Monday, March 31, 2008

Now THIS is Cute :))

You know, back in the 'old days' ... I always preferred playing with either those little plastic farm animals or little race cars.

Too bad I lived in Detroit where such animals didn't come around.

So my first car was a used 1965 Mustang fastback (which satisfied my race car craving) ... but I would have bent over backwards to play "dress-up" with this little guy!!

(thanks Bill for the pic)


Having a lot of trouble today getting online and staying online. Couldn't open firefox until after I rebooted 3 times. Is it just me? Could be all the cold wet snow that fell again overnight eh?


Just checked my 10DollarsWonder account and re-purchased 2 more positions. Anxiously waiting for the e2ePay transfer to start so that I can work BOTH accounts, ya know? Haven't heard from Admin if tomorrow will be the official day or not. (deep breath) I hope so.


One more thing then I gotta run out for more cat food.

Had a nice time last night Surfing and Chatting with friends and Team Members in TrafficEra.
Have you guys checked it out yet? You can join for free, surf for credits, then 'trade' your credits for advertising your OWN programs. There is also an area where you can "chat" with your team while surfing.
We had quite a few laughs last night (still giggling about my lobotomy) ha!
It's actually become my nightly ritual for winding-down, (along with a drinkie of course :)
So if you have some free time, wish to surf for credits, and join our Team ... let me know and I'll have "js" invite you, ok? Join first then send me your "username". Thanks!


Gotta Go!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Morning :))

Seems really quiet and peaceful this morning.
Had a nice snowfall over night so the winter scene is back ... at least for a few days or hours. Once the sun comes out (if it does), it'll all melt.


Hey I just Googled myself. That was sorta fun :)
Not sure who that "other" judy morrison is but when I entered "Judy (blondie) Morrison", I got 2 links that were actually ME! This blog page and the link to my leads supplier where I left a testimony years ago. How cool is that?


Still snoopin around.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gone Bowlin :))

" We're goin bowlin,
so don't lose her in Solon.
Moon over Parma, tonight. "

You guys remember that song from the original Drew Carey episodes? That song was definitely my favorite of them all. I like to sing ... too bad I can't carry a tune, ha!

So that's a hint as to where I will be this afternoon. My Son is in a Bowling Tournament today and tomorrow. Told him we'd stop by and Cheer Him On!
So if you can't reach me ... that's why. OK?


Just read this in 9planetreviews blog:

There’s an e-mail going around that says that e-gold founder has been killed. It’s a hoax. Nothing like that happened. Don’t go to the site. It contains a Trojan and you may lose your e-gold.


I've gone through my emails and checked my programs ... looks like everything is running smoothly and there are no fires to put out. Hunky-dory.
So you all have a great day! Enjoy your weekend, and I'll check back in later on :))


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Friday ... I guess

That's how I feel looking at my tax stuff.


Was a little confused this morning when I re-purchased a position in 10DollarsWonder and only cycled 10 or 11 times instead of the usual 15. So I sent a note to Admin to find out if it has changed, or was there a mistake? I'll let you know when I hear back.

Oh and
if you missed the last note from yesterday's post ... In 10DollarsWonder ... (my original account)
My total times cycled is 10044
I've hit the 5 digit mark! Whoo Hoooo!


I should go out today but it's gloomy outside. Makes me want to stay in. Plus I'm daydreaming a lot. Probably shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car if I can't think straight, right? So what to do, what to do :(


Am still receiving emails from folks asking to be added to my Alert List. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! And know that I won't spam you or anything dumb like that. Speaking of Spamming ...

Received an email with the Subject line of "Your request has been received". Ok, my request for WHAT?
I opened it, it was just a link to something, along with a link to "remove" myself from the list. (did I join a list?)
So being the trusting individual that I am, I clicked the "remove link" ... which promptly told me "Thank you for subscribing to our Newsletter" or something like that. So what the f... heck.

See what I mean about spammers? No wonder it's so hard for legitimate marketers to get through to people. I should just do what everybody else does and click the spam button right from the get-go. Geesh!


Ok, nuff of the whining!

My friend Hermit Jim and I both get up early and we read each others 'stuff' for the day. Well, he read mine first and posted something in his blog that is adorable. Take a Peek. It's good for a laugh, trust me. Thanks Jim!


One more note about Wine. (not whine) But Wine.
The UPS guy just delivered some Wine to my house. It requires an Adult signature. I'm still in my jammies, fuzzy slippers, and robe. I was embarrassed, but by the look on his face ... he was more shocked than I was. hahaha!


Soap Operas are on TV. It must be after noon. No, I don't watch them. It just means I should change the channel and eat lunch. Cya :))


Don't you think blogs that just talk business are boring? Me too. So after saying the words "Don't Bother Me" several times today to my cat (who likes to claw to get my attention), I though of this song and wanted to share. Enjoy :))

Comments ... comments .. and more

Someone left me this comment so I thought I'd chat about it here. She said:

I read elsewhere that the 3hour profit program gives you leads that you upload, I assume into an autoresponder. My concern is that though may claim these are double opt-in leads, one might be accused of spamming and have their ISP banned. what is your view on this? Thanks so much! Kristie"

Unfortunately, I can't even get into the 3HourProfits site right now. Are they Gone and I didn't notice? ha! No, I don't recall getting any 'free leads' from 3HourProfits.

When you buy the inexpensive Leads from a trusted Lead Supplier, you are receiving the info of folks who have filled out a form of some type, requesting more information of home based businesses. That's the most common and they are considered "opt-in".

If you use an Auto-Responder service to send them out (which is a good idea), your ISP is NOT the one sending them out. They are sent from the responders servers.

Also when using a trusted auto-responder service, you are forced to comply with the current Can-Spam laws. ie: you must use your real reply address (for those who "reply" to opt-out rather than clicking the "remove" link), and you must include your name and postal mailing address in every Ad.

Your Ad's cannot have a deceiving Subject Line, and most services will not allow you to promote Adult or any illegal activities, software, etc. (I'm sure there's more I forgot.)

The majority of auto-responders require you to get a "double opt-in", meaning if you have bought leads and load them, the first message they receive is one that asks permission for you to send them Your Ad's.
Based on my experience, you won't get a lot of responses so don't get your hopes up too high :)

So if you comply with the can-spam laws, purchase good leads, and use a good responder service, you should be OK ... even using the responders that send out the first Ad for you without asking the 'lead' for permission.
I did that for years with no problem and have quite a few friends as a result of it :))

Did that answer most of your questions?


"It's a rainy day, and I can't go out to play. Why do we need the rain anyway?"

Anyone remember that song from the Sesame Street show?


I see that AdProsperity came back online yesterday and did some payouts until their funds were depleted. Am sorry to see them go, but that's the name of the game. I hope you did well if you played. ** add'l note below


The Admin at 10DollarsWonder must still be sick or hurt. The news Update on the site has NOT been changed yet to show the New Start Date of the e2ePay Transfers. He told me it would be April 1st. But don't believe me until he actually posts it, OK?

