Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!! ... and the bottom line

Did you ever wonder why people start saying "Merry Christmas" several weeks before Christmas? Then right after Christmas, they start saying "Happy New Year".

But no one ever says Happy Birthday to you BEFORE your actual birthday. Why is that?


Don't forget TODAY is the last day for the 10DollarsWonder offer:

Lock in your Low-priority for "High-priority" cycling end on 12/31/08
The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for High-priority cycling" offer will end on 12/31/08. For those of you who did not have the opportunity or if you hesitated to lock in your low-priority positions, you have a few days to take this advantage."

So spend now or forever hold your peace :)


Here's a Gift from John at 9planetreviews. Guess he's got a few left over and said that I could offer them to my readers as well :) Thanks as always js!!!

"I have a holiday present for you! Not to worry, it's entirely gratis and no commitment from you.

Am going to send you to a place where you can get 25,000 banner impressions for your favorite... whatever it is you are pushing, ok? And I paid for this present. Well, no, another guy did. haha! But I would have! Except he offered to me and to you so I don't see why we can't take advantage of this. OK? (Oh and shhhh.... you get entered into a matrix and you may make some dough....)

Now... I have only 100 positions PAID FOR, ok? So best be quick! And don't drink and click! And am making this gift available to folks reading my blog first (and then via my ALERT service), then at my Ad Exchange, and if I have any left? To my List Jumper folks.

So here are the instructions:

1. Click on this link:
2. Click on CLICK HERE in blinking neon red/pink.
3. Fill out the form, then click on the Join button, bottom left.
4. On the next page DON'T pay. Just click on Contact Us, top right. In the Subject line put: js paid for my membership. As well put this in the body if you like.
5. Submit. You should have your membership information sent to you in 24 hours.

I should hope that the above is crystal clear!

Enjoy! js."


OK, I've made a decision.
On Sunday I added a banner for a new investment program. Some of you noticed. Some did not. Today I decided to remove the banner, and I'll tell you why.
Although I'm pretty sure I could have made a few bucks on referral commissions, I kept feeling as though it would be like accepting 'drug money' (har!). And I can't do that with a clear conscience. So good luck to those who are already in the program. (yes, I've removed the name)


Do have a Safe and Happy New Year!
Yes am listening to my "Chicago's 40th Anniversary" CD that I got for Christmas.
I love you guys!
C'ya next year :))



OK one more ... my favorite of all time. Just wanted to share and maybe bring back a few happy memories for you too.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let It Blow, Let It Blow, Let It Blow

Howdy folks!
Tried hard to sleep last night but the 82 MPH wind gusts kept me awake. Was still blowing this morning and there are tumbleweeds all over my back yard. Plus all the stuff that was on the patio is now scattered around the yard too :(
The house was shaking so bad this morning that the water in my toilet bowl was quivering. I kid you not! Scary stuff for sure.


Received TWO Payments from MyNetWealthTeam this morning, so Admin is in fact back to work and working. Thanks for that Thomas :)


The MyCashForum forum is For Sale. Anybody wanna buy a Forum? And the Monitor is included in the winning bid. FYI


This is still confusing but I guess I did something right.
Date: December, 30 2008 2:42:24 PM
Amount Sent: $16.70 USD
Sender Name: BuxMatrix
So I'm off to buy another position in Bux-Matrix as I told you I would :)


Last thing for the night.
This song has been going through my head for hours. Who is old enough to sing along with me? (besides Randy of course) You have to be a big Beatle's fan to remember all the words. I do I do !!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Untitled so far ...

$1.77: I was gonna start small and work my way up today. So decided to check on and I get this: "This Account Has Been Suspended" hahaha Good thing it wasn't too expensive eh?


Host could not handle our traffic volume i am working to correct the issue now changing to larger hosting company and will have it back up before the end of the week. Please spread the word...

Sorry Admin for jumping the gun :( oops
And Thank You Maggie for forwarding that info to share.


$3.00: WorkFor3Dollars is still working and they have some contests going on there. I'll admit I didn't take the time to read it too thoroughly, so if you're a member, check it out.


$12.00: Their (wf3d sister?) program Bux-Matrix is confusing the heck out of me. My history shows I've made $16 bux, but for the life of me, I can't find it anywhere else in my member area. I've put a note in their forum asking about it. I'll wait for their answer.


$10.00: Good ole 10DollarsWonder continues to cycle pretty regular. Just read a good post over at the CIF Forum where a member suggested we ALL buy at least one NEW position per week. Well that's a really good idea as long as you can afford to do that. Especially if you're already in profit, then you've got nothing to lose and it helps the business flourish. Am I right?


