Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WorkFor3Dollars.com - Let's Start Wednesday Early,..

Hi Everyone,

js just informed me of a program that he just joined and is about to send out an Alert for.

I may or may not do an Alert, so if you're a friend and reader of mine, I'm sure you'll think to check with me also to see if I am "playing".

It's only Three Bucks and it's only through Alert Pay.

And if what they say is true ...

WorkFor3Dollars is forced 3 X 15 matrix, so if your upline has more than 3 referrals, you will got referral (spillover) from your upline."

It could work out very well for ALL of US :))

So here's my Link: http://WorkFor3Dollars.com/?r=blondie

And I'll be back with more info in a bit OK?

Just wanted to get my foot in the door before it slams shut, you know?

C'ya a bit later :))

OK I'm back.
Here's the Alert js sent out, and I see no need to re-write the book since time is of essence right now.

PROGRAMME REVIEW: Work for 3 Dollars

As you may already know am not into forced matrices, especially those with monthly payments. Why? Because no matter how many I recruit? 2/3 or more of them will have quit in two to three months as most folks can't recruit and overspill does not seem to be working.

Most of these 2x9 forced matrices do not ever get filled, and the monthly fee of $39 or more is just too high. So folks quit. Then you have to find new folks to keep it going. So these are the main barriers to success in these.

But... am changing my mind on this one. Why? The barrier to joining is so low that most folks reading this one will join. How much? You already know. Three bucks. And it's one time. After you have 3 or more folks in your downline due to overspill or from your own (free) advertising... you are free and clear. And likely making some money.

So this is why am going to support this one and suggest you spend the three bucks to do so yourself. The risk is.... three bucks! And some of your time to mention the program in your blog, to your list, to your friends, in forum signatures, and at many of the free advertising venues that I list lower in my blog. Just do a Ctrl-F on Advertising and keep hitting NEXT until you find the list.

So this one gets my thumbs up. Spend your three bucks now
http://WorkFor3Dollars.com/?r=blondie, if you wish. Oh and they take AlertPay only. I can trade you STP and e-gold if you don't have any. Let me know.

Oh and when I got to the members area I noticed an upgrade link, went there, read about it, and chose to upgrade for the $10 to Gold Status. Seems worth it, at least for me. If you do decide to upgrade (and do so only if you think you can get quite a few folks into this one) then know that it may take up to 48 hours to upgrade you to Gold... so don't launch any major campaigns until you notice that you are upgraded. Myself? It's been over three hours now.... and am going to launch regardless. But I have to say that in these days of the Internet it's nuts to have to wait 48 hours for an upgrade to occur! It should take minutes! Or even an hour or two at most! Don't you?"

So there you have it.
And he did in fact launch it by sending out that Alert.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to do an Alert or not.
Maybe just an Alert to read my blog?
What do you guys think about that??
OK, you twisted my arm! hahaha
C'ya in a bit.

I'm Still Waiting...

I'm Still waiting....

I did what
you told me ... I sent the email to 10 people like you said.
I'm still waiting for that miracle to happen.

To all my friends who in the last year sent me best 'wishes', chain letters, 'angel' letters or other promises of good luck if I forwarded something,


For 2009, could you please just send Money, Vodka, Chocolate, Coffee, or
Gasoline instead!

Thank you!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Early Bird

Wow, I got up at 5:00 AM today.
Don't ask me why cause I don't know.
Guess I'll watch the sunrise now :)


Just read the note from the Deep Cycler Admin, Austin.
It's kinda cool that Saturday's attempted launch of the $10 line was soooo popular that the server couldn't handle it. So he's off to find a new server (hopefully for the last time) and will let us know when he does. Once the move starts, it'll take 36 hrs. to propagate, and we'll be informed after that what the new launch date for the $10 line will be. Cool :)


is cycling just fine.
I noticed there was a gap of around 8 hrs yesterday in the "cycled positions history", and that's OK. I'm sure the Admin has a life that he needs to attend to and we can't expect him to work 24 hrs a day for us, right?
So all is well from where I sit.


Bought another position in Surf2Sawa yesterday and did my daily surfing with ease. One thing you need to be careful about is ...
Each upgrades will go on forever or until members decide to redeem the upgrade"
My understanding of that is: You can't cashout as you go. Once you redeem your upgrade (cash it out), it's done! So do be careful with that, OK?


Someone wrote to me the other day pushing a Surf Site that pays 12% Daily for 12 Days. (hmmm, where I have heard that before?)
Well it's a pretty new site, so unless it grows really fast and steady, how can they sustain paying that out?
So I'm doing a little more investigating now (which includes a few friends that I see are playing) and will let you know what I decide to do.


What else is going on?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ahhhh Sunday :))

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right?
Well, Lou seems to think so :)

So I'm just gonna hang out, answer my emails, check my programs and try to get a few things done around the house that I've been putting off lately.
(funny, I just read that in the Hermit's blog and it sounded like a good idea.)

Unless something unexpected comes up, I wish you all a Happy Sunday and will be back tomorrow.

Blondie ... riding off into the sunset

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something ...

Something Old,
Something New,
Something Spooky and
Something .....


Something Old: 10DollarsWonder has been around for 642 days. It is the longest running program of this type that I have ever been involved in.

Like any long lasting relationship, there have been good times and bad times. Right now is a very good time.

The New Purchases that I've made starting on Sept. 12th
have cycled daily, and I hope this will continue for quite a while.

With the new changes and rules (they are for the better, remember that), I can actually see this program going where it was meant to go. Can You?


Something New: Joined a new Surf Site yesterday called Surf2Sawa. (funny name huh?)

I'm still learning about it, although it seems to have just enough bells and whistles to make it interesting. Plus the Admin is a Member and Moderator over at the CIF Forum.
It's nice to see an Admin so 'out in the open', you know?

So while I'm learning all about it, I'm making 5% daily on my 'surf money' plus advertising two sites of my own!

So far - so good, and you can find more details in Friday's post :)


Something Spooky: Do you remember me telling you about my cat Stubby that I laid to rest two weeks ago?

She used to bring me socks in the middle of the night, and would "talk" with her own version of the word "Hello". (wish I had a recording to prove it.)

Anyway, last night around 11:30 PM, the word "HELLO" woke me from a very sound sleep. I laid there for a minute thinking I was dreaming, then heard it again. But it was more muffled this time and not so clear. So I continued to listen (with goosebumps I may add) and wondered what was going on?

I finally got the courage to go out to the living room where my other Cat was sleeping on Stubby's favorite chair. He was the one doing the talking, which he normally doesn't do. And I've never heard him sound so much like Her.

So could Stubby be trying to communicate through him? Or maybe, he just felt the sadness of her being gone and was expressing his feelings by mimicking her voice?

I'm sure I'll never know. But it sure was spooky.



Early Reminder for Deep Cycler

Last Update: from Austin in CIF forum ... maybe 11:00ish EST, (then I'll start a new post for today if I have other stuff to report on, cause this post got too busy :)

The line is not going to open back up today. Chances are we will try it for next saturday same bat time same bat channel. Sorry about all of this guy. Although this isnt nearly as bad as last time when the values on a lot of the spots went haywire....lol

All refunds have been processed alertpay,solidtrust pay, e gold and liberty reserve. I will start working on a solution to our hosting dilema and we will go from there. I will try and spend some time on the forums today if anyone has any questions.

UPDATE: 10:04 EST ...

I have disabled the new line. It appears that my fears were correct and the server couldnt handle the traffic. I'm going to refund everyone that managed to spend and figure out a solution for it.


blondie: That's actually good news in the long run. That means a LOT of people were interested and wanted to play. So, let's give Austin some time to get it figured out and we'll party here again soon :))

9:30 AM EST - IMPORTANT note from Austin for Deep Cycler:

will you post on your blog that our server isnt as fast as the old one so if the site is slow to please be patient and don't hit the button 100 times trying to make it go faster? I'm not sure how it will hold all of the traffic we are about to get.

also let them know if its slow for them, then its also slow for me and to please be patient with me approving the spots.

- - - - -

If you're a member, you already received this email.
If you're not a member yet, it's not too late to join in on the fun.

Go get registered ahead of time so that you're ready when the new line launches.
Just try to get in and buy a position as early as you can since it's first come - first serve on the cycling.

Good Luck to all the players :))

Here's the note Austin sent out yesterday:

Hi there guys,

I just wanted to give you a quick update about tomorrow. The new line is a 10$ line which will also pay an 8% Reff. Comm. on all purchases to sponsors.

The line will launch at 10:00 am EST which is 3 p.m. gmt.

to convert this to your own time you can go to http://www.timezoneconverter.com/

Only outside purchases are allowed. Again I'm going to repeat this for those that like to ignore it, Only new purchases are allowed. The " I didnt know" excuse is not going to work as this is going out to every single member of deepcycler.

Anyone found to be reinvesting in the first 48 hours after launch will have to deal with consequences which will include suspension of their account.
I'm dead serious about this so please don't even chance it. Anyone that owns more spots than I see external transfers for will be found out.

I have chosen the name " Pirates booty" for the new line. "Booty " does not mean rear end for those that are getting a good chuckle. It is synonymous with the word treasure. (I probably just saved myself 100 support tickets on that)
Although I thought that it was an appropriate pun and so thats why I choose it.

Remember to be here right at launch as the first in cycle the fastest.

Also please remember that all spots have to be manually verified by me so depending on the activity tomorrow, which I'm anticipating to be great, please allow up to an hour for me to approve them.

If for any reason after an hour your positions haven't yet shown up in your back office then please submit a support ticket including all transaction information.

After the 48 hours is up then everyone may feel free to reinvest and at that time I will release the limit of 15 spots per person which will be applied for the launch.

Okee Dokee then!
Have a wonderful friday night and I'll see you guys bright and early tomorrow.

Deepcycler admin"

I'll be there at Launch time.
And will be back after that to update my blog more.
Have a fun morning :))


Friday, September 26, 2008

More Good News at 10dw ... Awesome!

Happy Friday :)

If you haven't been to your 10DollarsWonder account today, pay attention to this:

"News update 09/26/08 - Extension to 10/12; No more de-activation; High-priority; e-gold

The "lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" is extended to 10/12/08:
Over 99% of new purchases and re-purchases are from Lock-in members. The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" rule is extended to 10/12/08 for those of you who are still waiting for your Alertpay or STP to be funded. If you did not have opportunity or if you hesitated to lock in your positions, you can still take advantage of this till 10/12/08. "

Also if you're new and have never bought Advertising Positions ... now is a very good time to start! All of your new positions will show as HIGH, (be sure to lock that in first). And just for the record, ALL of my High positions cycled again last night!!! Whoo Hoooo! We're baaaaack!!!


Reminder: Deep Cycler will be launching a $10 line tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST. If you're going to play, I would strongly suggest being there at launch time. The quicker you buy positions, the better chance of you cycling before others.

Austin has set the playing field 100% fair. Only new purchases are allowed in the $10 line for the first 48 hours, (no repurchases).

So I'll be there tomorrow bright and early :)
I did pretty good in the first two launches, and you know what they say ... "Third Time is a Charm" hahaha.


Speaking of Deep Cycler ... if you're a member there, did you receive the Advertisement from Austin yesterday about Surf2sawa?

I've been itching to join something new, but couldn't decide what it should be. So the Hermit and I got together and checked it out today.

Sounds like a good plan. Decent earnings, good Admin support (he's a Mod over at CIF), and accepts several pay processors ... hmmmmm

OK, what the heck. Let's give it a try.

Here's some details first, then I'll share some links below.
(thanks Austin for letting me borrow your Ad :)

Surf2Sawa is an Unlimited Surfing and Unlimited Earnings advertising program!

Let's face it, No one likes to feel as if they are not in control. That's what Surf2Sawa gives back to the members- TOTAL CONTROL, meaning members can surf as many sites as they want and much more importantly, members can earn as much as they want.

Surf2Sawa members can earn 5% Daily Forever! until "you" decide when to withdraw your funds, be it after 20 days or after 40 days... it's all up to "you." It's "you" the members that decide if you want to withdraw your funds right away or let it keep on earning.

The profit you earn is decided by "you." Surf2Sawa members can upgrade their accounts using a variety of payment processors: Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Solidtrustpay, Strictpay and Altergold."

Hermit Jim will be posting his link tomorrow, since his blog is already done for today. So if you're a Fan of the Hermit and wish to join under him ... do so here: http://surf2sawa.com/?ref=402

I'm going to join as soon as I get home from the grocery store.
So you're welcome to wait for me, or if you're anxious and don't want to wait for my slow butt (hehehe), go ahead and join from his link, OK?

*** OK I'm back.
After several excruciating hours at the grocery store, Here's My Link.

- They have a Surf and No-Surf Plan.
- Paid members can advertise 2 of their own sites.
- You can only upgrade once per day.
- Surfers must surf 15 sites daily to earn 5%
- The surf bar has a 20 second timer (and is auto).

So there you have it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Just remember: We're All In This Together
(gosh I love this song)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What day is it??

Just read a wonderful post about getting old in the Hermit's blog. If you're an older person (I like to call it mature), it's a good read. Even if you're not old yet, you're gonna be sooner than you think. Trust me on that one. hehe


10DollarsWonder ... One last reminder then I won't bug you again.

  • By 09/25/08, every 1 new purchase will lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • By 10/12/08, every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • After 10/12/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will lock in 1 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • I just purchased a new one this morning also. I see quite a few folks doing that. I'll start making .50 cents per day back on each NEW purchase I make today (because of the old ones turning to High). So why not?
    Else if you don't have the money now, wait until after the 12th. Re-Purchases will be worth more then. Just remember to Lock into High Priority Cycling first.


    If it looks like SPAM, and smells like SPAM ... it probably is SPAM.
    The things people will say, to try to fool you (so that you don't hit the spam button) just amazes me. Like this:

    "You are receiving this email because you either have been or are a customer of mine already."

    Bull. I have no idea who you people are. And NOW, I don't wanna know!


    OK here's a song I thought of after reading the Hermit's post today. So get your dancin shoes out and wiggle your bootie, it's time. hahaha

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008


    Camel Pictures
    and a Happy Hump Day to Youuuuuuuu!


    The DRW site is down for me. I hope it's not a big deal and they're just having site problems. Will check again later.

    UPDATE: DRW is back online!

    The other two are up and running fine, ETXads and E-TradeXchange. Looks like I have a few bucks there too, so that's good news.


    UPDATE: Missi just put up her own blogspot specifically for 10dw FAQ's.
    Nice Job Missi! Keep up the good work :)

    Just a friendly reminder, the 'Buy 1 New - Get 4 Old set to High' promo in 10DollarsWonder runs through tomorrow the 25th.

    Then it'll be a 'Buy 1 New - Get 2 Old set to High' until Oct 12th.

    After Oct 12th, it'll be a 'Buy 1 New OR Re-purchase 1 - Get 1 Old set to High'! So if you're a member with positions set to Low, this should interest you.

    Not until after Oct 12th will re-purchases do anything other than give you one new high position. Got it?

    Oh and PS, looks like he's doing the regular cycling right now, as we speak. Just cycled ALL of my HIGH positions. YaY!!!


    You all know how I am, right?
    I don't even like killing flies in the house.
    But when I open the door to let one out, three more fly in.
    What's up with that anyway???


    So what would the day be like if I didn't mention
    Deep Cycler? lol
    I've been cycling there, slowly but surely, and
    have been repurchasing anything I earn now to help others cycle out on their positions.

    Just remember, The New Line on Saturday for $10 can ONLY be bought with outside money for the first 48 hours (no repurchases).

    So if you haven't played yet or wanna play again, mark your calendar for 10:00 AM EST this Saturday. Should be fun and a fast moving hour or two. Okie dokie?


    OK Gentlemen, pay close attention to this:
    (and Thanks Jess for sending it to me :)

    Nine words women use

    (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need t o shut up.

    Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

    Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

    (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!

    Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

    That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

    Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' . that will bring on a 'whatever').

    Whatever : Is a woman's way of saying F-- YOU!

    Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

    * Send this to the men you know, to warn them about arguments they can
    avoid if they remember the terminology.

    * Send this to all the women you know to give them a good laugh, cause they know it's true!!!

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Quality vs. Quantity


    I've heard of people who join every program that gets promoted to them. Why? To make money of course ... or at least try to.

    But how many of those "new" programs are going to last long enough for you to see a profit? Not very many I would guess.

    It makes me quiver to think about how many scams are out there right now.

    And how do you know if it's a legit program or some young boy running a website from his parents basement?
    Hard to tell, isn't it?

    Well I'm certainly no expert at these things, and I've also had my run of bad luck in the past, but the good news is ...

    The programs or games that I've been showing you here (almost daily) are the ones that are working for me and helping to pay my bills.

    It's true that the 'long term programs' need to change their rules every so often in order to continue working and earning for all of us. Else they would be forced to close shop, and I don't want that, do you?

    So bottom line here is:
    Don't jump into every new program that "seems" to be good.
    Try to find out who's running it and if they have a "good track record" or not.
    Read the forums and other places where you can get info from others like yourself.
    And never ever spend more than you can afford to lose. It will prevent a heartache if the program 'disappears' on you. Kapish?

    Now as the Hermit would say ... Let's go have some coffee.


    Time for some fun :))

    If you're a Baby Boomer living in the USA or Canada, read on. If you're not, this might not make sense to you, so I apologize.

    Some of these were really funny and I thank Bill for sending them to me. Enjoy :)

    The Good Years

    It was fun being a baby boomer... until now.
    Some of the artists of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers.

    They include:

    Herman's Hermits --- Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker
    Ringo Starr --- I Get By With a Little Help From Depends
    The Bee Gees --- How Can You Mend a Broken Hip?
    Bobby Darin --- Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' a Flash
    Roberta Flack --- The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face
    Johnny Nash --- I Can't See Clearly Now!
    Paul Simon --- Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver
    The Commodores --- Once, Twice, Three Times to the Bathroom
    Marvin Gaye --- Heard It Through the Grape Nuts
    Procol Harem --- A Whiter Shade of Hair!
    Leo Sayer --- You Make Me Feel Like Napping
    James Brown --- Papa's Got a Kidney Stone
    Abba --- Denture Queen !
    Tony Orlando --- Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall
    Helen Reddy --- I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore!
    Leslie Gore --- It's My Procedure, and I'll Cry If I Want Too!

    And my favorite:

    Willie Nelson --- On the Commode Again !!


    Take it Away Willie !!!

    Monday, September 22, 2008

    First Day of Autumn :))

    Searching (for an hour) for free pics of Aspen Trees changing color, but everyone wants to charge me $ for them. So since it's the first day of Fall, I'll just have to use my imagination to visualize what it's going to look like here soon.


    Cycled All of my High positions over at 10DollarsWonder again last night! Remember you have through the 25th to get the Buy 1 NEW - Get 4 High deal.


    Deep Cycler is launching a new $10 line this Saturday. Details can be found in yesterday's post. Should be fun :)

    And I see Austin updated the Cycling numbers in the forum but not on the site yet :( Chop Chop Austin. hehehe

    And there's another $7 something in my account balance which I will reinvest now to help others cycle.


    Caught up all my emails this morning. Sorry if you had to wait. Got involved in an online chat last night with a good friend that I just couldn't put down ... like a good book, you know?


    Just read this in the CIF Forum posted by "topearn".
    So if you've involved in either DRW, ETXAds or e-TradeXchange (links here on the right) you might want to read up. Thanks :)

    Latest News Update about DivenRapidWealth, e-tradexchange and ETXAds programs -

    As most of you already know, last weekend hurricane Ike stormed through Texas
    and caused quite a mess.

    And from what we understand, after hitting Texas, this storm continued north and ended up disrupting millions of people in 10 other states and Canada.

    The biggest problem, is that this storm has left millions of people without electricity
    and due to recent economic events, many of these people are home workers.

    So because we have had so many calls from members who have noticed some changes on the internet over the last few days we thought it was time to send an update to let everyone know whats going on, and also reassure everyone that things WILL improve.

    And to let everybody know what is going on with the programs within BFHJ.

    Only 2 of our owners were affected by this horrible tragedy,

    Brian Rooney - Owner of Traffic Wave and The Online Ad Network and
    John Kirk - Owner of Driven Rapid Wealth, ETXADS, and E-tradexchange

    And we are HAPPY to report that both of these owners IMMEDIATELY took steps to make sure that the programs that they operate stayed up and running during the hurricane, and that the members were still taken care of.

    And after the hurricane when most of Texas had no electricity, both Brian and John
    traveled a long way till they found a place that had internet access so that they could take care of all the members.

    So, I need to tell everyone.

    This is what it's all about. Great programs, and owners that care so much that they are willing to do what it takes to make sure that the members are taken care of.

    And It is my personal view that these 2 owners are absolutely THE BEST, and we are VERY lucky to be able to have the chance to work with them.

    So if you are a member of Driven Rapid Wealth, ETXADS, or E-Tradexchange,

    Right after the hurricane, John and Michael had to travel over 100 miles from where they had been evacuated to and was working with one laptop wherever they could find an internet connection and even in a restaurant lobby once in order to answer customer support emails and do payouts.

    That's true dedication.

    And we are happy to report that as of late last night John's electricity was turned back on and he has returned home and he is back to business as usual.

    So if you have a Balance in your DRW, ETX, or ETE that you have been waiting to buy new adpacks with, Now is the time to buy new adpacks.

    Now, we would like to let everyone know,

    If you are not a member of these programs, and you are serious about making money online, you need to have another look at these programs.

    This is what you have been looking for.

    Real programs with owners who really care."


    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Hey, Guess What???


    Deep Cycler
    will be opening a new $10 Line next Saturday!
    So get your funds ready in your favorite pay processor if you wish to play because for the first 48 hours Re-Purchases will NOT Be Allowed.
    Here's Austins (short) Announcement sent just minutes ago:

    Ok guys, Here is the info on the new line.

    We will be opening a new 10$ line next Saturday which is September 27th at 10:am EST. It will be a 200% line with autoreinvest enabled just like the other lines. I will add a clock to the home page of deepcycler as well.

    This one will be a bit different.

    First off Reinvesting from account balance will NOT be allowed in this line for the first 48 hours. That means that if you want to participate in the first 48 hours after launch then you must use outside funds.

    I want to be very clear how serious I am about enforcing this. Anyone found to have reinvested before the first 48 hours is up will have to deal with consequences possibly including suspension of their account.

    Your "I didn't know" excuse won't work for this. I'm sending this to every single member so that it is very clear.

    Its very easy for me to see who reinvests so please guys just don't even chance it.

    Here are my reasons for doing this

    1) People with an available balance have a very clear advantage over those that are using external funds and this isn't fair to them.
    2) Script problems during the last launch were limited to those that reinvested rapidly during the launch.
    3) I want to make sure that new people have a chance to cycle quicker and don't have to wait for all of the reinvestors to cycle first.

    Reff comm for this line will be 8% like the other lines.

    Also I want to say that we are getting a lot of people dumping their E-gold on us. Which is fine because it moves the lines but if you spend E-gold then expect your withdrawl to be paid to E-gold, regardless of where you request it to.

    Ok thats the update guys :) "

    " I forgot to mention that there will be a limit of 15 spots per person for the first 48 hours. Sorry, I'm a bit absent minded today. chatterbox.gif "

    Well Austin, for a "short" announcement, that was quite a mouthful, LOL

    And thank goodness they accept...
    Liberty Reserve, Alter Gold, Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, Strict Pay, e-Gold and Perfect Money.

    Alrighty then. I'll be there :))


    Was sure nice to have Coffee with the Hermit again this morning. It's great to have you back Jim!


    ALL of my HIGH Priority Positions cycled again overnight at 10DollarsWonder! So Whoo Hoooo is all I can say!


    For some strange reason, I found myself singing this song today. Not this particular version, but this is the best one I could find.
    I went searching for the song from the "Bye Bye Birdie" movie from the 60's where Dick Van Dyke did a great job with it. Oh well, here it is:

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    Saturday :)) Celebrate!

    Here's good news from 10DollarsWonder:

    "News update 09/20/08 - 6 days extention; No more de-activation; High-priority; e-gold

    6 days extention to lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions :
    The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" rule is extended to the end of 09/25/08. If you did not have opportunity to take this advantage, you have 6 more days to do so.

    No more de-activation :
    100% of positions are now active and either in "High" or "Low" priority. Your positions will NEVER be de-activated. The re-purchase requirement has been eliminated and replaced with the new automated "High-priority" cycling rules.

    High-priority positions are back on track :
    High-priority positions are back on track cycling daily. You must set your account to lock in your positions for "High-priority" cycling before purchasing. Otherwise, you may lose out the "High-priority" cycling for your new purchase positions or lock in your prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling. "High-priority" cycling is optional.

    If you have made an above mistake since 09/12/08, please do not panic. We are now have a correction plan. Which we will correct this error manually.

    e-gold processor is temporary suspended :
    We are having some technical issues with e-gold processor. The e-gold processor is temporary suspended till the issues is resolved. Your withdrawals to e-gold will be cancelled and credited back to your balance. As soon as the issues are resolved, you can make new withdraw again. "

    Well, all good news except for the e-gold stuff :(
    But if you were still waiting for your AlertPay or STP to be funded, you've got more time now! YaY!

    ALL of my High Priority Positions cycled again last night! So this is working just how it is supposed to and I'm really happy with it :))


    I have another $7 in my Deep Cycler balance today. I'll wait for Austin to update the current numbers cycling before I decide which line to re-spend to.
    Oh and our friend JS (micronuts) won first place in the latest referral contest! And I read in the CIF Forum that he reinvested his winnings to help others cycle.
    Congrat's Johnski and Thanks!

    Austin ... You make me Laugh :D

    "Hi guys! Here are the current #s that are cycling. And a big thanks to the blond one for reminding me on her blog to do this...lol

    Here are the #’s that are currently cycling!

    4$ - 6048

    2$ - 7463

    1$ - 9186

    5$ - 16795

    6$ - 17084 "


    Here's a funny sign:


    Saturday I'm thinking Hermit Jim will be back online.
    So this song "Celebrate" seemed appropriate since we have all missed him dearly.

    (Now Cat, no wise cracks about the lyrics: "sittin on a pillow" LOL ... besides, my boo boo is almost gone, hahaha)

    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Final Day at 10DollarsWonder

    Good Morning :)

    Re: 10DollarsWonder

    Don't forget Friday is the last day to get the Buy 1 New - Get 4 Prior activated.
    After today it will be Buy 1 New - Get 2 Prior activated.
    After October 12th, it will be Buy or Re-Purchase 1 - Get 1 Prior activated.
    Got it? OK good !

  • By 09/19/08, every 1 new purchase will lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • By 10/12/08, every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • After 10/12/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will lock in 1 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • And Todays Update on the site is:

    News update 09/19/08 - No more de-activation; High-priority; e-gold

    No more de-activation :
    100% of positions are now active and either in "High" or "Low" priority. Your positions will NEVER be de-activated. The re-purchase requirement has been eliminated and replaced with the new automated "High-priority" cycling rules.

    High-priority positions are back on track :
    High-priority positions are back on track cycling daily. You must set your account to lock in your positions for "High-priority" cycling before purchasing. Otherwise, you may lose out the "High-priority" cycling for your new purchase positions or lock in your prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling. "High-priority" cycling is optional.

    If you have made an above mistake since 09/12/08, please do not panic. We are now have a correction plan. Which we will correct this error manually.

    OK so you got all that?

    - The Old Activation Rules are History!
    - A RE-Purchase only sets the re-purchase position to HIGH.
    - After October 12th, a Re-Purchase will set 1 prior (before Sept. 12) position to HIGH.
    - Your NEW Purchase should show up right away as a High priority spot.
    - The 4 priors that it will activate to High will show later when Admin does the cycling process. (that's 4 as of today - then 2 until Oct 12th).
    - Make sure you're set on High Priority BEFORE making your purchases, (although that is an optional setting).
    - e-gold is still not available to purchase with (dang)
    - If you're set to High Priority cycling, you can only make a withdraw once per month after your first 30 days, and it is 50% of your account balance (for now). So be sure to enter your withdraw request BEFORE your re-purchases.
    - And if you're a New Member (Advertiser), you don't need to worry about much of that at all. Now is a Great Time to get in and start cycling right away :))

    Oh and I cycled ALL of my HIGH positions again last night! Whoo Hoooo!

    I'll post more as I think of it, OK?


    Let's change the subject.
    The referral contest in Deep Cycler should be over now. I'm going to CIF forum to see who won. And the member count is up to 983, so 17 more members then someone wins $10 bucks. Oh and I've cycled something. I'll go check it out ;)

    I did I did! Looks like some of my $5's are moving. So with the $15 in my account balance, I just put it back in for 3 more positions. Hope it helps you all out!


