Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sky Is NOT Falling

Been reading thoughts, guesses and assumptions in forums and emails about WHY 10DollarsWonder did not cycle ALL of their 'high' positions this past weekend.
Awww c'mon you guys. Am sure he cycled everything he could cycle. I mean it is right after Christmas so folks are probably a little short of cash right now. Please don't push the panic button, as things will probably pick back up soon.


Believe it or not, I woke today thinking about the Birthday Bonus Club. I really do think it's going to be a LOT of Fun!! Hope you can join me and all the others that seem to be flocking in. Can't wait to hear their stories later down the road. Here it is again ...

And if you've seen it before, but wish to join now under me ... do clear your browser cookies first. Thanks ;)


I bought a 3 pound bag of Peanuts (in their shells) yesterday for the Squirrels. Just threw out a handful and here come the Blue Jay's who are taking them away :)) I had no idea those little birds would also enjoy them. How cool is that?


And what about Bux-Matrix? It's doing pretty good and if you recall, everything I earn right now I am putting back into OUR matrix. Cat, who is my Upline said she is doing the same. I think I'm due for another payout tomorrow so I will be buying another position as soon as I receive it. Oh and their website is starting to make more sense ... I think :/


Is it back to WORK for some of you today?
I'm sorry to hear that, and so is Maynard.

Who remembers Maynard from the Dobie Gillis show, besides me? ... WORK ?!?


Are you doing well in Team Orangemoon's S4P program? I have ID 3796 and it sucks. I received -0- from the first launch. I received -0- from the second launch. My subscription renewal is January 14th. Not sure what I will do yet. Not trying to be negative, but will the next month pay off? or will I just "donate" another $10?
Would love to hear from you about 'your' position(s).


Received the following from a reader and thought it was nice enough to share. Thanks to Sheila, and the rest of you for being in my "family" circle :))

Remember, We write our own life's story, one day at a time. So make the most of this new year. Plan ahead, and plan well, so at the end of this new year, we can look back at great accomplishments and great lessons learned. Say a prayer for those who did not make it to see 2009 and in turn, say another one for all of us still here. Fight the good fight to change the world around us and take joy in the small and simple. Cry to cleanse and laugh to heal. Always count your blessings because there is always someone who is worse off than you. Give the gift of kind words and a smile, because someone is always in need. Thank you, each and everyone for being a part of my "family" circle.


Mattias Kroon said...

To those who might "panic"

I have built up my positions in 10Dollarswonder, and even if I have made many repurchases, many new positions from AlertPay also have been bought.But also repurchases make the positions cycle though.

Of course, one has other income streams as well.

Sheila said...

Hi Blondie,

In S4P, I have one position #2417 with 12 in the downline from first launch which is not enough to receive a payout...I am just waiting to see where this will go, as well :)

john nelson said...

Hi Blondie, I just read your comments about S4P. I'm not generally negative; I always try to stay positive; but I joined S4P on December 15, and still have not even received my ID#. I have written them several times and sent copies of my receipt from Alert Pay when I paid S4P. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions? Thanks. John Nelson

blondie said...

Hey John,
Do you receive the Team Orangemoon updates? Am sure he's mentioned 'what do to' several times.
And it sounds like you've done it. Are you sure you can accept their emails? Hate for you to be a member without knowing your ID, you know?


Mattias and Sheila,
TY for your comments. Always good to know what others do and think.

Jess said...

My mom also feeds the blue jays off her deck in southern california! :)

blondie said...

Jess, Really?
And do they eat peanuts too?


John Nelson,
Just grabbed this from an update:
Hope it helps :)

Also, to the members that have emailed me and are awaiting on their positions in S4P to be confirmed, I cannot chase these up for you. Jennifer is now back from her trip and will get onto these again for you, so please either go to our NET forum to let Jennifer know or contact S4P at:

If you have any positions that you are still waiting on, then send me a copy of the receipt for that position ONLY and please also advise of any positions ID's that have already been confirmed.

For instance, if you have paid for 3 positions and you have ID's for 2 of them then send me the receipt for the missing one PLUS the S4P ID numbers for the 2 you have.

PLEASE NOTE that I can only check the ID's that are in the immediate downline for #2259. If you signed up under your own ID and are awaiting for these positions, then sorry, I cannot assist you there. Here is the email address: