Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heeeere's Jake !!! plus a New Matrix !

Here is a 4 week old pic of my next grandbaby Jake!
As you can see, he really IS A BOY this time, hahaha
Dave n Jess will visit him on the 31st, then he'll be ready to go home just after Valentines Day. Such a cutie eh? I'll keep you posted and we can all watch him grow up!!

Oops .. one more. Baby Jake and Sisters.


A New PAC Promo this coming Thursday ... so if you missed the one on the 19th, this one is very similar. Minimum purchase is $20 and the first month standby membership fee will be waived. Here is a part of their News:

"Our Current Promo - All Deposits to our PPs upto 30th,January ,2009 will be entered into a draw on Saturday 31st, January.A winner from each PP will be given a $500 AdPack.

And here is a little one :

All new members who join on Thursday,28th January and FREE members will be given a Free Standby Membership.And the minimum First AdPack Purchase will be $20."

PS, I bought another Ad Pack this morning. Wanted to get my name in this weeks drawing. (wink)


Tried to send my upline Ken the recommended $3 for his Birthday in the Birthday Bonus Club! Happy Birthday Ken! BUT your Alert Pay account is not verified?!? So I couldn't pay you Ken. (sorry). I'll try again tomorrow and maybe the problem will be fixed.
I wonder if this thing will still be running when MY birthday comes around? ha!


I do believe a Matrix can work if it's done right. Just Joined Revolutionary Matrix after reading a very excited review and post about it. (har!)
It's a 5 x 6 Matrix WITH Spillover. Yes, this Admin really does know what spillover is! (no offense to the other "Insane" guy, of course)
Paid my $10 through Alert Pay lickity split. Off to read more of the site now but I hear the Video/Movie is outstanding!


js said...

Actually, I think it is Ken that has not verified his email address. Not the Admin.

Same thing happened when I tried to send him a gift.


blondie said...

you're right
you're right
you're always right!

I've fixed my post.
Thanks :)

js said...

Judy, sometimes you make me laugh! Out loud! Not like those LOLs that folks send you. They are not laughing! Not out loud! In their minds!


HermitJim said...

Cute puppy, Blondie...sure looks like it has a big head! Is that just how boxer pups look?

Nice pictures...

blondie said...

Hey Jim,

I think all babies have big heads. Our bodies grow into them over time.

That WAS a funny comment though.
Thanks for the visit :)