Saturday, April 30, 2011

TextAdBrokers, Idiots, Sunday & Monday

--- MONDAY: Been having connection problems all day. Here's the latest that I've seen for TextAdBrokers:
Can't wait to see how many more comments I missed. 

--- There is some IDIOT out there posting that I am the one who is running the ad2million program. That's just ridiculous and if he or she had done their homework, they would realize what a fool they are making out of themselves. Seems like we have a bunch of 8 year olds on the web these days. Well, I suppose that could be it, or they just choose to act like one. LOL 

--- Paid again last night from JustBeenPaid's bigbooster. Are you guys receiving the Alert Pay notifications when you receive money from them? For some strange reason, that's the only site where I don't get the AP email telling me I got paid.  

--- Carbon-Profit is still very quiet. I see no payouts posted in the forum :(  Since it's been running over 60 days, am wondering if ... well, we know how these games work, right? Of course it's possible that it just ran out of money. If there wasn't enough new funds coming in to cover the funds going out, nothing you can do about that. Maybe we'll hear something today. 
* Sunday: site is gone, "Account has been Suspended" Dang :(

--- I just ditched 3 banners. Besides Carbon-Profit I also removed Cash-Twist and Join4aDollar. Cash Twist started off strong for me, but I haven't seen any movement there for a long time. It came and went fast, like one of those tornadoes hitting the south right now. Join4aDollar, I put more money into that upgrading my down line than I ever got back. So needless to say, not worth the time. 

* Sunday: Received more than the norm for my Profit Share portion of GBC (Grand Bank Club) today. Thanks Gord! 

--- TextAdBrokers: well I've made 2.38 overnight in "Partnership Income" so guess it's starting off good. Also noticed minimum withdraw is $5.00 
Below is the email ad they give you to send out (if you do it that way). I don't but I'll show it to you here so you'll have a little more info on the program. 
Also remember their 'estimates' on earnings are your guess as good as mine. There's no way they can tell you in advance what you're going to earn, right? But for $25 bucks I thought what the hell. Might as well give it a shot. 
PS, I don't know if these guys/program is gonna work out or not. Am just telling you what I did and you can make your own decision. You know by now I'm not an arm twister and as always, only spend what you can afford to lose. I know I know ... but we always have to remember the worse case scenario ;) 
* Sunday: up to $6.81 in the Partnership Income today. Nice. 
Also I was told they should have a new 125x125 Banner on Monday. Yes I asked for one for my side bar. Cool.

Start your advertising EMPIRE TODAY!

Just launching, A new and unique concept to bring
a solid residual opportunity for the SUPER ACTIVE
or completely passive marketer.

What is TextAdBrokers?

TAB was created as the premier Partner for marketing
and distribution For the newly created contextual
advertising Platform is the newest high-tech High touch
advertising platform designed To get your Text,
Banner, In line, and many Other advertising formats
in front of Millions of people EVERY DAY

TextAdBrokers is a Global Partnership Pool designed
to reward the marketers who will be loading the
initial advertising content to the soon launching
global contextual advertising network

As the owner of a SINGLE partner package at TAB you
will be part of the 25$ advertising pool from the
profits generated by TAB and So think
of it this way. With the initial projections of
$100,000 Per day in contextual advertising through
the network, $25,000 would be split equally to the
limited partnership of 10,000 textadbroker members.

pay period or $700 PER MONTH! NOT BAD FOR A $25
investment in an amazing ground floor operation.


There is also a 10 Tier Unlimited Width compensation
plan for the marketers that help get this party started.

Earn ADDITIONALLY $1.25 per profit unit you help
us get the word out about a total of TEN LEVELS DEEP
With no limitations on width. So your earning potential

We see 100 opportunities come and go every day and
we fall victim to many different things designed to
fail, but with this opportunity with
You have the chance to be part of something amazing
I sincerely hope you see the vision in this and
decide to join my team.