    Can you believe tonight will be One Week since I've chatted with Jim online? I hope he gets back soon. I'm starting to have Hermit withdrawals, LOL


    Get this ... I came back into the room and my Cat was clawing up the back of my office chair. So I said NOOO and spun him around a few times, LOL. I'm sure he got dizzy. I just hope he doesn't throw-up now. hehehe


    One more side note: Skunks don't eat canned Spinach.


    C'ya tomorrow :))

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Missi is doing a great job ...


    Missi has posted a very good FAQ for 10DollarsWonder and the most recent changes in her blog. I would suggest you visit there and read up. Even if you don't have any questions now, this may help you later down the road.
    Her link is always here on the right side:
    Obscure Labyrinth

    ** As of 11:00 AM my time, she's updated the info again. I'll post more details tomorrow, but she's doing a great job today! Thanks Kiddo :)

    The Buy 1 New - Get 4 Old 'Set to HIGH' ends Friday Night EST. Even though the date was clear to some ... it wasn't to me. So I did ask, and received the answer! YaY!

    The Positions I bought on the 12th HAVE Cycled Every Day along with the older ones that are now set to High Priority Cycling.

    High152008-09-12 10:58:181xxxx-AP110$ 1.00

    Also here is someone serious about their business:
    Your direct referral has spent $ 260.00"
    Thanks to All :))


    Today is the last day for the Referral Contest over at Deep Cycler. And we're only 20 members away from hitting 1,000. The person who refers the 1,000th member get $10 bucks added to their account.


    Still missing my morning "Coffee with the Hermit". Hurry back Jim! I miss your morning posts with my coffee :)


    My blogger is acting goofy today.
    Or maybe it's just me :P

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    The Hermit is Fine :) plus Wednesday

    Wednesday early update ... Hermit Jim is fine!
    I just hung up from a very nice chat with him.
    He only lost power for a little while, but his cable is still out, which explains why he has not been online updating his blog.
    They lost a few trees and their fence is down. Other than that, everyone is doing great! Even his "roomies" are adjusting. LOL
    Just thought you'd all like to know the good news!
    I was really happy to hear from him since I haven't since Friday.
    See you all later :))


    Now for the Real Wednesday:

    I can't into the MMG Forum, not sure why. Wanted to post a comment there but I kept getting booted out. Maybe they banned me? LOL

    Oh well, I guess whatever I have to say I'll have to say it in CIF instead. Which is a much better forum anyway :))


    Had the pleasure to chat with Hermit Jim again just now. Wanted to be sure he was aware of the new 10DollarsWonder rules and if there was anything I could do for him while he was "out of computer power".

    I myself will be purchasing a few more "new" positions today. I have quite a few set to "low" that I need to get moving.

    Wrote to Admin about the exact DATE that the Buy 1 Get 4 ends? Have not heard back yet. You'll be the first to know when I do.


    Just received this comment in yesterday's post. So let's talk about it, OK?

    my 10dw positions haven't cycled any more since Saturday. So I didn't earn commissions I wanted to use for making a repurchase of a unit.
    I've set my account to "High Priority Cycling". Does this mean that the old positions only cycle again when you have bought new ones?
    Thanks for your clarification.

    I set my account to "High Priority Cycling" as soon as I saw it there.
    None of my old positions that are marked "low" have cycled either.
    There is an FAQ on the site about that.
    Although I have noticed only the positions that are marked "HIGH" seem to be the ones that are cycling.
    So, to get them to a High status faster, you should purchase a new position.
    If you purchase it before Friday, it will also set 4 of your older positions to High.
    If you make a re-purchase today, only the re-purchase will show as High.

    There is quite a bit of ongoing "chat" about this in the CIF Forum. You may want to register if you are not already a member, as there are several knowledgeable folks there who are all happy to help others with their questions.


    Cody posted a comment today about John Kirk and his family. So if you're involved in DRW, ETXAds, or E-TradeXchange you may want to read his note. It's quite long so I won't post it here. And of course we wish them well and hope they can get back to their 'normal life' soon :))


    Where did all these flies come from? I'm tired of chasing down flies. Wish they would all go back outside where they belong. Sheesh!


    Well I got cut-off from here at lunchtime. Lou dog showed up unexpectedly but always welcome. So I'll be spending the afternoon giving her hugs and smoochies :))
    C'ya all tomorrow.


    More News at 10DollarsWonder ...

    Finally heard back from Chung. He was not aware that there was a problem with his e-gold account. He's working on a solution. In the meantime, e-gold has been removed from the "buy positions" button. That's all I know for now.

    News update 09/16/08 - High-priority positions are back on track; e-gold

    High-priority positions are back on track :
    High-priority positions are back on track cycling daily. You must set your account to lock in your positions for "High-priority" cycling before purchasing. Otherwise, you may lose out the "High-priority" cycling for your new purchase positions or lock in your prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling. "High-priority" cycling is optional.

    If you have made an above mistake for last 2 days, please do not panic. We are working on a correction plan. Which it will allow you to report this error and have it fixed.

    e-gold processor is temporary suspended :
    We are having some technical issues with e-gold processor. The e-gold processor is temporary suspended till the issues is resolved. Your withdrawals to e-gold will be cancelled and credited back to your balance. As soon as the issues are resolved, you can make new withdraw again. "


    Sent an email to the Admin about the cut-off day for the Buy 1 - Get 4 set to HIGH priority promo. Not sure if the last day is the 18th or 19th. Will let you know as soon as I know.

    And for those who can ONLY use e-gold, if the account is NOT fixed by cut-off date, the date will be extended for those users. Nice huh?


    One more thought about yesterdays post re: 10DollarsWonder (and don't let me forget this) ... When your 30 days is UP and you DO request a withdrawal, be SURE to do it BEFORE you make your re-purchases. Else you will not be able to withdraw what you originally had thought. Think about that.


    PS, I don't have any extra Alert Pay or STP for trade. My balance is low in both accounts and I'll need it for 10DW also.


    Deep Cycler's doing really well. I see quite a few positions cycled in the last 24 hours. None of mine, but that's OK. Patience is needed for long term cyclers.