In the meantime, do NOT upgrade or make any changes to your New or 2nd 10DollarsWonder account.

Your ORIGINAL 10dw acct. is running normal and you CAN purchase, re-purchase and withdrawal. Just be careful which one you are looking at when checking your accounts. Thanks.

** the nice thing about 10DollarsWonder is the reality of your account. You will never have a 'balance' in your account greater than what is actually there!
You are not promised 20, 30 or 50% profit in X number of days. The money that comes in, goes out immediately.
If it says you've got $50 bucks, then by golly you've got $50 bucks and can withdraw it whenever you like.
Every dime and dollar are distributed to members (and admin) as soon as someone makes a purchase or re-purchase.

But you all know that already, right? Just checkin :))

And LOOK ... my Original 10dw account has hit 5 digits !! Whoo Hooo!
My total times cycled is 10044


I've run out of stuff to say.
Cya tomorrow?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Grumpy Pill wore off :) ... just added more

I think someone spiked my drink with a grumpy pill yesterday. I snapped at everyone and everything in sight.

The morning wasn't great, then I had to go out. Forgot my grocery list so there goes 1/2 hour driving back to get it. Returned 2 hours later with an empty stomach. So I decided to woof a huge piece of cheese danish that I just bought. Got a quick sugar high, which then turned into a sugar low. I even bit the head off of someone I was skyping (sry js). So I called it a day, turned off the computer, and moped.

I just have too many things on my mind right now, too many things to get done, and time is running out. But I AM feeling better today. So ... Bring It On!


Ok, just sent out my big ALERT 4 (hey, you gotta start somewhere) to my List. If you did not receive it, I'll be posting here when I'm done chatting about other stuff.
One very cool thing that I forgot to mention in the Alert is that in the program, your Principal Investment IS returned to you after the expiration of the plan you chose.

"* Return Investment: Return 100% of the value
(in addition to the Return value) at the end of the runtime"

So rather than pussy-foot around with it, I went in for the 60 Day Plan. See the bottom of today's post if you missed my Alert. Thanks!

** just received this note re: my Alert. Love to hear this stuff:

You are going to love p2p. it is the best program on the net today period. have fun it is truly life changing"

Thanks Austin for sending that :))


I understand the Admin of 10DollarsWonder is battling a bout with the Flu, and that he recently had a back injury which makes it painful to sit and work.
So from what I hear, the official date for the Transfer from e2ePay to 10DollarsWonder (those who created new accounts) will be started on April 1st ... without another delay. And he will update the site soon to that effect.
So I wish him well for a fast recovery and realize that a transfer like this can be very tedious and time consuming. I hope you all understand that also :))

On another note, I just re-purchased 5 positions in my ORIGINAL 10dw account, and had a nice withdrawal to boot. So as much as I miss e2epay, I'll survive the wait.

UPDATE MORE: DO NOT Purchase or Re-purchase in your new or 2nd 10dw account. The e2ePay info is NOT moved yet. So please keep his workload light. Thanks!


Hang on. Firefox wants me to download an update. I'll be back in a minute.



AdProsperity site is down. If you can login, do NOT upgrade. It's done :(

Went to do my Surfing at AdProsperity and ... (removed the earlier post)


Speaking of patience ... I am beginning to think there are folks that were put on this earth to test me and my patience. I'm trying. Really I am. And I like helping, I do I do. So I try to help here in my blog so that I don't have to repeat myself in 20 different individual emails. But sometimes it just doesn't work that way. (anyone got a high blood pressure pill?) hehe Just kidding. I'm OK!


Well that's all the News I have for now.

For those of you who missed my ALERT this morning, first check your bulk folder, and here it is:

ALERT 4 - 2nd Totally Passive invite from blondie

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay on this.
I had a bad day yesterday. I'll tell you about it in my blog :)

Here is the second - Totally Passive program that I just joined myself.

They have been in business on the net since Feb 1st, 2007.

- Member count is 12,974
- Minimum Investment $100
- Maximum Investment $25,000
- Accepts SolidTrustPay or AlertPay Only
- Do NOT use an AOL address to register
- 4 different Investment plans to choose from (shown in the faq's)

You can Join as a Free Member, but if you don't make a deposit for 10 days, you'll be placed in a 'pending' status.
They do offer referral commissions, but that is Not what this program is all about. So if you're thinking of joining to make a quick buck from promoting, then Don't Join. This is an investment program ... not a game or fast moving hyip.

From the site:
"To invest in our program, first make a deposit to your account balance.
With your account balance, you can make investments.
Your investments' returns are automatically added to your account balance.
Request payout to (fully or partially) withdraw your account balance."

The best things I've heard about this program, I've heard from a member who's been involved for quite some time. He gets really excited when he speaks of "the network" and has shared a lot of confident words and feelings with me.

Plus he told me, (which I shouldn't share with you all) how much he started with and how much he's currently earning/withdrawing. I was flabbergasted!
I will not mention his name. Just know that he is someone I trust completely.

So I read the site, I read the FAQ's and Terms, and you should do the same.
After all of that reading I was quite satisfied with what I've learned.
I did join and make my first deposit.

So without further ado, here is my invitation for you to check it out:

Your P-2-P Network ref link: ***

*** Link removed. This program is private.
If you are interested, you must contact me personally.

In closing, I must agree with what I just read ...

This Year is going to be a very good year for making some money on the 'net'!

Have a great day!
Judy (blondie) Morrison

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Passive Program

Hello World!

Am going to be joining another totally passive long-term program later today *(make that tomorrow). If you would like to be Alerted of it, please join My List and I'll send out a note when I have everything in working order. Cool.

Those of you who are already on my list ... I don't check that email account regular enough, so if you write to me, write to my blog address here, ok? You'll get a response a lot sooner. Unless you don't mind waiting.


I've been wearing reading glasses that are too strong for me when working on my taxes. So now, when I'm not wearing them, all this stuff is blurry. Plus they give me a headache. Good reason for putting those papers down eh?


What's new in the e2ePay transfer over to 10DollarsWonder? Nothing on my end. If anyone sees some progress, please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks!


All is well over at AdProsperity. Will do my surfing as soon as I am done here. Folks are enjoying the program and the fast payouts. Nice job Admin :))


I gotta get movin. My cupboards are bare and I'm almost otta cat food too. Will be back a little later. Cya!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back on the Air :)

No subject line yet. Waiting for one to hit me.

*Ok, hermitjim (who is always the first to read my blog) just helped me out with that problem. Thanks Jim! Where do I send the money? hehe


Had a great day yesterday with family and food and relaxation. My Son even replaced a kitchen door for me. A door that HIS dog chewed up 15 yrs ago. No, not Lou Dog. She would never do such a thing. (yeah right)

So am back to work today feeling refreshed. I think.


The AdProsperity site is currently unavailable. Not to worry. Seems the hosting service is making a change, and the server and several sites are down as a result of it. The site should be back up very soon :)

UPDATE: Site is back up and running smoothly. Doing my surfing right now. I knew it wouldn't take long!