Look forward to seeing you inside..


Friday, April 29, 2011

England is Swinging Today

Congrats to Prince William and Kate Middleton who tied the matrimonial knot today! Was fun watching the big party on TV early this morning. No, I didn't get up at 4 AM to watch the ceremony but I did see the first kiss, twice. lol 
All the best and cheers to the happy couple!  

--- Spent a good deal of time reading some forum comments today. I just can't take anything that seriously anymore. Some folks seem to get really upset when things don't go their way. Maybe I'm just old enough and wise enough and can handle disappointment when it happens. Life can't be perfect all the time and there will always be ups and downs. So we roll the dice and see what it brings, or doesn't. 

--- My JSS-Tripler is doing fantastic! This is the end of my 4th week in it and I'm doing very well. Cycling happens steadily every day and payouts are very fast also. Right on. 

--- Ad2million: seeing payments posted in the forum, which is always good news. Some big, some small, but the best part is ... it's paying! 

--- GrandBankClub: word from Gord today is: Just a reminder in case anybody is asking, this weekend is going to see an increased profit share...same rules apply except Moose Boost 20's don't expire until 150%
A trial thingy

--- Carbon-Profit: hate to say it but he's late on payments again. Not just the LR's, but the AP's also. Have no clue as to why either. Just be careful out there, ok.  

--- McFads: just received a small RC payment from Matt. Hard to believe this one is already over 3 months old and still going strong. Except for the folks waiting for LR payments, I've seen no other problems so I hope he gets that squared away soon. 

--- You ever join something on a whim? See it and go ... mmmm OK. I just did that and am happy to report, most times it works out well for me. Unfortunately they don't have a small banner yet and the below doesn't fit here, or does it? 

So anyway, I just joined this a few minutes ago, called TextAdBrokers. It's fairly new and growing like crazy from what I've seen. Don't care for the website but I didn't like the Tripler site either, (guess my opinion isn't worth all that much or maybe I'm just old school), LOL 
I need to steal some info from my sponsor who most times is right on (except for that recent CatFish site he joined) hehe 
On 2nd thought, here's his post if you wish to read it.  
- Now I bought 1 position for $25 bucks. 
- You do earn from others coming in (no sponsoring required). 
- You do earn from personal referrals (if you do sponsor). 
Am gonna leave it at that for now. See the main page if this might be of interest to you. It's pretty well explained in just a few short paragraphs. 

Sort of reminds me of something I joined a few years back which started out like gang-busters and I think I made over $700 in the first month or three. Now I'm not saying this will be the same ... just sayin. (smile) 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts

--- Carbon-Profit is back to paying status :) That's good news! 
- Thursday: guess not all payments are being made right now. Plse see comments for more info. and I'll update later. 

--- GrandBankClub: received a $25 payment from one of my k-game positions which are moving along nicely, thanks to Gord. 

--- Ad2million: received payment from Carrie this morning also and of course I need to put some back in if I want to continue cycling. Fine by me. 
There is a new update once again in your member area and part of it reads: 
Less than $20 Withdrawals:
To reduce amount of withdrawals, all pending withdrawals with amount less than $20 will be cancelled and credited back to your balance. You may make a new withdraw as soon as your balance reach $20 or higher. The minimun withdraw amount is now $20. 

The other thing that I and many others noticed is that the estimated payout processing time has been changed again. She also added an "Estimated Pay Date" column to the Withdrawals page. Oh good, now I don't have to count on my fingers and toes to figure it out. But since I only have 20 of those, wonder if the Cats would let me borrow their paws when needed? 

--- Just received a sponsor payment from JustBeenPaid. Didn't look to see how much it was yet, but since I have to run out for a bit, will give a holler when I get home. Later (wave) 
- OK am back, today I received $5 and while checking AP, I noticed that yesterday I received $30. No complaints here, LOL 
- Thursday: just bought 5 more positions using my earnings plus RC. Thanks you guys. Am up to 25 now and I know some of you have more. Thumbs Up! 

