Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slooooooow Motion

I'm moving in slow motion today.
Excuse the delays for email responses, etc.
Think I'm caught up now. If not, plse write to me again.
Thanks guys :))


Finally had a chance to watch the video here, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. When you can take 20 minutes out of your day, it's well worth it. Then get out there and share with others. We can all win!

PS, Thanks to all who have joined thus far :)


Don't forget about the PAC Promo Tomorrow. See the link for Premium Ad's Club here on the right ...

Tomorrow is Promo day for our new members and members who have joined but never upgraded. Yes, we mean you, what is stopping you.. get your butt upgraded already! You will only need $20 in adpacks to get started and we will give you a free Standby Membership, so you have no excuse. :P"

Funny ladies eh?


Ken - Upline in Birthday Bonus Club - Birthday Today!
Dude ... either validate your email in Alert Pay or stop using it. Sheesh!



This morning, I requested a withdrawal from PayPal to my bank account. Within minutes of that request, I received an email from PP, which actually looked legit.
Of course being on the net as long as I have, I don't trust many, so sent it to PayPal. And I was right, it was a hacker trying to steal my information. Dang !!!



Anonymous said...

In regards to the paypal hackers I have found that if you mouse over the url they want you to click, it will generally will reveal that it is a fake. Some of the more sophisticated hackers will try to use in the url to throw you off. ie.


blondie said...

Yes thanks ledon,
I did do that and it did look fake to me. So I mailed it off to:
spoof@paypal and they verified that it was indeed a hacker.
Appreciate you stopping by,
blondie :)