Checked my 2nd account at 10DollarsWonder first thing this morning and saw no changes since yesterday. Will Admin delay the transfer's from e2ePay again? I hope not but if it must be done for our well being ... so be it.

You know what I just noticed: check your referrals everybody ... the ones in your New or 2nd Account in 10dw. I don't think that your referrals will move from e2epay to your new 10DW account if they don't create their OWN New Account. That would only make sense, right?

If you know who they are, and they have money in e2ePay, you might want to drop them a friendly note to let them know about the transfer. Not everyone keeps up on this stuff like WE do :))


I need to get back to working on my tax stuff. I only have 3 more weeks to file.

On April 13th, Lou dog is coming to visit for a week and I don't think she wants to be around if I'm all stressed out.

Back in a bit to see how things are going.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Will be back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Not feeling well today.
I think I ate some old meat for dinner.
I'll be back later if I can stay out of the restroom long enough.
Have a good day,

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Friday, It's Friday, Good Friday

Where could that blondie be?

Got a late start today. Now am rushing to catch up.

Thanks to all who joined my Alert List as a result of yesterday's post.
Now I need to get working on the Alert ... hahaha!

I'll be back !


Just a quick NOTE cause this freaked me out!
One of my referrals jumped the gun and re-purchased some positions in the Transferred Account from e2ePay to 10DollarsWonder.

Now, what will happen when Admin actually does the transfer of positions??? I don't know. Will the script Write-Over-It? Sure could cause a problem.

Anyway, for Members who have a NEW or SECOND 10DollarsWonder account waiting for transfer:

Note: The transferring is an on-going process. It will take a good few days to complete. Please do not purchase, re-purchase or withdraw till your positions are transferred. "

I know we're all anxious, but we must settle down, relax, and keep our sticky fingers off that keyboard until we're told that it's reopen!!! ok? ok.


Just sent out an Alert to the folks who signed up for it. Eight more folks were added to my list this morning. Thanks Guys! Always appreciated!


Replied to someone today who wrote to me about his referrals complaining that the e2ePay to 10DollarsWonder transfer was taking too long, calling him a liar, blah blah blah. What?

I must have the best group of referrals in the world! Not one of you has complained about the delay.

And you know, this was NOT the Admin's fault. It was Alert Pay who gave him 2 days notice to have the AP purchase button shut off.
Now I don't know if all those folks complaining are programmers, but these things take time. You can't just turn off the TV, turn on the Radio, and expect to see the picture! Right?


Off to do my Surfing and stuff.

Will be back later if anything exciting happens.

Good Friday to you !


Before I forget, here's the Alert that just went out. Hope you received it. If you're on the list but didn't get it, check your bulk folder. Thanks :))


Hi guys,
Thanks again for requesting to be added to my Alert List.
Although I'm thinking I should call it something else, since I stole the word "ALERT" from u-know-who, what do you all think? Any suggestions?


So without re-writing the book, below is the Notice that I received from js, who did a very nice job describing how to get involved.

I followed his instructions to get the info, did a lot of reading, then followed the instructions sent to me by The Group.

I just signed up and paid with no problem whatsoever ...
and received my ID in a matter of minutes!
Am very impressed with what I've read and what I've learned.
Hope you are too :))


"Here is the totally passive opportunity that am introducing to you. This one can be started at just $100 (one share) and you can start withdrawing in 6 weeks (that's one cycle).

To get more information about this passive opportunity use this link:

There is no point in my reproducing the info that you will get by using the above link. Then read it and follow instructions to the letter. The info contains contact info and a way to get even more info, if you need it. So use that instead of asking me.

js: I've bought 25 shares myself. I would have bought more if I had more e-gold. But they do also accept e-bullion, so am looking to buy more soon.
judy: I could only start with one share, but hope to purchase more soon!

Oh, and here is Judy's ID: D368 They will instruct you to put in my ID as the referrer at the time that you decide to send a payment. When sending payment also follow instructions. You will be asked to put the name on your account (with them, once it is set up) and number of shares you are purchasing in the memo field of the payment transaction. If you follow the instructions you will not have any trouble and things will go very smoothly.

PS: They don't mention compounding but effectively compounding is included, if you think about it. "

*OK, thanks for letting me borrow the above John.

Again ... I just now signed up, it went through like a breeze, and My ID is D368 if you decide to join.

Appreciate all of you,
Have a great weekend!
Judy (blondie) Morrison

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Full Day of Spring

Always a nice time of year watching the trees and flowers come back to life after a long cold winter.


AdProsperity just passed it's first complete cycle of 13 days. Congrats to them!! A few changes to the program are:
Max Purchase Increase
All of our objectives are accomplished so we can proceed with increasing the maximum purchase limit to $1000. Together with that I am also increasing the maximum active upgrades form 4 to 6."
So there you have it. Don't bet the farm, and Have Fun!


Was just chatting with the Admin of 10DollarsWonder. He said the merge process from e2ePay is going a little slower than he thought it would. So it might be another 3-4 days before the positions transferring starts to our new or second 10dw account. I know, I know, I'm anxious too. And that's ok. I'd rather he be safe than sorry.

Your original 10DollarsWonder positions are NOT affected. You can purchase, re-purchase, promote, make money, withdrawal ... you get the idea :)
And don't forget you DO still have to qualify your active positions monthly. The easiest thing for me to do is just purchase on a regular basis, then I don't need to worry about becoming 'inactivated'. Cool?


You know what? This is my blog and I can say whatever I want, right?
---the next part was edited out due to a judgment call --- ha!


Working on my taxes.
Eck !!!


Going to check out another program that looks really good :)


Wow, am quite impressed with what I've read about that program.

Might be sending out an ALERT today or tomorrow for sure.

There is one more program that I am going to join so I might just send the Alert with them both. ok?

If you're not on my Alert list, please sign up here. Thanks :))


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Matrix & more (js called it a cat fight)

Not sure if I needed this first thing in the morning, but I found myself trying to explain to someone what I knew about how the matrix works over at 10DollarsWonder.

Did I create the matrix algorithm? No.
Do I really understand it? No.
Does it work??? YES !!!
That's the most important thing to me, and you!


No new news about the transfer to your 10dw (second/new) account from e2ePay. I do have my earnings and balance showing in my member area now. And 2 of my referrals have been moved. No positions are showing yet.
So if you have created a second/new account at 10dw to be used to move your e2pay account over ... then be patient and hold off the urge to buy new positions until everything is done. It'll be worth the wait :))


* I don't usually update in the middle of the day, but I am today. This comment from a BIG Promoter of 10dw and e2ePay really got under my skin. He said:

Ive also talked to missi about rthe cycling
F*CK, it pisses me off that we are only having our spots cycle once per day right now
when i joined it was no less than 3 times per day every spot cyclked"

Now, maybe I just have a soft spot in my heart about these two programs because I helped to launch them but ... WHERE does he think the money comes from? Does the Admin grow it on trees? No, he does not. Is this an Investment? No, it is not. It is an Advertising Program where you can cycle and earn when others purchase or re-purchase. Did you hear that Mr Promoter? Admin does NOT control the cycles. We do. The Members. YOU and me. Best learn a little bit about what you're promoting. If you can't learn, then don't complain.


