bonus Club! Happy Birthday Dick and many many more :))


Just finished surfing over at Premium Ads Club and received an email late last night about PAC extending their draw time for the 2 $500 winners (which is now 3 :) ...

"Just a quick update to inform you that we are extending the Draw time for the 2 $500 winners.
The reason is because we have been flooded with tickets regarding the transition

In the midst of them we have very many tickets from new members requesting an activation email, that we could not reply to in time.

We feel it's fair, to give these members a chance to win something too.

AND, we have added one more prize, there will be 3 winners.One from each PP.
The prize is still $500 for each PP, that's more fair too.

So , all deposits made today,20th will be included in the draw."


WebProsperity ... one of those Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Well they finally credited my payment on the 15th. So now what? I'm not 100% convinced that this is what I needed right now. So in all honesty, don't follow me quite yet. I need to do more research first, OK?


Brand New Surf Site ... Just Launched ... I am # 22.

Surfs Ahoy

Free Members:
Advertise only 1 site
50 credits sign up bonus
Surf for credits only
50 Pages Maximum per Day
Referral Commission: 2%

Upgraded Members:
Earn 13% Daily for 11 Days
Advertise up to 5 sites
Min: $5
Max: $10,000
Referral Commission: 5%
Surf 10 sites to earn
100 Pages Maximum per Day

Am off to upgrade right now.
Came from a good friend who is "in the know" :))


Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Get PAC-in :))

Today's the Day!!!

Premium Ad's Club is offering a FREE one month Economy membership (after depositing $20 to your wallet), PLUS a 25% Bonus on all Ad Packs Purchased TODAY to celebrate their 2 month Anniversary. So $100 = $125 Today Only! Plus today you can start with 2 units minimum ($20) instead of their usual 3 ($30). Cool eh?
Happy Anniversary PAC!

So I just filled my Wallet at their site (with no fees), then purchased an ad pack. Decided it wasn't enough (you know how woman are) so I put in a little more and bought another one. Slick site too. Completed my surfing in just a few minutes.



This site is run by two very well known and respected Admin, Kazzy and ExecutiveLady (you may recognize their names from the various forums or the other ad site mentioned, Scotia Ads).

So there you go! Happy Surfing !!!


Just received my first official BIRTHDAY notice to pay one of my upline in the Birthday Bonus Club! I will receive these notices throughout the year, and then when my Birthday rolls around, folks are asked to send me money!!


Off to get caught up on g-mail. BRB

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy for a Sunday

Checked my emails and found no fires to put out today, which is good since I will be a busy girl around the house.

My Son's Birthday is Wed. so we're having dinner here tonight after the boys are done golfing. So far have put together deviled eggs for a snack and a strawberry cheesecake for desert. Soon I'll be making my world famous beef stroganoff over noodles along with some garlic bread on the side. Should make for a good Pre-Birthday Party, don't ya think?

So you all have a great day and I'll check in later if I can.
If not ... see you bright and early tomorrow :))


Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Plea For Help and Follow Up

Rather than my usual chat today, thought I'd post this note in it's entirety. Below is the Alert that js sent out yesterday which really touched me. I did send Paula some help and hope you would consider doing so as well. Thanks to Everyone!!!

Judy? js here. We should help Paula.

Please read her e-mail to me. Any amount will help. One buck, two, five, ten, five grand? In any case... she's been a long reader/member of my blog. So I know her. She's not a scammer. See what you can do, ok? A few bucks amongst many sure does add up and will help.

Here are her various payment processor accounts, do what you are able.

"Hi JS,

paypal is, alertpay is
and solidtrustpay is djinn


In all of them make a note: for Paula York Fund

Here's her e-mail to me of today:

John Stankiewicz

I don't know how to do this. I am in trouble and have exhausted all other resources. I really need help fast, I will be evicted soon and I have nowhere to go except the street and I have a houseful of furniture. The water has been turned off and the gas is next. My only saving grace is a beautiful landlord who is trusting me to get a job soon and pay him. He is truly great as I am already 2 months behind. The dept of social services gave me food stamps and paid my electric bill so I can cook. If the water stays off too long, the city will condemn my home and I will have to leave.

How did all of this occur? I had to move to my mother's home to care for her, about 9 years ago. At the time, I had 2 good jobs. She had diabetes and dementia at age 77. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with full blown alzheimer's. I had to leave my jobs so much that I stopped working. When I started paying her bills I found that she had messed things up badly. I used my entire 401k to pay her debts. Being on her fixed income was ok and we got all the bills paid on time (which is why my landlord is trusting me to pay him. He said that I always kept my word to him in the past). She died this past halloween unexpectedly with no life insurance and no estate.

