Tuesday, January 6, 2009

House For Sale?

When the U-Haul shows up, you know it's over. As you can see, the neighbors are moving out. But I never saw a "For Sale" sign, so that makes me feel a little sad.

Plus the fact that when you sell a house, you don't dig up the stepping stones out of the front lawn to take with you, right?

So am not sure why they are moving and it's really none of my business.

But if you need a nice 2 bedroom house across the street from blondie, am sure it'll be for sale soon :)



patrick.mirjam said...

Maybe they are gonna rebuild the house :-)


Lynette said...

Maybe all that stuff outside their house for all those months was them packing up....

Anyway, just had to tell someone about 10DollarsWonder. I didn't worry at all when the cycling was slow over the Christmas period (c'mon, it was Christmas. I didn't expect them to work at all!) Anyway, I requested a payout about 11am, and it was in my alertpay almost straight away! I wanted some money in there to renew my S4P account next week and I thought it would take days...

As for S4P, I'm somewhere on the fifth level. I got 3 from the first launch and nine from the second so I have $12 in there. I'm sticking with it, hopefully noone will drop out and I'll get that every month. Hope you get a downline soon what with all the stuff they're doing.

Love your blog. May your new neighbours have a more sightly front yard than the last! Take care.

blondie said...

The house doesn't need rebuilding. Just needs a good clean out :)

Glad you got your payout so fast from 10dw.
re S4P, still thinking about that one. I've got another week.
And yes, hope the next folks across the street are a little neater.

Thanks to you both :))