I think I need to pull out the Monopoly Money to see if I'm doing my taxes right or not. Money in minus money out = earnings. Or does it?


Just did my surfing over at AdProsperity. I see it's over 300 members now, growing nice and steady. That's the best way.
Was going to buy a new spot today but realized I already have 4, the max.
Remember you can only withdrawal twice per week per account, meaning your earnings account and your referral account.


Have "The View" on TV in the background here. It's a bit distracting. I will turn it off when I get back to my 'tax work'. I must have ADD or ADHD. Ok I'm back ;)


Google Checkout is no longer a purchase option at All-Teamed-Up or Total Team Profit. But they have many others to choose from.

"As of RIGHT now, we only accept the following:

DGNS Solutions Processor Gateway. (Fundable by PayPal)

I will be removing the Google Checkout buttons today at some point!"

Oh and I received my payment last night from the TTP matrix. Yay! And know that once you cycle in the 2x2, you DO have to request the withdrawal. OK.


I ate Taco Bell for dinner last night. OMG, felt like I ate a rock ... or many.


Someone asked me what happened to Michael Badger? I dunno. Have not received anything from him lately, but since Spring is right around the corner, I would bet he's doing the final touches on whatever it is we've bought into :)) a-ha. I love surprises!


What Else?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today is Tuesday ... You know what that means?

I've cleaned off my kitchen table and brought out the calculator. Time to start putting together all those papers so that I can finally file our taxes. Not one of my favorite things to do so ... ummm.


Not much to report on today, other than the same ole same ole ... which are all doing just fine in my books.

* Surfed and got paid from AdProsperity today. Only costs $1 per spot.

* Cycling continues at 10DollarsWonder at a $.10 earning per cycle. Oh and work has been started on the transfer from e2ePay. Go check your new account to see if anything has changed yet. He's moving us in steps, so patience folks.

* All-Teamed-Up and Total Team Profit are both growing nicely.

Just joined another Advertising Site recommended by a good fella who calls himself 'danish'. It's called Traffic-Splash and I am about to go check it out now for the first time. Sign-up was a breeze :)

- 50 free credits to start
- free or paid (I am free right now)

So will do my 'surfing' and report back to you later.


As mentioned, Today is Tuesday, You know what that means? Talk about a blast from the past!
Hermit Jim will remember this for sure. Anyone else???

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Enjoyed my Corned Beef and Cabbage very much last night. And there's plenty left over!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Snowed here last night about 3 inches so far. Supposed to get more today and I have to go out. That's ok, I like the snow.


Finally got my Alert Pay account verified enough, so now I can accept payments for things like The Private Millionaire. I know I haven't mentioned them for for awhile, but they are still doing well and I continue to make a sale here and there. You guys might want to check it out or check it out again if you're interested. I've done well with it and am in profit even after paying for the reports and for my website for a year.

Oh and to that guy who complained about TPM here in my comments, I tried to contact him to help (even though I am not his sponsor) ... but he never wrote me. So just for the record, wanted to tell you, I tried.


Received a payment last night from AdProsperity. Was feeling confident yesterday so I did make another purchase before surfing. I hear from the horses mouth it's going great. And for only $1 per position and almost 300 members (most are active), it's a nice place to advertise. You should go see.


Sitting here listening to musical 'clicks' in my mailbox from one of my favorite programs. And am very anxious for Thurs, the 20th when our e2ePay accounts will start to be moved.

"Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!"

Play it Again Sam!


You know ... I don't always agree with decisions made in programs that I'm playing in. Sometimes I just have to scratch my head and wonder Why?

For instance, raising the minimum withdrawal to $100 in Total Team Profit. Especially after it was announced on a "Team Call" that it would be $30 so that folks didn't have to wait so long to get some money out.

Proof: "
The Last recording is from Monday, March 3rd and will be updated once this coming Saturday call is over! But it still will give you some good information. The only change since that call is that PAYOUT MIN for TTP is set at $100."

So if you guys running TTP happen to read this, I can't see it doing anyone any favors. It'll just make it harder for us to get new Pro Members ... don't ya think?

* On the other hand, I think the Team Concept of All-Teamed-Up is a brilliant idea. And the minimum of $35 bucks to withdraw is not that hard to attain. So why make TTP so different? And why change it after it started? I'm sure it was a disappointment to many. Am I wrong?

Well they're the Pro's ... not me. Let's see how it goes from here.


Ok ... I'll get off my horse now :))


And last but not least, in keeping with my critter theme:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Luck of the Irish

Although I don't have an Irish bone in my body, I will be enjoying some Corned Beef and Cabbage today. Yes I know, a day early for St. Patrick's Day but who cares? Sunday is always a better day for a festive meal, plus I could use the Luck :)


This is weird.
I once joined The Ojeez Network. Haven't been there for months though. Yesterday I received about 5 or 6 emails from the same member inviting me to join his "Group". I had enough of that. So I logged into Ojeez and Deleted my account. (or thought I did)

Overnight, I received 7 MORE invitations from the same guy sent via The Ojeez Network. What the heck??? Did my 'cancellation' not go through??? So I tried to log in:

"Your account has been suspended/deleted
because you have voilated our terms and conditions"

What? Hello? Then WHY are you still sending me emails? A Virus perhaps at the network end? Ojeez! ... I hope not! Best be careful if you're a Member there.


Here's the latest Update in e2ePay:

News update 03/16/08 - transferring starts on 3/20/08

Positions transferring starts on 3/20/08:
To make sure all e2epay sponsors will earn 10% commission from all their referrals, positions transferring will star on 3/20/08. If you do not want to lose your referral commission, you must have a new account in 10dollarswonder by 3/20/08. "

I am trying to convince the Admin to start it sooner, so we'll see.


Speaking of 10DollarsWonder ... I continue to cycle and earn more every day! Hope you all are playing (oops, I mean advertising) there. Looking at my Referrals List in the Member area, I can't believe how many folks are FREE and never bothered to put in $10 bucks. I myself, started with $20 back in Dec. 2006.

Looking at the "positions" I have today, it's clear that my out-of-pocket cost was not much compared to my Earnings, since most of those Positions were bought as a Re-Purchase. Need I say more?


Off to do my Surfing over at AdProsperity now. That Admin is sure keeping up with the program and member requests for changes and/or additions. Looking at the site and my member area, I see quite a bit of new stuff. Nice job Admin!
Now am off to earn my 10% for today. Cya in a bit.


I'll be back ... or not.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What to do What to say Where to go ...

Have gotten quite a few emails from 10DollarsWonder this morning telling me I have earned a referral commission. That's a good thing! Means other's are earning, cycling, and spending more.

* Decided to open the emails just now ... Nice! Who do I thank?

"Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!
Your direct referral has spent $ 220.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 22.00!"