--- McFads: lowered the cost to 'play' in the 12x12 Non-Surf to $10 minimum, (used to be $30 plus fees). Should make it more popular for the lower-priced crowd. Thanks Matt! 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tripler withdraws and Make a Wish

--- I like nice emails, don't you? 
Received this one this morning while I was checking around here, there and the forum. 
Speaking of the forum, I did notice several payments posted in the Ad2Million thread. So I decided to add this one to the group: 
Hi  Judy    Just thought i would pass along that i received $200 payment from ad2million last night. Pleasant surprise as i was kind of giving up. Thirty days of waiting  paid off - hope it hangs in there! john
Glad to hear that John :) 

--- Thanks to all for the help last night with regards to my Norton vs other programs virus protection. I've got some great links to follow up on and a little tweaking here and there. Wish me luck!

--- To withdraw from the JSS-Tripler, do what you did to purchase but in reverse order. The JSS-SynergySurf acts like a wallet so when you have at least $20 in your Tripler account and want to cash out, just send it over to Synergy Surf and from there, you can request to Alert Pay. 

--- Hate to mention this but I see payment requests piling up for some in Carbon-Profit. Decided to check the FAQ to see if maybe the time frame was changed, but it still says 24-48 hours. Yet someone I know has been waiting 7 days now. Ouch. Not a good sign. Will keep my eyes open but for now, do NOT make any new purchases (just to be on the safe side). 

--- McFads: update from Admin and not surprised. Here it is if you didn't receive: 
All LibertyReserve Pendings have been put back in your account balance Please don't request any LR Payouts until I have a Update on it. 99% of the Pendings are members well in profit. Alertpay is fine so if you wish to buy adpacks I suggest you use Alertpay for now as we have no Issues with Alertpay

--- Was just looking at my backyard and noticed all the dandelions popping up. Started singing a song I remember from the 70's. No, not the Rolling Stone's Dandelion. This one went like: "Dande lion dande lion, you're all fluff and mane. Dande lion dande lion, are you wild or are you tame?" 
From a kids TV show back then, hosted by Tom Chapin (brother of Harry Chapin), and I never missed the show! Yeah, I had a big crush on him and used to record the songs from each show on a cassette player (or was it a portable 8-track?) with a plug-in microphone pointed at the TV speaker. 
Wow we've come a long way since then eh? Anyway, thought you might enjoy or maybe even remember the show, if you were around back then. 

Monday, April 25, 2011


--- Matt over at McFads paid me too fast this morning. If he had waited about 60 seconds after my first withdrawal request, he could have combined the non-surf payout along with a little RC and saved me 25 cents in the process. Funny thing to complain about eh? LOL Thanks Matt.

--- Why can't keyboards all be the same? Still learning where the dash is and the delete key and home key etc. Not to mention page up and page down. And when it's kind of dark in here, I can't see squat so need to rely on memory. But I don't have them memorized yet. (sigh) Now if the keys were lit-up, that would be great! Like glow in the dark keys? hahaha 

--- Does anybody here use Norton anti-virus? I'm trying to find out how to 'pause' it so I can load skype. Right now it keeps blocking me. Either that or can't I force Norton to allow Skype? Holler if you can help. Thx 

--- Re-purchased 6 more in Ad2Million today. Might as well while waiting for my next payout. 

--- Also purchased 4 more JSS-Tripler positions. Three from earnings and one from new money (cause I was trying to make note of the process to help a new member). 

--- Thanks to Allan, am trying to install my Skype again. Running slow while that's in progress so ... BBL maybe? 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday!

I'm trying out a new blog editor today and it's getting a little trickier to add pictures here. Had this cute Easter sign and bunny but looks like I have to jump through hoops to add them now. So maybe I'll work on that in the future sometime. 

