Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

And the Fat Lady Has Sung, loud and clear.
Can you believe all the junk they left behind?
The County Sheriff was here yesterday watching over a few workers as they removed all that junk from the house and back yard into the front yard. Am sure they've hired someone to pick it up soon. The locksmith was also here changing the locks. Looks like my guess was right, that this was a foreclosure. So sad.


There is a new update at 10DollarsWonder today. More changes to help the program into the new year. Not sure how I'm feeling about it yet. You guys know I always try to stay positive, especially with 10dw. So I'll just have to let it sink in, play it out for awhile and see where it goes.
Also if you've sent the Admin an email for Help, please resend. He's wiped out last years notes and is starting fresh. See the update.


There's a good update message at the Birthday Bonus Club today and you don't even have to log in to read it. The main page directs you right to it.
Thanks to all who have joined me so far :))



naphtali said...

Happy New Year Judy! I'm keeping mum also on the new changes to 10dw until I see how it all pans out. I understand the difference between High, medium, and low status; my only question is what is medium-low status?

blondie said...

Hi Greg and Happy New Year!

Let's guess ok?
Since low is Zero
and medium is 50%
Ummm 25% would be a good guesstimate for med/low?
Seems like it.

He may clarify more later since that does seem to be the question of the day.

Later :))

smclendon said...

I am also watching and waiting to see how this will work with 10DW. I purchased 9 more positions just before I knew about the change...I guess if this helps the program to last longer...

But I, too, would like to know more about how this will play out-like will our oldest posions eventually stop paying?

Anyway, hope you have a good day! :)

Cat Melton said...

Yea, I got a jolt this morning when I logged in to 10DW and saw all those 'medium-low' and such. I'm like you, blondie, I'll just sit patiently and see how it all pans out. Certainly no reason to worry or panic.

Have a good one,

blondie said...

Hey Sheila and Cat,
Yep, that's all we can do.
Admin has the right to change whatever he needs to, without notice, to help the program.
If it works, great.
I'm hoping for the best and will continue to watch.
Thanks guys,
blondie :)

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is how 7 positions that I repurchased only 3 weeks ago are now regarded as medium - low whereas they were previously high before the new changes? Doesn't make any sense to me!!

blondie said...

Hey Anonymous,
First, who am I speaking to?
Would be good to know.

Are you referring to a RP - repurchase or a SYS - System generated repurchase. There IS a difference.

Please read the entire update.

If there is a problem, write to Admin about it. I'm sure it will be fixed.