Sure wish he'd get crackin on the e2ePay transfer. It's taking waaay too long for my liking. Let me snoop around and see what I can find out today.


Did you all get the note from ATU and TTP this morning? I see their new auto-responder service is giving bonus leads to ATU members? hehehe Sorry but an extra 500 leads ain't nothin to write home about.

As mentioned yesterday, my friend and Lead Supplier over at PPS Company has Lead Packages that start at 30,000 Leads for $29.99 and he gives you an extra % to make up for the undeliverables. Now THAT'S a Deal !
I told him yesterday I'd be ordering a pkg. as soon as I decide on what responder to use. Just for the record, I am not using the one at ATU, ok? It's just too pricey for my budget.


My friend js over at 9planetreviews missed his mouse last night (the wild one that found it's way into his house, his heart, and his pizza boxes, har!) so he has decided to get a Cat. It's just about kitten season, isn't it? Am looking forward to seeing some photos when he finds that "special one".


Speaking of Auto-Responders, what do you guys think about This One? I've used them in the past and am very familiar with their system. Let me know what you think.


Hey I found a couple of bucks in my Liberty Reserve account. Am going to put it into AdProsperity before I surf today. Might as well put it to good use eh?


While looking for Billy Joel songs the other day (and most of the audio portions are blocked now) in YouTube, I came across this one. Hearing Billy Joel is one thing. Seeing is Believing. Enjoy :))

Friday, March 14, 2008


Thank Goodness It's Friday!


Finally got a live person on the phone at SolidTrustPay and my account has been re-set. YAY!!!

Just so you know, DO NOT use an AOL address for STP. You will never get your password re-set email. Trust me :(


Now that I can get into STP, I can add some funds to AdProsperty! The Admin was nice enough to loan me a few bucks to get started.
He's very active in the MMG (money maker group) Forum so if you have any questions about the program, you can pop in there and chat with him.
It's going well for me and I've heard only good things from others. Oh and it's been running for a week now.

* Auto-Surf Site
* 10% daily for 13 days = 130% ROI
* 2 cashouts per week
* Minimum spend is $1
* Surf up to 50 pages for credits
* Accepts STP and Liberty Reserve

Am off to upgrade now and do my surfing.


One of my Cats brings me socks every night. She carries them one-by-one (like she would a kitten) from the other room. And she can't do it quietly, Noooooo ... she has to announce every sock. And she's a bit deaf so when she talks, she talks LOUD! And she says "HELLO" over and over and over. I'm not lying!! Could be part of the reason I don't get much sleep.


Still waiting for that transfer from e2ePay to 10DollarsWonder. Not cycling for 10 days is just killin me. I hope to see some action soon. Oh, and there's nothing to worry about. It's just taking him longer than I thought it would. OK?


*** UPDATE: Do any of you use the responder below? I just signed up for the $1.99 test period and am NOT impressed at this point. Maybe I'm just old and "set in my way" but I don't like the way this thing is laid out. Will be back with more later.

I mentioned this a couple of days ago and signed up just now to MLMPowerMarketing Auto-Responder. You can do a Trial for 3 days for $1.99 to see if it will suit your needs. If you like it, for $17.95 / month you get:
  • Upload up to 2,500 leads per day
  • Use the Personal Invite System
  • Use the follow up system
  • Use of the Landing Pages
  • MLM Training
They have different packages to choose from but $17.95 is the lowest.
Please read the FAQ's and Terms of Use on the site. Be sure you understand them before joining, ok?

I have used auto-responders in the past and depending on what I was marketing, have had some really good results.
I remember when I was promoting a "Pet" Product, I received about 250 responses. Many of those turned into affiliates in the company.

The Leads I used to get all those responses were purchased from the PPSCompany. Check his prices for auto-responder leads. I think you'll be very happy with the price and the quality. I've known Samir (the owner) for many years. He's a great guy. If you DO purchase from him, mention my name. I'm sure he'd like to know how you found him.

That's all for now.
I need to investigate the responder (since I just signed up myself) and see how it works. (after I shower that is). I'll report back on my progress. On the responder ... not the shower. ha!


To help you get your weekend off to a good start ... this is pretty funny! (thanks Myrna for sharing)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just busy ...

Am not ignoring you today.
Have been busy with reading and thinking and printing.
April 15th is not far away and I need to work on tax stuff.

Will update tomorrow for sure.
Hope to have some good info for you :)
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cabin Fever

Feels like I got a touch of "cabin fever" today.
I need to get out and do something.
Maybe go shopping for some new candles and grab a bite to eat while I'm out. I just need different scenery, ya know?


Got an Update today from All-Teamed-Up and Total Team Profit telling us about an auto-responder (with leads) that will be added to our member area soon. So I checked it out ... then saw the price ... Yikes!!!

If you are in need of an auto-responder and/or good quality leads for a decent price, drop me a line. I know of such places for a much lower cost.


That's all I got right now.
I'll be back a little later.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Not that I'm bored. Just sleepy :(
Daylight Savings Time always takes it's toll on me. I need about a week to get adjusted.


Checked in at e2ePay and saw the new Update. Here it is to save you the trouble:

"News update 03/11/08 - transferring process steps

Two transferring steps are needed to move your e2epay account to 10dollarswonder. Your sponsor, balance and commission will be transferred starting on 3/9/08. Your positions will be transferred starting on 3/15.

Note: The transferring is an on-going process. It will take a good few days to complete. Please do not purchase, re-purchase or withdraw till your positions are transferred.

Alertpay will not support e2epay is due to e2epay is a money processor to be. Although the "money processor" is not currently operational, e2epay is a potential future competitor to Alertpay. (blondie: that was my guess, remember?)

Clarification of the merger:
We are moving "place ad and earn $2 million" to 10dollarswonder 100% as it is. If you participated "place ad and earn $2 million", you must do the following:

  1. You MUST log into 10dollarswonder and create a NEW account. (doesn't matter if it's your 1st or 2nd account) Do nothing more. Do not make any purchases. You need a FREE account. You can click on the banner.

  2. You MUST log into e2ePay and enter your USERNAME for your NEW FREE account at 10dollarswonder.
No need to worry about sponsorship or referrals. ALL of the e2ePay membership will be transferred to your NEW 10dollarswonder account. "

Nothing has been moved for me as of today. And I don't know if he's doing the moves in any kind of order or all at once. So we'll just wait and see.

* NOTE: Someone just asked me about this line:

Note: The transferring is an on-going process. It will take a good few days to complete. Please do not purchase, re-purchase or withdraw till your positions are transferred.

That is in reference to your NEW and/or 2nd 10DollarsWonder account. You know, the one you just opened to have your e2ePay positions transferred into.

If you have been playing in 10DollarsWonder, You Can Still Play! Your current or old username account is NOT affected by this transfer.


Anxious to see the action over at 10DollarsWonder
I really miss my cycling over at e2ePay and am excited about the move.

