Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Old Can Be Fun :))


MyNetWealthTeam is doing good :) I know some of you are still waiting for spillover, but at least there's no monthly fees to worry about, right? I just received another payment from them a few minutes ago.
PS, I do have three positions there, two of them under others in my own matrix. I have not received spillover in those either. So you either promote it yourself, or give it time to spill.


Those of you who are "Twitter" fans ... I signed up there a few days ago. Haven't been there much yet, but you can look me up under: blondiejudy if you like.


Guess what's back?


I've been reading and reading and reading here ... and nothing has jumped out and grabbed me yet. Is it just me or do we need something new to do? hmmm



Mattias Kroon said...

Maybe the woman is going to take her husbands teeth instead?....hehe

naphtali said...

Judy you are right. We do need something else to do. 10dw is going ok. The other maual surf I joined under Js is doing great (I don't see that you have joined it yet so I'll be respectful of your blog and not say the name); but other than that not much. mynetwealth keeps saying they can't pay me even though I have a decent balance, because they have to tkae 415 for each of my 13 positions first. So yes I'm a little bored.......

blondie said...

Mattias, that's funny :)


Greg, right on MNWT. The first $15 on each pos. earning goes back in. But once it's paid, all the rest is yours :) Something to look forward to eh?

Let's keep our ears open for something new. I am bored.

Later :))

Wanja said...

MNWT is going great, already got two payouts.So little work and getting paid for it:)))

blondie said...

That's what we like to hear Wanja!
Thanks for posting and do come back often.
G'day :))

Gord said...

Hi, could I miss that Twitter link. You'll have to put in brackets beside eack link "Hey Gord...this is a clickable link you know!" lol

Anyway...following you and have a nice day.