Monday, January 26, 2009

The Birthday Boy!!! Special Addition :)))

This post is 100% full of pictures.

To my business associates: no need to open unless you need a good laugh.
To my friends and family: don't let the 'little ones' view too long. They will just be confused. You'll see what I mean. hahaha

Last Sunday was just another Birthday Party.

Dave and Jess each got a Marshmallow Shooter.
(Mom doesn't play favorites)

And Dave got his own baby piano to practice on (well it said for ages 3 and up so what the hell).
(I told him he could have my 'real one' (piano) whenever he wanted it ... he wants to be like Billy Joel when he grows up :)

So our little dinner party at the house went great.

Then Wednesday, the 21st was his REAL Birthday Party at the bowling alley.

(Looks like he's way ahead of me on the beers eh?)

Jess had hidden his present on the counter top ...

What is it? What is it?

It was a Giant Poster of Las Vegas Show Girls !!!

But I'll tell you what ...
those were the UGLIEST Show Girls I've Ever Seen !!!

This next one is my favorite ... Love the Cigar !!!

OK, so what was all this craziness about anyway???

This was Jessica's way of Surprising Dave with a Trip to Las Vegas for his birthday!
(they were married in Vegas on 7/7/07)

Isn't she the best?!?

I love my kids and may they live happily ever after!!!!

The End :))


Cat Melton said...

That whole post just made me smile.

It is so wonderful to have our children grown and happy, isn't it?

Hope you're staying warm and cozy, my beautiful blonde friend,


blondie said...

Hey Cat,

Seemed like it took forever but yes, am glad they're grown and happy!

Cold here today again but warming to 29 later this afternoon.

C'ya friend :))

Missi .... said...

Hi Blondie it started my day with a smile to see these great shots. Looks like a lot of work went into that poster... very clever and very funny.

Glad your doing well.


blondie said...

Hey Missi,

I can't believe how much stuff she had on that poster either. I heard they worked on it all day at "work". hahaha Good thing Jess is the Manager at her "job".

Glad it could start your day with a smile. Hope you get to see Jake tomorrow. He's a cutie.

Later :))