    Having coffee and missing "The Hermit". I've been trying to call him, but all I get is a busy signal. Not sure if the phone is really busy or if the lines are down. I'll try again later.

    Been trying all day. Only get the busy signal :(


    A pimple on my butt appeared yesterday. So I can't sit here too long today, cause it hurts. And NOOOOOO, I'm not going to take a picture of it to show you!! hahahahaha


    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Let's Do a Test in 10DollarsWonder

    Since the new and improved High Cycling was just released on Friday in 10DollarsWonder ... and no withdrawals can be requested on Friday, Saturday or Sunday ... I wanted to see how it was going to work. So I clicked on the withdraw link and saw this:

    "High-priority" cycling
    Locked in on 2008-09-12 10:44:18

    If your account is not set to lock in "High-priority" cycling:

    - You can withdraw 100% from your balance everyday (24 hours).

    If your account is set to lock in "High-priority" cycling:

    - You can withdraw 50% from your balance every 30 days
    for the next 6 months.......... "

    You can make a new withdraw request in 26 days,
    16 hours, 24 minutes and 27 seconds."

    So that's telling me I can't withdraw 1/2 of my balance until Oct. 12th, which is 30 days from the time I "locked into" High Priority cycling.

    OK so what if I do a repurchase now? Will that cut my available to withdraw by $5 (assuming I repurchase one position?) I don't know. Let's try it out ...


    I just did a repurchase for $10, and so my account balance went down by $10 and my "Amount You Can Withdraw" did go down by $5.00, (one-half of the account balance).

    So now we know.

    I hope that information makes it easier for your planning.
    So plan accordingly, and we should do well :))

    Monday Updates :))

    No word from Hermit Jim, and he's still off line.
    Just hope that losing power for a few days is all that happened as a result of Hurricane Ike. I'll let you know if I find anything else out.


    Deep Cycler is still cycling, albeit a bit slower than the start, which can only be expected with the number of members and positions waiting to cycle. But it is still cycling and I see a few more bucks in my account balance, which I'll repurchase with right now.

    Don't forget the referral contest runs until the 18th. Also the person getting the 1000th member wins $10 bucks. It's at 952 as I write this. Good Luck!


    The 10DollarsWonder new High Priority Cycling is doing great! I personally have purchased 12 new positions through AlertPay and STP.
    Now, as soon as he gets his e-gold account straightened out, I will be buying more. I just hope it gets fixed before Friday or he extends that date, else it wouldn't be fair to those who only use e-gold, you know?

    And for those who either didn't notice or had trouble setting your account to "High Priority" ... theres an update in your member area:

    "News update 09/14/08 - Set your account to "High-priority" before purchasing

    Set your account to "High-priority" before purchasing :
    You must set your account to lock in your positions for "High-priority" cycling before purchasing. Otherwise, you may lose out the "High-priority" cycling for your new purchase positions or lock in your prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling. "High-priority" cycling is optional.

    If you have made an above mistake for last 2 days, please do not panic. We are working on a correction plan. Which it will allow you to report this error and have it fixed."

    Missi (the support gal) has been bombarded with emails since the Update. She's making a list, and checking it twice (ha), and will get answers to all those questions you all have been asking. Maybe a New FAQ on the site?


    These three Advertising / Profit Sharing sites are still going strong! They are: DRW, ETXads and E-TradeXchange. Will be doing another withdrawal there today. And yes, I'm in profit with all of them now :)


    To those of you who sent me new Programs to look at ... I've not had time yet but I will soon :))


    Sunday, September 14, 2008


    Been busy today with home life and stuff here on the net.
    Since it's really late now, I don't have much time to update, so I won't :)
    Just know that I am still here and will be back with more on Monday.
    Have a good night :))

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    It's going to be a long day...but I'm still here

    First, I'd like to Thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts about my sweet old cat Stubby. I am feeling a bit better today and also have Lou dog here for the weekend to keep me company.
    Just know that I DO appreciate you all :)

    ***UPDATE on Hurricane Ike ...
    As of Noon time, it's been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, and I believe it's already passed through the Houston area. I'll keep watching.***

    Next, I turned on The Weather Channel at 6:00 AM (when Lou woke me up) to check on Hurricane Ike. Heard that it hit land at around 2:00 AM this morning. Looking at the reporters out there, it's not as bad as it could have been. There IS a lot of flooding, some trees down, some buildings damaged ... but there are no reports of any loss of life.
    The power is out for 3 million folks in the Houston area. I had Hermit Jim on IM here yesterday but then he just disappeared. I checked for him again this morning, but he's not online. So my best guess is that his power is out, he is safe, and riding out the storm with his roomies.
    We're praying for you Jim :)


    OK, let's chat about 10DollarsWonder now.

    - If you're serious about making money in this business, you should set your positions to "High Priority Cycling". You'll see it when you log in.

    If you click on High Priority Cycling at the top, but you already set it, you get this message:
    Your account has been set to lock in your positions 2008-09-12 10:44:18 for "High-priority" cycling already!"

    - Unfortunately incoming spends to his e-gold account are currently blocked. I did notify him of that yesterday.

    - When I purchased a NEW position through Alert Pay, it did not set my 4 old positions to High ... Until Today. So it's something he's doing manually at the same time he does the cycling.
    By the way, the 4 old positions it set to HIGH were the OLDEST 4.

    - Just noticed we're cycling 4 times (instead of 5) on new positions. Which is OK because it's setting 4 of our older ones to 'High' also ... so it's like cycling 8 times. Sort of. Right?

    - I've read concerns about the way this has been set up. But I'm sure he gave it a lot of thought and did what's best for the program and for those of us who are Serious about building it. Just remember, this cycler has been around almost 2 years, and that's just amazing!!!

    - If you can't purchase "new" positions before 10/12/08, just be sure you keep your account active and do your re-purchases later. After Oct 12th, each re-purchase will set one old position to "High".
    Although 4 to 1 sounds better to me so I'll purchase as many as I can until the 19th.