Hope you have a Wonderful Easter with your family, friends, critters or by yourself. Not everyone has places to go or people to see on holidays and I didn't want anyone to feel left out :) 

--- I'll be quick today OK. 
My JSS-Tripler is doing great! Received my requested payout in less than 24 hours and got a few more referrals in the meantime. Thanks guys :) 
Also quite a few informative comments on yesterdays post for the Tripler if you missed them. 

--- Gord did his usual profit share calculation and credited our accounts in GrandBankClub today. Thanks Gord! Working on a holiday? (you're as bad as me) LOL 

--- My ad pack in McFads expired yesterday so I went ahead and bought a new one today. Am pretty sure Matt will be around tomorrow so I'm not gonna worry about it. (no cashouts on weekends in McFads). 

--- Also requested a payment from Carbon-Profit which I expect to see in the next 24-48 hour period as always :) 

--- Ad2million... think I'll save my thoughts for another day on that one. Might even have to dedicate an entire page to it if I get in one of those moods. You know what I mean. lol 

Guess that's it for now. 
Noticed the funny double spacing here between paragraphs. 
No extra line = no extra line 
but one extra line = two extra lines. 
Go figure. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Morning

Well, seems my blog is coming around and looking normal again. Had trouble last night with my post because I didn't have any of the 'extras' here to use. Like the font, bold, insert a picture etc etc. Lookin much better today except still having trouble with the regular font I use.

--- The JSS-Tripler financial section has been fixed (or so I've read). Now am off to check it myself. I'll be back. Just wanted to get going here.
-Yep, all is well. Just bought 3 more positions and requested a cash out. Nice :)
-And if I had realized they paid me again to my AP, I would have bought more instead. Dang. Well maybe next time, LOL

--- Ad2million: my pendings are piling up there, but with the new strategy in place I don't see the point in re-purchasing every day because I'm going to have to purchase later anyway.
But then again, women change their minds all the time right? I'm gonna play it by ear.

--- Had my non-surf plan expire in McFads today but since there's no cash outs on the weekends, guess I'll be doing that on Monday. Glad it's via Alert Pay too. Matt wrote to us that LR's are taking longer to pay because he needs to transfer funds first. Well, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Out of LR. Hmmm


Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Been a Rough Day :(

Not sure if this post will go through or not.
Having a hard time getting to my blog from this new laptop.

If you're in JSS-Triper, they just sent a message out about the "financial" section being unavailable for a bit. I'll just check again the the AM and hope it's fixed by then.

In the meantime, wish me luck as I struggle to get back.
Thanks :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still Waiting so Don't Forget Me

Hopefully I'll be back in action soon.
I normally write here as things come to mind, or as I go through my stuff every day ... but this overheat time limit thing forces me to think differently.
Now that am here, can't think of what to say, LOL

--- Just purchased 2 more positions in JSS-Tripler and requested a small cash out at the same time. Almost a 50/50 split ($20 and $24) so I'm feeling good about it. And as my Sponsor keeps mentioning... "it's a hot ticket right now", and I DO agree with him. Am seeing a lot of action there. YaY!!

--- Ad2Million: although I do like the new cash out / purchase rules, it does make me reconsider my 'strategy' also. Been reading a bit in the forum of how people are going to attack this from now on. And I have to agree with one who said she would do "Carrie's Strategy". You know, it's a 50/50 rule which is more than fair at this point in the game. So that's probably what I'll do too. But I did re-purchase 5 yesterday, just cause I wanted to, but didn't have to.

--- Carbon-Profit: Paid me today and am well into profit there. Thanks to all :)

--- McFads: Paid me some RC today (thanks guys) and I got 3 more days before my non-surf expires. Hey, TG I didn't pick a surf plan again. I'd never be able to get it done the way things are now!