I started my job search in November. The thing I forgot was that I am 57. In the past, I usually got whatever job I went after. My resume is 9 years old and I may as well not have one. I am still actively looking for work.

All of my living room furniture is up for sale online at Kijiji along with other household items. No takers as yet.

I am begging for help. If you would ask your blog readers for assistance in this it would go a long way to getting me out of trouble and keep me from being another bag lady on the street. $5, $10 or more per person adds up quickly. They can send it to you and you could pay the bills. I would never have to see the money. I will send you whatever proof needed; bills, death certificate, a letter from my landlord. Whatever is required.

Please don't turn me down. As you can see, I am desperate.Thankyou.

Paula York



And here's a follow-up note John received from Paula ...

Judy? js again.

Listen, if you donated to Paula York via STP? Please send here a note so that she can grab your e-mail address so that she can thank you. Her e-mail addy is:

She sent me the following e-mail this morning:


Good morning, JS! Isn't it a wonderful morning? The sun is shining, birds are singing and the world is lovely!! I slept last night for the first time in weeks and my stomach cramps have ceased. You are a wonderful person, JS and the blessings will come back to you, you'll see.

A lot of folks sent lovely letters of encouragement and many good ideas; along with friendship. I thanked everyone I could reach except the solidtrustpay donaters. I do not have their email addresses only their usernames. I will contact solidtrust and ask them how I can contact them.

So far, the donations come to $447. That almost takes care of the water ($520.55). If you are not too busy, can you send out another alert so I can try to cover the back rent, if possible? The donations came in all at once, almost, last night, but have ceased as of early this morning, so many may not have been reached. I know this is a lot of work for you, as you have your blog to run.

With heartfelt appreciation
Paula York



Friday, January 16, 2009

Just stuff :)) and PAC on Monday!!!

**But sometimes the Top Story gets the boot.


Interesting timing on this story ...

I've been moping around and feeling sorry for myself the last few days, and am really not sure why. I know there are always others who are worse off than I am.

So when I got home, I read John's Blog Page , and realized how sad these times can be, and how just a little caring could go a long way.

Please read the story if you have a chance, and help Paula if you can. I just sent her $50 myself, but even $5 or $10 if you can spare it will help a lot.


OK, I've decided to put this one at the TOP! **


Just joined Premium Ads Club after a bit of arm pulling from my friend/reader in my 'old' home town. He's been bugging me quite a bit (smile) and when he sent me their latest update ... I decided NOW was the time to Join!

Just so you know, I haven't made any purchase yet. Will take my time, read the entire site and be fully prepared by Monday the 19th! (which is a great number by the way!) Here's the update he sent me if you wish to consider.
Oh and ps, I've heard nothing but good stuff about PAC since day one.

"Ok Judy i f there ever was a time to consider joining, Monday 19 January is a good day. Read on..........

And now for the EXTRA SPECIAL PROMO!

We have a lot to celebrate this month and boy, we will be giving away quite a few goodies!

This month is Extra Special because PAC is 2 months old, Scotia is 4 months old, we are in the first month of a brand new year with endless possibilities and of course we are moving to our Permanent Phase.Enjoy!

- All AdPacks on the 19th will be awarded a Matching Bonus of 25%.(This goes for both PAC and Scotia.)

- All new members and Inactive members who purchase on the 19th will have a Free ECONOMY membership.

- Minimum New Purchase for the day is $20.

- 2 Members will win $500 each.

- 5 members will be picked and given a Free Referral!

- 5 members will be given a Free 468 x 60 Advertising Spot.

It's going to be a fantastic day!A start of an exciting journey for all us.Let us all celebrate.

here is my link just in case............"

(link changed to mine of course)


Still waiting on WebProsperity to put my transaction through. I checked with my bank this morning and my payment has been made, waiting WP's approval. Not sure why I'm having such a hard time, and I seem to be the only one. So I responded to their support ticket once again, and will wait.


Time for a quick run-down, then I got other things to do today.

- is doing fine. I've made $12 bucks so far.

- WorkFor3Dollars is working for 3 dollars :) Actually I have 12 positions, but only the first one has made enough to cash out to the tune of 92 bucks since I started.

- Bux-Matrix ... it's a PTC / Matrix and I keep forgetting about it, dang. Well if we had a big enough "team", it would be working better. Maybe folks just aren't into the PTC's these days? OK, let's move on ...

- 10DollarsWonder's high positions seem to be cycling just fine. Folks are getting over the shock of the last change and getting back into the swing of things.

