Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Pictures Coming Later

A Snow blizzard is keeping me in today. So I guess you guys are stuck with me all day. Yes, I will finally load some of Dave's birthday pics for those of you who need a good laugh :))


If you have trouble getting into our "P"rivate program today, it's because their security authentication has expired. You CAN however bypass that by adding an exception. Just follow the link at the bottom of the "warning" screen when it comes up. Then you can log in and get to their forum where there IS a New Update from Gary posted yesterday. Cool?


Bux-Matrix is offering a one-year pro membership for $48.00. Well, my current Gold Pro doesn't expire until 4-23, so I'm gonna hold off and see where this one goes. Heck, I've got three more months to play with it. Besides, as soon as I make another $12, am going to buy another spot in OUR matrix. Cool.


My Coyote friend was here again last night lurking around the food bowl. Once I opened the back door, he backed up, sat down, and waited patiently for his food. Hard to believe these animals can be so vicious. I've not seen it.


This is Important re: Surfs-Ahoy !!!

1- Do I have to request for my payout?

Yes, in order to receive rebates, members will need to request payment from the members back office as soon as their upgraded membership expires.

2- Do I have to be an upgraded member in order to get paid?

Yes. When your upgrade expires you need to upgrade your account at least for $5 in order to get your pending payment processed.

So you big spenders out there (or small) just remember to have at least one upgrade running when you request your payout. I have 2 upgrades running now and the first will expire in 5 more days :) YaY!!!

SCRATCH THE 2ND ONE: heard from my sponsor that it WILL NOT be enforced.


Off to do my surfing over at PremiumAdsClub now.
You know ... I have more money in PAC than I normally put into surf sites. WHY? Because I trust them!


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