Have a sad Squirrel story to tell you, but don't have time. Sure as sh** this thing is gonna cut off as I'm in the middle of it. Remind me later, ok? It's sad but sorta cute. You'll see.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Think I'm Losing My Mind, LOL

You ever take a vacation from "work" and all the time you're gone, you keep wondering how things are going in your absence?
It's been only 3 business days since I ordered what I need for my new computer, and the lady said to give it 5-10 days to get here. Argh!

Well, as mentioned yesterday, I did miss a day of cycling in ad2million, which is not a big deal to me (or others from what I've read). It would have been way too much work for Carrie to write a script to find those who didn't cycle and give them the back credit.

I AM lovin JSS-Tripler. Heck they're sending money to my AP and I'm not even sure why. Can't complain about that eh?

Gord and Grand Bank Club are always so reliable. Tomorrow is another profit share day for us and I'll be checking in to see how much has been added to my account.

Carbon-Profit sent out a very good update yesterday (or was it Thursday?) about how we're doing there and it was reassuring to know that everything is going well.

McFads ... got a little RC paid to me yesterday and still in the middle of my latest 12x12 there. Matt's doing a great job and he is very responsive to us.

Gosh I miss my skype. Not that I use it much, but it's nice to know it's there when I need it. Sorry that my friends can't reach me that way right now. Just remember my gmail works fine and my new laptop has skype already loaded. YaY!

What did I forget?
Remember I'm typing on this ticking time bomb as my buddy MM mentioned the other day. hahaha

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Small Glitch at Ad2million

If by chance you didn't cycle in Ad2Million last night ... there was a small glitch in the cycling part.
Carrie will (hopefully) get it done today before our next cycling happens.
Just a quick FYI :)

Also if you're going to comment here as "anonymous", please sign your name (like you would in a letter) else I may not post it. Yeah I'm being picky but You Know who you're talking to. I should also.
Thank You

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ad2Million New Rules ...

and I really like em :) Win-Win

When you log into your Ad2Million account, you will see a new News Update there. Carrie speaks about a few things but the most 'talked about' is the new purchase rule after you're paid.

Hey I don't have any problem with it whatsoever and am happy to make a new purchase of 50% of what I just cashed out. Also am pleased to know that everyone needs to do the same in order to continue cycling. Good job Carrie :)

Another quick thing, I asked her to remove my blog link from the member area. Way too many of ad2m members were writing to me asking for help with their withdraws or other things that I have no control over. So please once you're here, bookmark my site so that you can continue to be a part of my life.

I would post the Update but my time here is very limited until I get my new laptop up and running. You understand.
My gmail however is fine and I can get to it from another old old old desktop.

By the way, I was paid $285 from ad2m today, and in order to continue cycling I needed to purchase 14 new positions. No problemo. As long as the payouts continue, I'm more than happy to assist in any way possible.

Sorry to be jumping around with words and thoughts, but I know my time here is short. LOL

I am breathing a little easier today knowing that my Tax Return is in the mail on it's way to where it needs to go. Whew! It's like a breath of fresh air.

There are some very good comments in the MMG Forum for Ad2million. Of course, there are a few whiners but that always happens.
By the way, Welcome Back allanz !! You've been a big help in the thread there today. Love your comments. It's like you're reading my mind.

Another cool thing about the forced purchase rule, if you sponsor anyone, now you're earning $1 per their $10 instead of .20 cents when they make that NEW purchase as opposed to the old re-purchase. Right on.
Something else comes to mind and I might have to write to Carrie about it to get answers before mentioning it here.

OK, gonna post this and if I don't "overheat", will be back for more. Please excuse any typos or missed words cause I am in a hurry these days.
Later :)

PS, am using 3 keyboards and they're ALL different. Makin me crazy!

PPS, thanks for the comments. I can post them but can't always get to them to reply back. Also remember, please no Links or your comments will NOT be posted. Much appreciated :))

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Out of Touch :(

I'm going to out of touch for awhile here.
My new laptop needs some software that I ordered and will be here in about a week. Dang!

