Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Does Networking Mean To You?

I'll write about my subject line a little later. I need to think through what happened yesterday and how to express my feelings. So do come back.


OK, I found a simple way to say this. Those of you who are bloggers and read other blogs will understand right away what I'm getting at.

Let's say we're in school. There is a book report due and I took the time to write one. The person who sits next to me didn't. So they took my report, put their name on top of it, and turned it in as their own ... then joked about it being 'networking'.

Oh and that person 'next to me' .. joined the "book club" under someone else, yet took my book report on it. (big sigh)

Was a bit strange reading my exact words (verbatim) in their blog last night with no mention of me anywhere. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Maybe not. I just had to talk about it.

So please remember to give credit where credit is due.
Thank you much, and of course I forgive that person :))


Yep, watching Barack Obama as I work. He's a lefty just like me :))


Just sent Dick (Richard R.) who is one of my upline $5 for his birthday via the Birthday Bonus Club! Happy Birthday Dick and many many more :))


Just finished surfing over at Premium Ads Club and received an email late last night about PAC extending their draw time for the 2 $500 winners (which is now 3 :) ...

"Just a quick update to inform you that we are extending the Draw time for the 2 $500 winners.
The reason is because we have been flooded with tickets regarding the transition

In the midst of them we have very many tickets from new members requesting an activation email, that we could not reply to in time.

We feel it's fair, to give these members a chance to win something too.

AND, we have added one more prize, there will be 3 winners.One from each PP.
The prize is still $500 for each PP, that's more fair too.

So , all deposits made today,20th will be included in the draw."


WebProsperity ... one of those Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Well they finally credited my payment on the 15th. So now what? I'm not 100% convinced that this is what I needed right now. So in all honesty, don't follow me quite yet. I need to do more research first, OK?


Brand New Surf Site ... Just Launched ... I am # 22.

Surfs Ahoy

Free Members:
Advertise only 1 site
50 credits sign up bonus
Surf for credits only
50 Pages Maximum per Day
Referral Commission: 2%

Upgraded Members:
Earn 13% Daily for 11 Days
Advertise up to 5 sites
Min: $5
Max: $10,000
Referral Commission: 5%
Surf 10 sites to earn
100 Pages Maximum per Day

Am off to upgrade right now.
Came from a good friend who is "in the know" :))



Roy said...

I am so sorry that someone would take from you like that.But you should feel good that they valued your product enough to copy it.
It's never happened to me. Wait..is that a good thing or a bad thing?



blondie said...

Hey Roy,

Yes of course I am happy that they valued my post that much to copy it as their own, but ...

felt a little betrayed since they were NOT my referral in that particular program.

You get my drift now?

Gord said...


Not really sure what happened
but I've seen article jacking done to some high profile Affiliate Bloggers and they rant about it in their Blog and mention the offender's name. Certainly does the job of ruining their reputation.
C'mon guys...be original and do your own thing!

Surfs Ahoy looks interesting...please shoot me an email if and when they take Alertpay. Thanks


blondie said...

Hi Gord,

Maybe I made a big deal out of nothing. It wasn't a review or anything like that ... just a blah blah blah.
But it was MY blah blah blah so it was a weird feeling reading it somewhere else.
Oh well, all is good now.

I wish the surf too AP also.
Was kind of surprised that it doesn't yet.

Thanks for stopping by :))

js said...

It's ok Blondie, I spanked her.