- MyNetWealthTeam has made me the most money over the past 6-1/2 weeks since I first promoted it to you all. I have 3 accounts there. The last one I purchased (which is further down in my matrix) has not caught any spillover yet, but the 1st and 2nd ones are doing great! So Thanks to those of you who are promoting to others! My Original Position now has 1365 Total Downline Size in the 3 X 8 Matrix. Nice job guys!


Speaking of Teams ... have you seen all the Ad's lately with folks wanting you to join their Team Build? You think that orange guy had anything to do with this sudden burst of team building energy? Well he puts on a good show, that's for sure. And maybe his "team" was just too big for the particular program he chose. I really don't know and I'm just thinking out loud. So those of you with good positioning in S4P, congrats! I hope you do very well :)

PS, There's nothing wrong with the term "team building". Much like having a "List" to promote to. Once you get a good team of followers, they could do well in whatever you are promoting to them. Depends on the program and our/their efforts. OK?


Since I just lost my chair to a big fat cat, guess it's time to grab a shower and get this show on the road today.

Happy Friday !!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Found the solution? ... or maybe not :(

Had a problem yesterday trying to upgrade for the $29.95 package in WebProsperity because the "form" wanted to charge me $20 for a one time set-up fee rather than the $10 that it should be. My support ticket response said the site was busy and to just keep trying.

So this morning I thought I found the solution, but NOT!
Received a different error after making my payment, so have sent in another support ticket.

Yes I'm a bit frustrated over it and wondering why it happened. I'll let you know how it all turns out.


This is cool ... last night I cycled more than the norm over at 10DollarsWonder! So maybe I was right and things will start picking up again soon. Yay!


by Frederick Mann

From a Program Admin (12/24/08):

"As of today we are not accepting Liberty Reserve.

We had received a threat to send $2K to an LR
account a few days ago and obviously we ignored
it. We were informed if we do not comply they
would set an Auto-Hack to our account and it
would be emptied regularly... [T]here must be
a loophole somewhere on the LR site and they did
get to our account and some funds have been stolen.
Fortunately it is a loss that we can absorb. But
will we leave [our program] open to this constant
threat? It's not prudent. LR offers absolutely
no assistance in these situations so it will be
futile for us to carry on using LR."

On 1/2/09 my own LR account was emptied. It was
a relatively small amount, fortunately. In any
case, given the above, it seems that it's not
worth contacting LR about it.

If you have any funds in LR you may want to get
them out. It may also be prudent to stop using LR.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paul McCartney


After letting the dust settle from yesterday, I just went to activate myself at WebProsperity, but the one time set up fee was not right. So I sent in a support ticket and will wait for their answer.


There is a new update at 10DollarsWonder. The Support Ticket System is ready! And more clarification about the changes. Don't miss it if you're a member.

Here's a good sign of things to come:

Your direct referral has spent $ 200.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 20.00!


Am going to watch Paul McCartney on "The View" today.
*Hour later and the show's over.
And he's just as cute as he ever was!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Talk of the Town

Ok Ok ... just joined WebProsperity which is in Pre-Launch for the next two hours. Am off the read what I got myself into. But this one has been promoted by everybody and their brother. Oh and the big boys are playing too (so I hear). Join me for Free now if you wish and I'll be back in a bit. (bummer that username blondie was already taken)

I read through the site and still not sure what's going to happen at launch. **Nevermind, I found the FAQs and am reading them now.
Hey I got my first referral already! Thanks Bobby :))

***It's afternoon EST and I'm not going to fight the crowd there. Will wait a little bit and see if things settle down. Besides, am still reading all about it.


Finally a week later ... 6 pick-up trucks just pulled up to the house across the street. They are clearing out the front yard! YaY!!! Too bad all that junk is covered in about 8" of snow now. Oh well, am sure they had a reason for waiting. Could be some legal limitations on that huh?


Received an email from a new reader (Luis) who had questions about 10DollarsWonder. I just couldn't resist posting them here.

1)Do you now how long it takes to convert the the $10 into 2 millions ?
2)Do you know anyone who already made the 2 millions, beside the program owner and the closed associates ?
3) are you making a real profit - no just a few bucks ?

Here are my answers (to the best of my knowledge, that is) ...
1) Probably cannot be done in your lifetime.
2) No one has made 2 million, not even the program owner.
3) I have made a very good profit (a few thousand) over the last two years.
This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build your positions ... especially if you start with $10 and never put more in. The key is to build your positions because the more you have, the more you can earn. Once your account balance (earnings) reaches $10, you can repurchase from your member area, therefore not spending any additional out-of-pocket money.
Hope that all made sense.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowing Like a Beeech

Started snowing at 5 AM today. Dropped an inch the first hour and still snowing like crazy. Heavy stuff too. Will be hard on the back to shovel later.


