Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blank, then Dave's Promotion! & Saturday Night

I'm at a loss for words today, not sure what to talk about. And if I wait too long to post, I lose a lot of my brain functions. :D

Maybe I'll be productive and take down the Christmas lights. It just started snowing and I gave the birds the old augratin potatoes from the fridge.

Updated my program "book" for the new year. Hope I end up putting a lot of +$ signs in it this year. I did OK in 08, but would like to make more every year. Isn't that everyone's goal, to earn a little more than you did the year before?
Let's work on that, ok?


My friend Mike just reminded me of something I wanted to show you guys.

My Son's recent promotion is in The News.
Yes he goes by JR at work (long story and it's J.R., not Junior) and thought you might like to see the little write up about it.
He's a good man and I'm really proud of him and his wife, Jessica. They're both doing really great and are awesome parents to Lou Dog and Zeezers (the cat).
(ps, his experience is 9 yrs, not 12. else that would make him (and me) too old).


Borrowed this from js's blog. I see no need to reword it:

If you receive an e-mail with the following subject line just delete it as it contains a trojan that steals all of your userids and passwords: OBAMA ACCEPTANCE SPEECH


As I walked out to feed the skunks and other needy critters, I said ... Oh, it's Saturday Night. So here it is, Another Saturday Night. Thank You Cat Stevens.


Manu said...

Hi Blondie... i wanna wish you and your family a wonderful and dreamfulfilling 2009.
I meant to do this earlier but somehow this year is starting busy. Well i sure hope you had a great time over the hoidays.

Happy New Year,

PS: Congrats to your son for his promotion.

blondie said...

Hi Manu and Thanks!
Yes, these first 3 days have gone by fast huh?
I'll be sure to tell Dave congrats from Manu in Germany.
Take care and don't be a stranger.
Happy New Year,

HermitJim said... sure and tell J.R. congrats from HermitJim in Texas! Very nice write up...and I'll bet Momma is a little proud, huh?

Have a good one...

blondie said...

I will do that Jim, Thanks :)
And yes, momma is proud of them both. They're great kids.

Thanks for stopping by.