Feel free to gmail me if need be.
The address is under my pic here on the right.
But as far as blogging goes ... my time here is limited to 10-20 minutes a shot and if I can't get it done that fast ... major shut down :(

Hope to be back soon.
I'm having withdrawal symptoms real bad!!

PS, JSS-Tripler is doing great! Thanks to all who joined.

Got paid from GBC a couple days ago, another $25. Thanks Gord

McFads is doing good also. Got paid from my 12x12 and went in for another round.

Carbon-Profit continues chugging along at a nice speed.

Wait wait, publish before I get booted again. LOL

OK still here ...
am a little concerned about Ad2Million these days. Long payouts and too many opinions in the forums ... and you know what they say about opinions right?
Anyway, proceed with caution if you're a new member.
Don't rob the bank if you're an older member already in profit. Kapish?


Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Messed Up Day :(

You ever have one of those days where nothing works like it's supposed to? That's my day today.

I brought home this new Laptop on Saturday with every intention to get it up and running today. The first thing you do is back-up the Operating System. Unfortunately the CD-RW's that I have won't format. Too old? Too small? I dunno. So back to the 'shop' tomorrow to get some new ones.

Turned my chair around to my old desktop. MS-ME not supported by MS any longer so half of the stuff I tried to do wouldn't work.

OK ... let's try the next newest laptop again.
Plugged it in, screen flickers then disappears.

OK ... let's try the old Canadian laptop.
Plugged it in, got to where I wanted to go, managed a cash out in JSS-Tripler then proceeded to Turbo Tax.
Oh wait, there's an overheat time limit on this one and I wasn't fast enough. Shut off before I had time to do my thing.

So tomorrow, it's off the the 'shop' for some new CD's.
Maybe get online long enough to 'file' my income tax return. Go to the Library to pick up a State return form (worse case scenario). Then if all goes well, I should be back on track by ... Wed?

Sorry for the depressing update but at least you know I'm still alive.
Later (wave)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slow Motion

Right after I filled out my tax forms online yesterday, the screen to the 'good' laptop flickered then went black.
Still black this morning so I pulled this old Canadian laptop out of the box and plugged it in.
Now I do have a 3/4 screen on this one but... this is the one that overheats and shuts off ever 1/2 hour or so.
So bear with me as I decide what to do today.
Thinking it's time for a brand new laptop :(


Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'll be back when ...

I have more time to 'chat'.

I get up at the crack of dawn.
By the time I check and answer emails, check the forums, check my programs and do my thing with them ... it's damn near noon and time for lunch.
Now I would normally come back and post BUT I still need to get my tax stuff done before it's too late. So once that is completed and not in my head all the time, I'll be more talkative again.

Everything on the business end is going just great. I'm really liking JSS-Tripler so far. And thank you to those who have followed me there. Looks like we're in for a fun ride.

Again I need to remind you ... I do NOT have any control over the ad2million program. So if you have something to write to Carrie about, then please write to Carrie and not me. I'm only a member there, just like you are.

OK then, have a great day and wish me luck on my tax return :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Late and I'm Lazy

All that means is I'm not linking sites to words.
But as you know, all the links are on the banners :)

--- JSS-Tripler is starting off good. I joined on Saturday, bought 5 positions on Sunday plus paid for the JustBeenPaid membership of $10 (special promo offer).
Now I've completed 2 days and have earned $2 plus $5 in RC from a few referrals (Thanks). And due to one of my referrals ALSO joining JBP with the $10 membership, I earned $5 from that which was sent to me in AP without even asking. Pretty cool I thought. And everyone writing to me about it, loves it. Ok then, smiles :))

--- I logged on this morning to see about a dozen or so emails asking me about (or telling me) that the Ad2million site was down. After I read the first email, I checked and it opened fine for me. So off I go to the forum to see what happened while I was sleeping.
As it turned out, it was down for quite a few hours which for those of you on the other side of the world is daytime. But for me and Carrie, it was nighttime. So by the time I woke up, everything was already back to normal. Could have been just a scheduled maintenance or something. Don't know. Don't care. It's back. That's all that counts, LOL
Also seeing a lot of payments today at the forum and that's always good news!