Wow, the new has over 16 thousand members now. Growing like wild fire! So we'll join for Free and see where it goes right? Can't hurt.


I really don't like email forwards that make demands at the end of the note like ... send this to 10 people in 10 minutes or your Toes will fall off!! Well at least then I wouldn't have such a hard time trying to put those toe socks on eh?


Just so you know ... I've decided to give up on Search4Profits. I've made zip on my position and just don't have the energy to read any more of the Team Orangemoon updates. No thanks. I'll wait for another one and hope for better results (than zero) next time.


And oh yeah ... I've won the UK Lottery, the Swiss Lottery and have been appointed to take care of some guys 10 million dollars IF I just give them my bank account information. Yeah right :( Can't believe there's people out there STILL trying to pull off these scams. Damn them! Maybe I'll forward them one of those emails and let THEIR Toes Fall Off!



Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundays Should Be Peaceful


Told someone yesterday that I would mention again today. They are reopen and they are paying. Oh and it's a matrix. Okie dokie?


I read some information on a new program that was promoted to me three times last night. For some reason, it just didn't excite me enough to do anything about it. Unless they really are still here in December of 2012? I dunno. What are the chances?

OK OK OK, I threw in the towel and joined. Figured almost 13 thousand people in just a few days may be onto something.


It is Free to join now and you do receive 1,000 shares, which will stay at that level until they hit the population of 100,000. Every new member you recommend will earn you an additional 3,000 shares, and that will continue until they reach 20,000 members.
Now I need to visit the site more myself and see what all the excitement is about. You're welcome to do the same from the link above. Later :))

One more thing, just received a "Fact Sheet" of FAQs from someone in the know. If you'd like a copy of it, send me a note here. I'm sure he won't mind if I share.
If the link doesn't work for you, send to and just ask for the Fact Sheet. I'll know what you're looking for :))


Thought of this song last night and woke up today still singing it. Such a pretty song. Enjoy :))

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Grandbaby ... Again???

Well here he is! Yes I said "HE" !!

After the last mix-up with the female that was thought to be male (oops), Dave and Jess were told "this is definitely a Boy", and the breeder even touched his penis to be sure! hahaha

So in 8 weeks (or is it 10?) he'll be home to meet his new sister, Lou dog. I'm sure she'll love him as much as we all will.

Pretty markings huh?
Can't wait for those slobbery puppy kisses :))


You know what? Other than CIF, I'm really starting to hate going into forums. People shoot their mouths off trying to make trouble for programs that are making them money.
I don't understand why anyone would do that, other than to appear foolish. Oh well, to each his own right? I'll continue to cash in while they continue to whine. ha!


Speaking of making money ... I am :)

Received another payment from Bux-Matrix today. Not a big one, but enough to buy another position there ... which I will do as soon as I'm done here.

Yesterday received a payment from MyNetWealthTeam. And that one was enough to pay my heating and electricity bill for the month of January.

On Monday I received a payment from 10DollarsWonder for $131 bucks.

So you see what I mean? Never ever bite the hand that feeds you. Being negative over changes only creates more negativity. Yet if you stay positive, and others stay positive ... things can continue to flow just fine.
Well, that's my two cents at least. And I know everyone doesn't agree with me, and that's fine. Or as they say ... what ever.



Just got a really nice comment from Greg in Detroit. I met Greg here on the net sometime last year and he's been a reader ever since. Yes I do appreciate my readers and followers into our little money programs. I do like to see everyone do well. Don't you?
This one's for you Greg!

My Son has always been a big Red Wings fan, and thanks to his Wife for 'special ordering' this Autographed Jersey for one of his birthdays. As you can see, it's important enough to be in the family room. Nice eh?

Which reminds me ... where's the pic of the Stanley Cup you promised me?


Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Old Can Be Fun :))


MyNetWealthTeam is doing good :) I know some of you are still waiting for spillover, but at least there's no monthly fees to worry about, right? I just received another payment from them a few minutes ago.
PS, I do have three positions there, two of them under others in my own matrix. I have not received spillover in those either. So you either promote it yourself, or give it time to spill.


Those of you who are "Twitter" fans ... I signed up there a few days ago. Haven't been there much yet, but you can look me up under: blondiejudy if you like.


Guess what's back?


I've been reading and reading and reading here ... and nothing has jumped out and grabbed me yet. Is it just me or do we need something new to do? hmmm


Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Taste of Colorado

If it isn't snow, its wind and now it's a wildfire. Burning in Boulder since yesterday and only 30% contained this morning. About 900 homes were evacuated and the winds of 80+ MPH has continued to fuel it.
Here's a slide show if you wish to take a peek.
I am close to Boulder, but not that close. Thank goodness.


Hey look what my Son brought me yesterday ...

A very comfy cushy new chair!

Thanks Dave,
You're the best !!!

Ahhh yes, my laptop sits on a kitty condo.
You're not surprised, are ya? hahaha


Been reading around the forums this morning to see what people were saying about the latest 10DollarsWonder change. One person at the CIF Forum said: "It's not magic, it's just math." That is so true ;) He can't produce money with a magic wand. I choose to believe that the Admin is doing the best he can with what is available. I'll continue to go with the flow, stay relaxed and see how it all turns out. Just don't get your panties in a knot over it, ok?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

And the Fat Lady Has Sung, loud and clear.
Can you believe all the junk they left behind?
The County Sheriff was here yesterday watching over a few workers as they removed all that junk from the house and back yard into the front yard. Am sure they've hired someone to pick it up soon. The locksmith was also here changing the locks. Looks like my guess was right, that this was a foreclosure. So sad.


There is a new update at 10DollarsWonder today. More changes to help the program into the new year. Not sure how I'm feeling about it yet. You guys know I always try to stay positive, especially with 10dw. So I'll just have to let it sink in, play it out for awhile and see where it goes.
Also if you've sent the Admin an email for Help, please resend. He's wiped out last years notes and is starting fresh. See the update.


There's a good update message at the Birthday Bonus Club today and you don't even have to log in to read it. The main page directs you right to it.
Thanks to all who have joined me so far :))


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

House For Sale?

When the U-Haul shows up, you know it's over. As you can see, the neighbors are moving out. But I never saw a "For Sale" sign, so that makes me feel a little sad.

Plus the fact that when you sell a house, you don't dig up the stepping stones out of the front lawn to take with you, right?

So am not sure why they are moving and it's really none of my business.

But if you need a nice 2 bedroom house across the street from blondie, am sure it'll be for sale soon :)


Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sky Is NOT Falling

Been reading thoughts, guesses and assumptions in forums and emails about WHY 10DollarsWonder did not cycle ALL of their 'high' positions this past weekend.
Awww c'mon you guys. Am sure he cycled everything he could cycle. I mean it is right after Christmas so folks are probably a little short of cash right now. Please don't push the panic button, as things will probably pick back up soon.


Believe it or not, I woke today thinking about the Birthday Bonus Club. I really do think it's going to be a LOT of Fun!! Hope you can join me and all the others that seem to be flocking in. Can't wait to hear their stories later down the road. Here it is again ...

And if you've seen it before, but wish to join now under me ... do clear your browser cookies first. Thanks ;)


I bought a 3 pound bag of Peanuts (in their shells) yesterday for the Squirrels. Just threw out a handful and here come the Blue Jay's who are taking them away :)) I had no idea those little birds would also enjoy them. How cool is that?


And what about Bux-Matrix? It's doing pretty good and if you recall, everything I earn right now I am putting back into OUR matrix. Cat, who is my Upline said she is doing the same. I think I'm due for another payout tomorrow so I will be buying another position as soon as I receive it. Oh and their website is starting to make more sense ... I think :/


Is it back to WORK for some of you today?
I'm sorry to hear that, and so is Maynard.

Who remembers Maynard from the Dobie Gillis show, besides me? ... WORK ?!?


Are you doing well in Team Orangemoon's S4P program? I have ID 3796 and it sucks. I received -0- from the first launch. I received -0- from the second launch. My subscription renewal is January 14th. Not sure what I will do yet. Not trying to be negative, but will the next month pay off? or will I just "donate" another $10?
Would love to hear from you about 'your' position(s).


Received the following from a reader and thought it was nice enough to share. Thanks to Sheila, and the rest of you for being in my "family" circle :))

Remember, We write our own life's story, one day at a time. So make the most of this new year. Plan ahead, and plan well, so at the end of this new year, we can look back at great accomplishments and great lessons learned. Say a prayer for those who did not make it to see 2009 and in turn, say another one for all of us still here. Fight the good fight to change the world around us and take joy in the small and simple. Cry to cleanse and laugh to heal. Always count your blessings because there is always someone who is worse off than you. Give the gift of kind words and a smile, because someone is always in need. Thank you, each and everyone for being a part of my "family" circle.