Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year & Gorilla Toes

No I wasn't sick or hungover or anything like that yesterday. I just had nothing of importance to write about. Heck I couldn't even carry on a decent 'chat' with my friends here. So am back today.


A friend wrote to me this morning and mentioned that I should check the new update at the forum for the "P"rivate program we're in. Also, they will be doing daily updates. If you're a member, go read it now, then try to keep up with it.


Squirrels will eat Peanuts in shells, right? I've been throwing them Pistachios but the 'free' bag I have is almost gone. Peanuts should be cheaper?


Let me go do some 'clicks' over at Bux-Matrix and I'll be back. Remember every time I earn $12 bucks there, I'm going to buy a new position to help our matrix. Kind of like a team effort eh?


Multiple Choice Answer to "what in the heck are you doing?":
(study the pic below first)

a) drink n park
b) you forgot where the driveway was
c) the trailer won the coin toss
d) having a tailgate party at the front door seemed like a good idea last night (see the chair)
e) they're moving?!?

Maybe 2009 will be a good year!

******* is Closing!!!

News Dec 31 2008
It is with much regret that the owners of ClickAudit Link Tracker advise that as at Jan 14 2009, the ClickAudit service will cease to function. The reasons for this decision are many and varied, however, we will not go into those reasons at this stage.

Our membership has grown exponentially over our 5 years of operation as have the number of links tracked. As of today, our click count has risen to just over 72 million.

We realize 2 weeks notice is not much but this is unavoidable for reasons beyond our control. We will be emailing each of our members to advise them of this news.

We would like to thank our loyal customers over the years and hope that our free service has been of use to you all.

We sincerely hope that our members are able to find a replacement link tracking service that suits their needs within the time remaining and we wish them every success with their business ventures.

Finally, we are open to offers of purchase for this this domain ( We are offering the domain name only. This means the code, images, database etc which drives the site is not for sale. You can contact us from the contact page.

Kind Regards
Pete Hamilton


Is it just me, or do these look like Gorilla Toes?
Toes don't work like fingers. Took me 5 minutes to get the dang things on. Whoever invented them should be locked up!


Randy said...


Happy New Year!

I would guess the answer could be a,b,c or d. I'm sure you wish the answer was e. Just maybe it will be soon.

Is the private program you mentioned the one I joined with you? I can't seem to get into their forum. Let me know if it is so I can read the info.

Have a great day!


blondie said...

Hey Randy,
Am beginning to think the answer IS e. He's loading up his tool cart as we speak :)

Yes the private program is that one. You ARE registered at the forum, yes? If you can't get there, let me know and I'll show the update.

Have a great day yourself!

Gord said...

Gorilla Toes,

Reminds me of my wife's cousin on a stopover to England. She bought these "pressure socks" to put on during the flight...they are skin tight and go up to your knees. She's a "plump' little lady and bought them one size too small. husband was trying to get these skin tight socks over her foot while I was working on the other. She was in the chair legs spread apart and we both stuggling with these socks. Of course there was a scatter chuckle as we were doing this...with her screaming and we rolling up these socks it was finally mission accomplished.


MI - (Mission Impossible) said...

With your pic Im wondering if they forgot to add the extension before they put the furniture in the extra room out there ... just a thought...

with them socks.... you better have me locked up with who- ever invented them .... I have a collection of them myself .... although it needs updating as theres more holes than toes in some of them.

Enjoy your day !!!

blondie said...

That was way too funny :D
Thanks for sharing with us.
I'm still laughing!!!

I think they ARE moving!
YaY !!!

I got these 2 new pair for Xmas. You wanna send me your address? hahaha

Later guys!

curt said...

i guess they didn't like the valid complaints against them. pity, lol.

Cat Melton said...

The toe socks are adorable, but I feel your pain in trying to get them pinky toe just is not meant to be

Hope you are having a wonderful new year thus far...I've been super busy and am trying to catch up on my blog reading.

I have bought extra positions in Bux also, to help us all. I appreciate every one of you that are signed up under blondie (me).

To a fabulous 2009,


blondie said...

Hi Curt,
They didn't know anyone complained about that trash. The City just sent them a warning to get rid of it. I try to keep a low profile here.


Hey Cat,
Had the most trouble with my pinky than it was worth too! Too funny.

Good to know re: Bux. I might need to share that info today (sat).

Have a good one you guys!