--- GBC: nothing new to report but I did read that 'blondie' is coming up for payment soon from the $40 board. Yippee!

--- McFads: on day 6 of my 12x12 term.

--- Carbon-Profit: waiting on a couple of payments, one of which was LR and we all know LR was down over the weekend.

--- New Program: yeah yeah I know. It should have launched 3 weeks ago but sometimes things don't work out the way you expect them to. It IS still in the works and I WILL notify you all when we get closer. Peace.

--- The song I loaded yesterday wouldn't play for me. And it's a cool song so here it is again with lyrics this time. Cool lyrics IMO. "All I can say is that my life is pretty plain... ya don't like my point, you think I'm insane".

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Monday :(

I really need to do some work on my tax stuff today. I'll be back and forth during the day.

--- Sure have been getting a lot of emails from JBP-JSSTripler. I do like the idea of another 2% daily program to play with. In case you didn't notice, I added another NOTE to yesterdays post about it. Maybe it'll help me to navigate around also, LOL

--- Looks like Carrie at Ad2million changed our payout schedule again. Well, I don't know what to say at this point. As much as I'd like to stay positive, can't help but wonder if this may have some impact on getting new active members to join in. Ad2m sure has been great so far. Would hate to see it lose traction because of this. I'll cross my fingers and keep an eye on things.

-- I know a little more now than I did before. Here's what I just posted in the MMG forum:

Carrie is working hard behind the scenes,
in the process of fixing some things that
some idiot(s) tried to get away with.

That's why the payment time frames needed
to be extended and why she extended the
support ticket time frame also...

She doesn't need to get bombarded with emails
during the time she needs to be concentrating
on more important things and getting us back
on schedule.

So I'm gonna relax for now and see how it goes.
Cheers beer.gif

AND just had to show you this since it knocked my socks off!

Congratulations, you have earned a bonus referral commission at ad2million!

Your direct referral cdawg39 has repurchased $ 2220.00 and
you have received a bonus referral commission of $ 44.40!

Great job and thank you!
ad2million Team


Watching TV last night while it was snowing, there was a show on called "One Hit Wonder's of the 90's". I don't recall listening to the radio much in the 90's, but my Son sure did and this song was one of the few he listened to that I actually enjoyed.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

JustBeenPaid - JSS Tripler

After enjoying a hot day here yesterday of 84 degrees F, it's Snowing today!! How refreshing is that? LOL


--- Joined last night and funded this morning the JSSTripler that everybody and their brother have been raving about.
Now I've been aware of JustBeenPaid since it opened. Got one of those nice promotions from Carl Pearson to my inbox. I did check it out and decided it wasn't for me at that time.
Since then, they've added quite a few extras to it, the latest being the JSSTripler. With the help of my Upline (who is online about as much as I am), he walked me through the process of how to get my bucks in there to start earning that 2% daily.
I'll share more info as I learn more but as of this minute, I sort of rushed through it all and didn't read through any of the FAQs or instructions yet. Shame on me huh? LOL
A lot of you may already be in and playing and... I don't know what took me so long. But I'm there now and will keep you updated.
- JBP's SynergySurf works like a "wallet" and you need to fund that first.
- Then you can purchase your Tripler positions using that money.
- There were no fees for the process and the Tripler positions are $10 each.
- You do not have to pay into JBP in order to play in the Tripler.
- You DO get emails for every move you make, but I didn't know that at the time (sorry upline).
- There is a ton of information once you're a member and like I said, I need to do some reading. So please hold the questions until I get my feet wet :)

OK, found what I was looking for. My upline wrote this up about a month ago. Perhaps it'll help you today if you're just coming in new like I am.

After doing a few test runs... navigating is a routine these days.

