Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Taste of Colorado

If it isn't snow, its wind and now it's a wildfire. Burning in Boulder since yesterday and only 30% contained this morning. About 900 homes were evacuated and the winds of 80+ MPH has continued to fuel it.
Here's a slide show if you wish to take a peek.
I am close to Boulder, but not that close. Thank goodness.


Hey look what my Son brought me yesterday ...

A very comfy cushy new chair!

Thanks Dave,
You're the best !!!

Ahhh yes, my laptop sits on a kitty condo.
You're not surprised, are ya? hahaha


Been reading around the forums this morning to see what people were saying about the latest 10DollarsWonder change. One person at the CIF Forum said: "It's not magic, it's just math." That is so true ;) He can't produce money with a magic wand. I choose to believe that the Admin is doing the best he can with what is available. I'll continue to go with the flow, stay relaxed and see how it all turns out. Just don't get your panties in a knot over it, ok?



HermitJim said...

Hy...look at you, getting all uptown and everything! Certainly looks better than my old chair!

Tell Dave He did good!

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Yeah, he did do good.
Now I just need to keep the cats claws out of it when I'm not watching!
Later :))

Mattias Kroon said...

The latest change in 10Dollars is about math indeed and it ensures the longevity of the business.

We can´t repurchase all the time, we need to make at least some purchases from a payment processor too.

By the way, nice chair, you deserve it!

js said...

Right on blondie! It's just math.

And diversify! Ok?


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Couldn't find you on Twitter..been with them for awhile..It's OK and I post my Blog articles there...perhaps you could post your URL. Geez..did a search and there are lots of Blondies and Judy(s) but couldn't find you.

Listened to my favorite DJ's this morning and they were talking about a lady who wouldn't let a Mary Kay saleswoman into her house.
The Mark Kay missie did a #2 on her front step...believe that?? lol. The irate lady reported to the police the odour was repugnet and awful smelling. From a Mary Kay rep? I thought they were all perfumey and stuff.


blondie said...

TY TY and TY :)

Gord, if you click on the word "Twitter" it is a link.
Funny story about the MK rep too :D
Sure didn't smell like no rose eh?

Later :))