Just for the record: there is NO reason for anyone to think that is a problem with 10dw. If anything, it's going to get bigger and stronger when the e2ePay positions are added!
Sometimes change can make folks edgy ... even when it's a GOOD Change :))


The new surf site AdProsperity is growing. And I just read that Admin will increase the number of weekly withdrawals allowed. That'll be nice for folks who have referral commissions as well as their own earnings.


So, you thought my Skunks and Raccoons at the back door were cute??? Check this out ...

And to avoid confusion, this Cat was NOT at my back door. Heaven's No! Was just pic's that I got from my friend Paul in an email, ok? ok.

I do feed all critters in need.
Even the coyotes and the homeless cats that come around.

But I don't think I'd step outside to feed that kitty!


And in the end ...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hmmmm Monday

Believe it or not, I don't have much to say today. Maybe it's the time change that's messin with me? Yes, we are already on Daylight Savings Time so 5:00 AM was really 4:00 AM. Eck.

* Happy that All-Teamed-Up and Total Team Profit are doing well.

* Sorry that Business Profit Pro and Surf Profit Pro have closed.

* Happy that e2ePay will soon be transferred as a new 10DollarsWonder membership. (oh and e2ePay will be starting a new program there too.)

* Sorry that Solid Trust Pay hasn't reset my account yet.

* Happy that AdProsperity is doing good in their new surf site.


Just read a great post in js's blog about the "Advertising Lesson" we received today from the Admin's of ATU and TTP. I couldn't agree with John more.
I don't work my blog every day so that others can just "pop in" and post their links for different programs. And I would never do that to anyone else.
There is a right way and a wrong to do things. If you're confused, read his post.


Oh I know ... if any readers live in the Netherlands and know of a reliable inexpensive exchanger for e-gold (to bank account preferably), please post a comment here. A friend is looking for such a program. Thanks.

I guess since I'm at a loss for words today, I might as well clean my house. Have company coming for dinner so would like it to look a little better than it does now. Just for the record, I'm not a very good housekeeper. I can always find something else to do to avoid it ... and it shows :(

Oh and you Spammers reading this ... I am a female and cannot grow the size of my penis, since I don't have one. So you can stop sending me those stupid emails any time now. Kapish? (geeze)

I'll check back later if anything exciting happens today.

Better late than never eh? or aye? or EH? :))

So have a good Monday and try not to let the time change throw you off, like it did me. duh.

pssst: js, notice my links open a new window.
Thanks for the lesson!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Total Team Profit Launches to the public Today!

Good Morning,

Today at Noon EST Total Team Profit is being released to the public. I will come back here with my personal link in about an hour.

* I'm back with my own link, since it's afternoon!

And I've borrowed this explanation from js. He says it well. Thanks js!

""The first income stream at All Teamed Up has just launched!

Basically it is a 2x2 forced matrix followed by a 2x5 Company forced matrix and only $40 one time to get in. Unlike the failed ezy-ezy-ezy (not so easy) 2x2, you will earn not just after cycling the 2x2 but you will earn in the 2x5 as each position is built (meaning you don't have to wait until the 2x5 cycles to get money).

Quote from the site: "Total Team Profit is a total team building concept. We have designed the program to be a quick moving 2x2 cycler with a BONUS 2x5 COMPANY forced matrix built in as well, to help you make money quick and make lots of it!"

Am also noticing that am getting overspill as my second position has two members already and I have not given anyone my second signup link.

"You will be able to request a payment through most of our processors we have set up. SafePaySolutions, AlertPay, eGold, eBullion, SolidTrustPay and DGNS Solutions. We also have a "Get Paid By Check" option available for US residents ONLY."

As of this ALERT you need not join with All-Teamed-Up in order to participate in Total Team Profit, unless you want two positions. In that case you must have two positions in the parent company: All-Teamed-Up.""

** 12:30 PM EST: I just sent an ALERT to all of you who joined my Alert List. Now, I'm off to do some marketing and get this show on the road!


Brief Update on the e2ePay "place ad and earn 2 million" Transfer over to 10DollarsWonder:

News update 03/9/08 - transferring process

Two transferring steps are needed to move your e2epay account to 10dollarswonder. Your sponsor, balance and commission will be transferred starting on 3/9/08. Your positions will be transferred starting on 3/11. Note: The transferring is an on-going process. It will take a good few days to complete. "

Oh and e2ePay is going to start something NEW. You might want to join now (if you're not a member yet) just to see what else he comes up with ;)


Just did my daily surfing over at AdProsperity and allocated all of my credits to Total Team Profit. You should do the same if you're surfing there and playing in TTP. Just a thought.


Speaking of Surfing ... this sucks! I can't think of a nicer way to put it, ok?
And am sorry for those who just joined. I did not see it coming. Thought folks would get their confidence back and continue where they left off before the ddos attacks, but I guess not. People get too nervous at the drop of a hat.
Here's what the Admin had to say:

Hi members,

It is with extreme sadness that I have to announce both BusinessProfitPro and SurfProfitPro's closure. After the DDoS attacks, I tried my best to start over with what's left of our funds, but it was never enough. Some of you suggested that I continue and hope for the best, which I did... but the 'negative' gap between incoming spends and outgoing payments and pendings is beyond repair. I apologize to all who lost, that is the nature of our business from the very beginning... some will win and some will lose. Many thanks goes out to those who undyingly supported our site either monetarily or via the forum.

This was my last try. After BPP, FPP and SPP's closure, I am not going to start another one. I will just be another player like you part-time. It's a sad day for me but it's time to move on and I wish you all the luck.

Please do not send anymore replies or tickets as all email addresses will be deleted after I send this. Me and Gotenks' have thought long and hard about this and our decision is FINAL.

best regards,
Dave & Gotenks

PS. All of the site's templates and script are FOR SALE. If you want to start your own HYIP or Autosurf then this is your chance. Me and Gotenks' services will be needed for GUI and script modifications should you require it. Money generated from sale will be added to the refund money."


So out with the old, and In with the New.
I just wish this business was easier to predict, ya know?

And why does this stuff all have to happen on the same day?
First I'm all happy about TTP launching, then I get the note about SPP and BPP closing down. Dang :( Good thing I'm not on any Med's, ha!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Feeling Skunky Today ...

You know what I've noticed about the skunks. They don't play. They hunt for food all night long and fight for it if two of them get there at the same time.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you're working so hard to find your "food" that you forgot how to play and have fun?


I hosed up my STP account login yesterday. Left them a voice message, wrote to them 6 hours later, and I still can't login today. Are they really closed for the weekend??? I can't believe an internet pay processor would close on weekends for customer support :(


Because of that problem, the nice Admin over at AdProsperity loaned me a couple of bucks so that I could get started as a Paid Member. Thanks Admin if you're reading this!

So was forced to do my surfing late yesterday on a very small upgrade and might be stuck doing that all weekend. Oh well ... fighting for my food.

The site looks good though and I plan on upgrading more as soon as I can.
- 10% daily for 13 days (130% ROI)
- ad packs are only $1 each
- auto or semi-auto surf (I got it work auto) so maxed at 50 sites
- advertise 3 of your favorite programs at a time
- cashouts can be requested twice per week and I hear he pays fast!
Check it out!