When registering for the JSS Tripler , which has a plan of 2% per day on the amount of $10 positions held, I first landed on the Just Been Paid main site. After registering and getting squared away there I clicked on JSS Tripler in the left sidebar.

That opened a new page with a link in enlarged bold letters:

Click Here to Go Directly to the Five JSS Programs

Clicking on that opens up all the satellite programs orbiting the JPB main site.

First item to look for is the JSS Synergy Surf site and enter that program. Go directly to Financial, which can be seen as a clickable link in the horizontal menu bar. A new page opens and this is where you fund your Main JSS Account from Alertpay. You also withdraw from here back to Alertpay. Do not purchase anything on this page if you only interested in the JSS Tripler.

Close that page and back up to the site where the satellite programs are on. Enter JSS Tripler and again click on the overhead "Financial" link.

Here you transfer funds in from your Main JSS Account to buy positions. It's fairly explanatory in that page with guidelines to follow.

And...away we go..earning 2% per day until each position expires at 150% or $15. Buying multiple positions increases your daily income and this can be done by your Main JSS Account...again transferring the funds into the Tripler or purchasing from account balance.

Last but not least, the important part I get all excited about...cashout time! Simply transfer funds from the JSS Tripler to the Main JSS Account.Head over to the JSS Synergy Surf page and complete the withdraw
process....payday within 24 to 36 hours.

Again.. it looks like a pain to get around inside the Just Been Paid program but after a couple of's a piece of cake.


--- Received a nice $50 payment from GBC today from what I've accumulated in my account balance. I also purchased another $40 Board Position in the K-game and Gord already has it entered and ready to go. Now GBC may not be a set % daily like so many others, but I'll tell ya what ... as time goes on, it DOES pay off. Thanks again Gord.

--- Been feeding a handicapped Squirrel all day. One of his ears is flat and I don't think he can hear out of it. And when he eats, he holds his Peanut up in the air like he's drinking out of a bottle. Cute as heck.

--- Expecting another payment from Carbon-Profit today also. Cedric is doing a great job and I really wish he'd update us a little more often. Not sure of the growth there and that would be good to know.

--- Tomorrow will be the final cash-out day for my McFads surf packs. I recently bought into the 12x12 so that I don't need to worry about surfing daily to earn. If you recall, I've had problems staying in the site long enough to do much of anything. Will stick with the 12x12 since I have quite a bit of surfing credits for promotions. Now if that new program I've been waiting for would just get going .......... :)


Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day

This still makes me laugh.

I posted these pics last year I think, but I have a lot of new readers here so I thought you'd enjoy seeing the resemblance of the two.

Almost like Gord modeled for this one, LOL

Happy April Fools Day!

Don't play any stupid tricks on each other. Or if you do, at least make sure they don't freak anyone out.


--- Speaking of stupid tricks, one of the reasons I wrote what I wrote yesterday about ad2million was because of a hacker trying to go through me to get to Carrie, to change the alert pay email on someone else's account... again!! Sorry pal, doesn't work that way.

--- Paid from Carbon-Profit last night to AP. Liberty Reserve is having problems so if you're waiting on a payout via LR, I'm sure it'll be sent ASAP.

--- The Collie Rescue site is fine if anyone wanted to donate. What happened yesterday was when I replied to the President of the company, I got a weird email back asking me for 300 euros. What?!? You're in Michigan... why the heck would you need euros?
As it turned out, I believe someone hacked the gal's email address and is trying to scam people by impersonating the Collie Rescue organization. Idiots!
PS, They have Bill's 3 Collies. Currently in a Foster Home and they're doing fine. I was relieved to hear that.

--- April Fools continues ... or not?
Another long time friend from the net just sent me a program link to "check out". And I just wrote back to him "Any site with this on the front page, I just can't take seriously".


Awww c'mon. I could use a fanny pic about now. LOL
Maybe I can help them out if they can't find one.