    Was just thinking ... this would be a real good time for New Members to come in. WHY? Because they don't have to worry about any old positions, can just start fresh, cycle a lot (I hope) and make a few bucks.

    So it sounds like a good time for some extra promoting.


    Just got a Notice that my e-gold account has been blocked. WRONG !!!
    My e-gold account is fine. Someone just wants to get into it.
    If you receive one of those emails, DO NOT click on the link they give you. If you do, you're inviting them to steal your money! Dam Hackers !!!


    I did cycle a $5 position in Deep Cycler yesterday, and repurchased with it. Today I see $1.30 in my account so will go repurchase a $1 position now.

    UPDATE: There is a new Buy 10 Get 1 Free promotion at Deep Cycler that just started. It's good for every line. First come, first serve till they run out!

    PS, just bought 10 $2's myself. And $1, and repurchased with $1.


    Was just out back pulling weeds when I saw a really weird one. As I was pulling them out, I thought hmmmm, that looks like some sort of Ivy. OH NO! Could it be Poison Ivy? I'll let you know if I break out in a rash! :(

    UPDATE: I'm OK. No rash. So I'm glad it wasn't PI :P

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    R.I.P. Stubby Girl

    I had to make the heartbreaking decision today that since my oldest cat Stubby, who had been sick for a long time, and was not having fun any longer ... deserved to be at peace.

    She was a very sweet girl and I already miss the "Hellos" that she would chant as she brought me all of those old socks.

    R.I.P. Stubby
    I love you lots!

    Friday and the Hurricane :(


    Here's where you can see the update on Hurricane IKE.
    I'm watching The Weather Channel non-stop and things don't look good for Texas residents with the hurricane heading straight towards them. The water is already crashing over the sea wall and Ike is still 200 miles away.
    I'm trying my best to keep in touch with (Hermit) Jim King.
    Will share anything I hear since I know you're all concerned about him, the storm and everyone in it's path. Prayers :))


    There is a very long News Update with rules and instructions for "High Priority Cycling" in 10DollarsWonder. Sounds like it should work well and will also prevent members from withdrawing most while they re-purchase the minimum.
    I'm still trying to digest all the information. We can chat more about it later.
    You will see this after logging into your member area:

    Your account has not been set to lock in for High-priority cycling.
    If you do not lock in your positions for "High_priority" cycling, your positions will cycle only when those members who have not yet lock in their positions have made re-purchases or purchases.
    Please click here to set your account to lock in for High-priority cycling."

    News update 09/12/08 - Exciting system improvement started

    Exciting system improvement started on 09/12/08:"

    Was going to post the entire update, but changed my mind.
    If you're a member, go to the site, login, and read up :)
    There's just too much to post here. OK? OK! Thanks!


    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Hurricane Ike


    I got up, turned on the weather channel, and freaked out!!!
    I see Hurricane Ike picking up strength and heading right towards Houston, TX.
    My friend and yours Hermit Jim lives in Houston. He's not in the mandatory evacuation area, but still, that's much too close for comfort :(
    So the next day or two will be a nerve racking time for us. I'm extremely worried about him and everyone along the path of that nasty storm.
    Prayers would be welcome :))


    I have nothing to report on today, program wise, sorry.
    Everything seems to be just fine and moving right along.
    Having a little trouble keeping my thoughts steady.
    So have a good day and let's not forget what day it is.


    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Wednesday - Feeling slow today :(


    I'm tired today and I don't know why. Maybe too much shopping yesterday?


    Looks like we can look forward to Friday now, since he put a date on it. Hope so. Here's what's in 10DollarsWonder member area:

    News update 09/09/08 - Exciting system improvement on 09/12/08

    Exciting system improvement on 09/12/08:
    Our Accelerate Cycling system has running successfully for 9 months with over 8 million times cycled and continue to grow very strong. Our statistic has shown and proved that many of our top earners have none or very few referrals. It is a great system for anyone not just a few.

    Many members have no or very low percentage re-purchases or purchases last few months. Which it caused the temporary cycling slow down on some positions. On 09/12/08, we will improve our system and eliminate the "de-activation" for those members do not meet our minimum requirements."

    And: "
    10centclub will open a few days after 10dollarswoder is improved"

    So assuming I'm reading that right, sounds like those with active positions who are still working the business should reap the rewards. Sounds OK to me :))


    DeepCycler is at 914 members now. And the referral contest is still running!

    "Most paid referrals , 1st place 50$, 2nd place 20$, 3rd place 10$. The member who refers the 1000th member receives 10$ credited to their account. From September 4th through September 18th"

    I made a little money there yesterday, so I repurchased using all of it.
    I'm up to 150 active positions now and have pocketed some earnings ... so will probably just repurchase until the next line opens, but I hear that won't happen for at least a month. Just know that I'd like to see everyone cycle :)


    OK, here is the note from SUE who wanted to Join my ALERT LIST but her email came through a couple of hundred times. So needless to say, you have NOT been added (as a precaution), OK? Just so you know. Thanks Sue :))

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog for quite a while now. I belong to e2ePay, now 10CentClub. That is where I found your blog, actually on 10DollarsWonder.
    I also wanted you to know, I signed up under you, from your blog, in DeepCycler. My username is xxxxxxxxx. (taken out by blondie)
    I really look forward to reading it. You always seem so cheerful, and it gives me a good start to my day.
    Sue Cxxxxxx (taken out by blondie) "

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Happy Birthday Jessica !!!



    Yes that is my beautiful and wonderful Daughter-in-law and TODAY is her Birthday!!!

    So no updates here today.
    I will be out shopping !!!

    But what kind of a Birthday Party
    would it be without The Beatles???

    "They say it's Your Birthday!!!"
    do do do do do do ... :))

    Happy Birthday Jess !!!

    Love You Lots and Lots !!!
    Have a Fantastic Birthday Month !!!
    (hehehe) xxxoooooxxx