Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Son David !!!

Pictures will follow later after I download them :))


Love You Lots and Lots !!!
C'ya later at the bowling alley (I think).


Surfs Ahoy Mateys!

Joined last night and went to surf for today and realized they are 9 hours ahead of me. So my 8:30 AM is 5:30 PM Server Time. Take note of that so you don't miss out on a day like I almost did.

Recall this one is brand spankin new and pays 13% x 11 days for a nice 43% profit. Should be good for a few rounds or more. Too bad it only takes Liberty Reserve and Strictpay. Will let you know if he adds more Pay Processors soon.

*** I see Alert Pay has been added!

Just noticed their FAQs say they accept Alert Pay and STP also, but I don't recall seeing that last night. Let me check around the forums for some news.


A friend mentioned to me last night that the surf button wouldn't work for him in Premium Ads Club. He tried his AOL and IE browsers with no luck. I suggested he use FireFox ... so he did and it worked just fine. So now you know, OK?
Am off to surf. BRB


The house across the street is officially FOR SALE! The real estate company sign was put in the front lawn today. Of course I'll find out what their asking price is, but the house is a frickin wreck. (yeah, we peeked in the windows on Sunday) haha Quite a fixer-upper for some handy man or woman :)


Is there No Respect for bloggers these days? I wonder about it every time I "reject" a comment because that person is trying to steal my readers for their program(s) by wanting to post an AD with their URL. Sheesh!!!

I am already a Member of

I am already a Member of MyNetWealthTeam
(which had made me some very good bucks so far)

Oh and here's a funny one: TeamOrangemoon promo in my comments! No, of course I didn't publish it.

So please take it easy on me, would ya?


Something NEW coming in a minute ... so DO come back.
Am waiting for my link now. Sit tight.

JUST JOINED and Received my Link for

Team Pay / Insane Matrix!

It's an advertising / 4 x 10 company forced matrix and costs $5 bucks through Alert Pay. It's really new so those of us who join early should see some profit quickly. Their front page says it all, and I am really looking forward to receiving as well as creating spillover. Sounds like a plan eh?

After you Register and Pay your $5, you will need to wait for your own link to share with others. It'll be sent in email and could take a little while, so do be patient.
PS, it is $5 monthly but if you don't like it, you can always drop out.
Have Fun and Good Luck!



Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,

Looks like you (like me) are always interested in work at home programs which make sense. After 8 years of participating in at least 40 different types in income opps, there is very little to write home about.

I keep a blog, as well.

blondie said...

And I nice blog it is.

Who am I speaking to anyway?

Didn't catch your name on your site. Could just be my old eyes, huh?

js said...

I hear ya blondie.


HermitJim said...

Seems like David just had a birthday! Man...when ya get old like me, time just goes too fast!

Tell him Happy Birthday from the Hermit!

blondie said...

Hey js (wave)


Jim, he's not as old as you but I know what you mean about time going by fast.

Thanks for the visit you two.
C'ya soon :))

Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Sent in a support ticket to Surfs Ahoy about Alertpay and asked - what's up with's in the FAQs...Ta Da! Alertpay accepted...signed up under you and upgraded.

Have a nice evening!


Anonymous said...

commontie compensation plan does not make sense. Only $5/mth but when u addup all 8 levels, total payout is $18, much much more than $5 !
The program is losing big money !

Cody Ler

cody said...

Just signup commontie under U with id no 118; yours is 107. Wow, we're still very early getting in - we're both in level 4 of the 4 x 8 forced matrix.
Did U see me under U ? I've a 1 or 2 bad experience with similar scripts where people signing up under U was not captured as your referral.