I have to go grocery shopping today. WHY did I wait until Saturday?


Just turned Sunday (server time) over at SurfProfitPro. So if you're going to withdrawal, today is the day to do it. I will request one, but can't redeposit until I get my STP account back up and running. dang :(


Oh and today's the 8th huh?
Anything changed over at 10dw or e2ePay yet?
Let me go check.

Nope. All the same. Guess we'll just wait now.

Seems weird not seeing emails from e2epay in my mailbox. You guys chomping at the bit to get started again? I know I am!


Am doing good in All-Teamed-Up while helping new members get ready for the Total Team Profit program ... which I will be allowed to Advertise here soon!!!

You don't have to be a Pro (paid) member of ATU to participate in TTP, but it will help the speed of your own cycling if you are. Pro Members of ATU will always be loaded into the Team Build programs first. Which explains why so many have cycled already in TTP even before it's release to the public.


Guess what the cat brought up from the basement yesterday?

Unfortunately the poor little guy didn't look like this by the time I got to him. At least he was still in one piece :(


brb ... maybe

Friday, March 7, 2008

Guess Who's Here ...

Well, I had plans today but they went up in smoke :)
Lou dog needed a place to stay while the new roof was being installed on their house so ... here we are.
She would have freaked out with all that noise on the roof and no one around to calm her down, right? right.


Was surprised today at SurfProfitPro when my auto-surf stopped at 50 credits instead of the usual 25. So take advantage of that for your advertising. I am :))


Here is a new Advertising Surf Site called AdProsperity.
Just opened a few hours ago and membership is growing nicely.
Ad pack purchases are $1 each with a maximum of $500.
(nice cheap place to advertise your stuff!)
And You earn 10% daily for 13 days = 130% ROI.
You must surf every day to earn for that day.
Just remember to purchase before surfing.
Check it out.
They take Liberty Reserve and SolidTrustPay.
Going to do my thing there now. Have fun!

One more thing. I don't sign up for anything and everything.
I know the owner of this new site, AdProsperity.
He's a good guy and will take care of us for as long as he's able to. That's all I can say for now. I'm very comfortable with it. ok? ok.


So does everybody have a handle on the e2ePay "Place Ad and Earn 2 Million" merge over to the 10DollarsWonder site?

I've talked to a couple of folks about it and emailed many more. Are we good now? You should have it done TODAY so that your transfer will go smoothly.

Did you notice there is a "New Exciting Opportunity" coming soon on the e2ePay site? Wonder what that will be???


I'm not getting my emails. So if you guys are writing to me at my AOL address and I haven't answered ... that's why. ok?

Feel like an idiot. I forgot my password at STP and now my account is re-set BUT I'm not getting my emails so I don't know what my password has been re-set to? Geesh :(

Today will get better.
Is it Miller Time yet?


Ok I have to talk about one more thing before I lose it.

If you write to someone privately, shouldn't it stay private?

Let's say you are my Sponsor's Sponsor in a program.
And I write to you "privately" about something.
Should you BCC (blind copy) my sponsor on it? Just because I am in your "lineage" of downline?

Let's say we're both Female and discuss menopause.
Or we're both Male and discuss Viagra. (just an example, ok?)
Is it right for you to BCC another person to our 'private' emails because of a program that you associate me with???

I had that recently happen to me and the person used the excuse that "you are in my lineage so of course I BCC your sponsor" ... even though MY EMAIL had NOTHING TO DO with ANY type of program!!! What a Crock!

So the Lesson Learned is: Be careful who you communicate with, and how.
Especially if they are a big time internet marketing guru.

Thank God for all of us who are smarter than that.

Peace Out :))

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Important re: e2ePay and ATU

Ok I think I got it all straight now.

Here's the Scoop for the e2ePay folks:
(I also just posted this in the MMG Forum to help folks there)

Before Friday Night, March 7th ...

1 - You MUST go to 10dollarswonder and create a NEW account. (doesn't matter if it's your 1st or 2nd account)

- IF a 2nd account, be sure to use a different email address AND a different username.

Do nothing more at 10dw. Do not make any purchases. You just need a FREE account. You can do it at:

2 - You MUST log into e2ePay and in the Member Area, you will see where you need to enter your USERNAME for your NEW FREE account at 10dollarswonder. Be sure to SAVE the information.

No need to worry about who you sign up under. ALL of your current e2ePay membership information will be transferred to your NEW 10dollarswonder account, including sponsorship and referrals.

Questions? No? Ok cool.


If you are a current Pro member of All-Teamed-Up and have joined and received your login link to Total Team Profit ... be sure you Update BOTH SITES with your usernames. This is a Team effort and will pay off :))

- Log into your ATU Member Area and go to: ATU Team Build link. Near the bottom, insert your Total Team Profit Username in the space provided, and click on "Update Info".

- Now log into your Total Team Profit Member Area and go to the: Team Build link and do the same. Insert your All-Teamed-Up Username, and click on "Update Info".

This is going to be great you guys! I'm getting really excited about Sunday when we can start Advertising our TTP links to the general public. Here's a little info from the site:


  • We are a program built for the future for all our members.
  • In Total Team Profit you pay a ONE TIME, Lifetime Membership Fee of $40 - Thats IT! No Autoships, No Monthly Fee!
  • The Total Team Profit Division of All-Teamed-Up has over $1000 in the bonus section if you UPGRADE to Pro Member
  • You Earn $100 when you cycle out of the small 2x2 matrix (just 6 people)
  • You are Automatically Re-Entered into the cycler again and added to a Second Matrix which is a 2x5 Blockbuster!!
  • You cost for re-entry is FREE!!!
  • Each time you cycle in the 2x2 you make $100 and when you cycle in the 2x5 you will earn a total of $930.00 !!
  • You will get another 2x5 matrix each time you cycle in the 2x2! So you are always running in the 2x2 and 2x5 portion of Total Team Profit!
  • Total Team Profit will MAKE YOU MONEY FAST!!
Oh and did I mention? ... I have already cycled once thanks to the Total Team Profit Team Build! Whoo Hooooo!!!


Waiting for 10 o'clock so I can do my Surfing over at Surf Profit Pro.
Everything seems to be back to normal and running good.

* Surfed and earned for today :)) Rock on!


Then I need to send a friend some pictures that I've been promising to send for months now, so after I check my emails and do this and that, I might be back a little later. okie dokie?


Oh yeah, before I forget, this has really been bugging me ...

ezy-ezy(not so)-ezy is DEAD and gone!

After reading through some blah-blah-blah lame note about some "mean people", I came to the conclusion that it ended the way it was meant to end.
There were no "mean people", (other than the Admin, him or herself).

I think we all got had. Taken for a sucker. Taken for a ride. However you want to say it, I think that's what happened.

And that is my opinion only. OK? Just me, myself and I. All 3 of us agree that this program was a big mistake from the get-go. And I DO apologize for promoting it to you.

