Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm here...because I'm not all there :P


Just got back from the CIF Forum and I noticed that Austin has started another referral contest (and more) for Deep Cycler! Here's his post:

Ok guys it is new reff contest time. The rules will be the same as last time. 2 week contest and most paid reffs wins. 1st place 50$ 2nd place 20$ and 3rd place 10$. dance9bh.gif

I've also thought of a nice new twist to this one. The person that bring in the 1000th member will also win an automatic 10$

This time we will also have a posting contest in place.
The member of deepcycler that is most active during this two week period on the forums will also win 10$. Only C.I.F. and MMG count. So the member with the most posts between the deepcycler threads on mmg and cif will receive 10$. I do want to be clear that useless posts like " nice program" will not be counted. Soooooo Get out there and start promoting and posting!

This contest runs from today September 4th until September 18th at midnight!

PS, all my winnings from yesterday went back into the cycler, plus some.


If you didn't get a chance to Vote for Brooklyn yesterday, feel free to do it now. Just click on Brooklyn, then click on Cast Vote. It's that simple. Voting ends Sept 10th so don't forget. (but only 1 vote is allowed per computer)
Thanks from the Family :)


Hermit Jim
wrote an adorable story today about his Roomies. If you like Cats, you should check it out.


In case you were wondering
WHY I did the little DRW contest yesterday ... I'll tell you now.
When I logged into my DRW account, I noticed that "My Fast Cash Commissions" were at $998.00 Yep, you heard that right.
I was so anxious to see it turn over to the next century (ha), I offered to pay for the next person's package, which I did (thanks again Jason).
So I'm not trying to brag, I'm not. I just wanted to point out that with a few good referrals and a little bit of money invested, this has been a real nice income for me since April 15th when I first joined. And that's the Truth
Now go out and promote it and Good Luck to You!!



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...glad you liked my story about the roomies and our reaction to one another! I'm wishing I had some of that cool Colorado weather here...or at least a little shower to cool things off.

I'd vote for Brooklyn but only one vote from a PC, so I can't vote again!!

See ya later!

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Was cold again this morning, so I turned the furnace on to thaw my fingertips so I could type.

Thanks for reminding me about the 1 vote per computer. I've just added it so folks don't vote twice.

What would I do without you?
See ya later :))

Myrna said...

Hi Blondie - sounds like you and everyone is having a great day - I always look so forward to reading these happy blogs. And I know I really should get here first thing in the am !! Anyway wish I could feel the same fuzzy feelings for someone who works at a call centre - and must absolutely hate their job. Granted I have never worked at a call center - so cannot totally understand the stress - but still - am wondering if there is specia training taken to be rude or ? Can anyone enlighten me on this.
So for the rest of the day I am going to go out of my way to be nice to people .. and get this person out of my system !!
What you think.
Love and take care of each other.

blondie said...

Hi Myrna,
I wouldn't say a great day, but can't complain. I just have too much to do right now.
And we must forgive the call center folks. I'm sure their job isn't easy.
Take care now,
blondie :))

Mission Impossible said...

Hey Blondie

Great title. Reminded me of me at times hehe. Congrats on your DRW fast cash bonus's, certainly an impressive figure. Your contest was a great idea. Enjoy!

blondie said...

Hey Missi, Thanks :)
Yeah, the DRW thing was like waiting to open a Christmas package. I just didn't want to wait any longer, lol

Great to have you Back in Action!
I'm sure the folks writing to 'support' appreciate it as well.
Take care :))