So as we move on, we must "beware" of certain names on the net, and that ... I will not forget.

Now I feel better. I hope you do too.
Things like this keep me up at night.
Perhaps tonight I'll sleep better.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lou, SPP, ATU, e2ePay, 10dw NEW Update 4 or 5? I dunno. been a long day :(

Was a little busy yesterday with lots of emails about 10dw and e2ePay and all the other stuff. Then to top it off, I volunteered to watch Lou dog for the afternoon. She cut her foot on Monday and is wearing a nice bandage that "cannot" be licked, hence the "bonnet".
Well I took off her little hat while she was here and she was good. Didn't lick her foot at all :))


Was just notified that SurfProfitPro is back up and running.
- If you cannot get into the site yet, try a little later.
- If you're already a member and your account does NOT look right, please don't send in any support tickets. Everything will be fixed very soon.
- 2 Temporary Changes are: 5% for 28 days of Surfing and 3% referral commissions. These are only Temporary and will go back to normal once the program recovers from the attacks.
- The surf bar is currently disabled. (smart move.)
- Please don't panic and try to cash out. Our support is needed right now.
- And finally one last note from Dave the Admin:

We've come a long way in putting the site back up. I hope you understand that I will be here for the long haul. Continue to support me and you will continue to reap the rewards of being a member of this site. I would like to stress again, please promote our program! Don't let your guards down. Don't be content to what you have now, always reach for more. Thanks to all you supportive members and thank you also for providing words of encouragement and positivity at our forum threads.
SPP Admin"


The wheels are turning fast over at All-Teamed-Up and their first Total Team Profit program. I am still not allowed to post my referral link here for TTP. So will do that on Sunday after we get the Green Light.

All members should be receiving the same Updates that I am, so I won't post them there. Just know that on Sunday you WILL see my referral link for TTP.


Received a lot of quetions and concerns about e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder yesterday. And that' OK. Q & A is always good.
Here's a note I just received from Admin (and he stated that support has been corrected in her previous responses).

Here is the end of the loop:
1. e2epay will 100% "as it is" be moved into 10dw.
2. All members must sign up a FREE account in 10dw for transferring.
Which it means that if member already has account in 10dw, then he/she need a 2nd account. If member does not have account in 10dw, then he/she need a 1st account in 10dw.
Every participating member must enter their new FREE 10dw account into e2epay "specified link" for transferring.
The transfer will start on 3/8 and on. It should not take much time to transfer.

** I'll be back when I clarify all of that, ok?

Ok here's the Scoop for the e2ePay folks:

1 - You MUST log into 10dollarswonder and create a NEW account.
(doesn't matter if it's your 1st or 2nd account)

- IF a 2nd account, be sure to use a different email address.

Do nothing more. Do not make any purchases. You need a FREE account.
You can do it at:

2 - You MUST log into e2ePay and enter your USERNAME for your NEW FREE account at 10dollarswonder.

No need to worry about sponsorship or referrals. ALL of the e2ePay membership will be transferred to your NEW 10dollarswonder account.

*** Update: Well I just signed up for a new 10dw account but used the same email address. NOW I can't login. So am waiting for 'word' from Admin IF we need to use a different email address or not. Ohhhhhhh It's been a long day!

No word yet so let's just say that you DO need to use a different email address for your 2nd account.

ps, thank goodness I get to see that funny pic of Lou dog every time I log in here. else I don't know if I could have made it through the day. ahhhhh

Anything else?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today is Much Better :) and BIG NEWS!!!

Slept good last night and it was 5 AM before I knew it. I have to go out for a bit today so my update might be a little brief. Good, but brief :))

Saw 2 little skunkies this morning checking their bowls one last time before going to sleep for the day. They're so cute. Watched them run across the farm then over a snowbank to ... where ever they go? Don't know where they sleep but they always come back here for a good dinner every night.


SurfProfitPro and BusinessProfitPro sites are still down waiting for a server move, and that's ok. Once they come back, it'll be business as usual. Might have some "temporary" changes though. I'll keep you posted.


All-Teamed-Up is right on schedule. I have been Upgraded to Pro status at Total Team Profit, their first Team Build Program! WOW! Nice site!!!

Reading another email, 400 Pro Members have been upgraded in TTP. Gregg's taking a nap, then will continue the upgrades with the remaining 1100 folks.

We are NOT allowed to start advertising it yet, so will post my link here as soon as I can. I think you guys will be impressed. I am :)

Oh and Total Team Profit goes live on March 9th!


Am going to request an e-gold withdrawal today SO if anyone needs some e-gold before I do that, let me know.


Ok I'm here for 2 more hours. What have I missed? hmmm Let me think about it for a bit or drop me a comment to remind me.


Funny, the one day I didn't check 10DollarsWonder or e2ePay is the day of some HUGE NEWS!!! Here's what's in the Member Area in e2ePay. I'll post it first, then digest it while I take a shower, and will be right back.

News update 03/04/08 - e2epay is now merged to 10dollarswonder

Starting today, Alertpay will not support e2epay. We have decided to merge e2epay to 10dollarswonder. This merger will accelerate 10dollarswonder even further.

Create new username in 10dollarswonder by 3/7/08:
You can not use your existing 10dollarwonder username. Your new username in 10dollarswonder must be a free member without any purchase position. All your e2epay positions will be transferred to your new username in 10dollarswonder. The transferred positions will have an ending -e2e. The balance, commission and sponsor will be transferred also.

Your new username in 10dollarswonder for transferring is:

Click here to record your new username in 10dollarswonder.

  • The transfer will start on 3/8/08.

  • If you do not record your new username in 10dollarswonder, your referrals will be temporary assigned to admin. You can re-claim your referrals by 3/31/08.

  • Purchase, re-purchase and withdraw are now disabled.

  • All pending withdrawals will be paid by 3/5/08."

  • Back to me :) Ok, that was painless. Here's what to do:

    - Log into your e2ePay Member Area.
    - In the Update where it says: "Click Here" to record your new username in 10dollarswonder, click.
    - There is box there to put your NEW (or 2nd) 10dw username.
    - Do NOT Use the Same Name - Create a New One.
    This must be done for proper transfer of your account from e2ePay TO a new account in 10DollarsWonder.

    For instance: my 10dollarswonder username is: blondie
    For my 2nd account at 10dw I created: blondie2

    After I did, I went back to the home page and saw this:

    Your new username in 10dollarswonder for transferring is: blondie2

    That's all you have to do for now. Just be sure to do it by Friday the 7th. I have not talked to Admin about any details so please, if you have questions send them here rather than bombarding their support person, ok? We'll get them answered.

    So bottom line is, next week you will have 2 different accounts in 10DollarsWonder (assuming you have one already).

    And remember, DO NOT Upgrade in 10dw with your new username. Just leave it alone as a FREE position, so that the Transfer from e2epay to 10dw will go smoothly.

    I don't see anything to be concerned about. Admin will take good care of us despite Alert Pay's decision NOT to support e2ePay any longer. Competition maybe? Who knows.