$10.00 monthly: Search4Profits, the program launched by Team Orangemoon is down for maintenace for a couple of days. Hope to see some spillover when it returns. ha!


$15.00: MyNetWealthTeam ... the Admin Thomas just got back from a Holiday weekend, so give him a couple of days to get caught up on emails, support tickets and payments. Fine by me and yes, I'm expecting another payment soon.


I was all prepared to post a song here from the CD I got for Christmas, then something pulled me in a different direction.

I went out to the kitchen to grab some lunch and noticed a Skunk drinking from the water dish on my patio. WHAT? It's dam near Noon here and the sun is shining bright! Since skunks are nocturnal, there's no way he should be out there now!!! Awww, he must be either sick, hurt or blind. Dang :(

I quickly went to the fridge, got him a piece of bologna and filled the water bowl with hot water to melt the ice. But he ran away as soon as I opened the door.
Poor little thing. I hope he comes back. Things like that can really change my mood in a heartbeat, ya know?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Can't Seem To Get It Right Today :(


Not to worry ... will be back tomorrow :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

OK, let's chat ...

Feeling a little serious today and am interested in how the 2nd launch of S4P is doing through Team Orangemoon?
I joined in the first launch as soon as I could. Got an ID of 3796 (Ouch). So have been at the tail end of the matrix for two weeks now.
How are you guys doing? I know some of you got in really fast, so I would love to hear from you and your progress.
Maybe I expected too much from this. I have about 2 more weeks to decide if there's hope for me or not.


Of course we're still cycling over at 10DollarsWonder.
Strange though, I received a referral comm. email telling me one of my referrals just "re-purchased" for $180 which gave me $1.80 in comm's. OK that's all fine and dandy BUT I know this referral, and I'm sure he's got a LOT of low positions still hanging in limbo.
If it were me, and I had my heart set on re-purchasing anyway ... I would have done a withdrawal, got the $72 bucks, then put the $70 back in as a New Purchase.
Then I would have:
7 new positions set to high.
14 old positions set to high (from low).
And 11 new SYS positions also set to high (due to the w/d).
For a Grand Total of 32 High's as opposed to the 18 he received from the re-purchase.
Think about that first you guys as our time is running out for the Buy 1 New - Get 2 Old changed over. You've got through the 31st. OK? ok.

The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for High-priority cycling" offer will end on 12/31/08.


Skipping (as in hopping) over to the Bux-Matrix farm ... I thought this stuff was done in "real time", but it doesn't seem to be. One link shows they owe me $2.50, but another link shows I've earned $16 (they've already sent me $6 of that) so you would think I have $10 coming, right?
I'll give them time to get their website updated a little more as I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this.
As soon as I get another payment from them, I'll buy another to help OUR matrix.


Here's a stupid story of something I did ...
I pay my credit cards online. Was wondering why one of them hadn't cleared yet since I paid it on Dec 22nd. Then it hit me last night!!!
The CC payment was due on Jan. 7, 2009
I changed the date from 1/7 to 12/22 BUT forgot to change the YEAR!
Holy Crap!!! It was scheduled for 12/22/09 !!
You know if you make a Late Payment they DO feed you to the Wolves!!! So a lesson learned today. Whew!


Oh and I just realized I wrote one year anniversary instead of TWO YEAR Anniversary for 10DollarsWonder yesterday. Oops. It's fixed now :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after ...


Today is 10DollarsWonder TWO Year Anniversary!
Ahhh I remember it well, like it was yesterday. Getting all excited about that launch. And here it is, two years later and they're still "Lighting Up My Life".
Name me another cycler (oh I mean advertising program) that has lasted that long. Go ahead if you can.

My son is a clown. hehe


Having trouble concentrating today.
If you're waiting on me for something, sit tight and I'll try to get my act together. With Christmas being over, I need to clear my brain out and get a fresh start. I'll be back if something jumps out at me.


Looks like Bux-Matrix has their "browse ads" button up and running now. So you free members (and paid) can start clicking to earn more BUX. Remember this is a Paid-to-Click so go for it!

PS, tell ya what. As soon as I make $12 total, I'll buy another Matrix position. Should help others in OUR matrix to earn also. And I'll keep doing that until things pick up, OK? Do we have a deal? Deal.


Team Orangemoon is doing it's 2nd launch tomorrow. You're welcome to read about it here


Here's a few more highlights from yesterday.
Too cute not to share :))

That's Jess with Louis's dog bone.
You gotta love her.

Not my house. Way too nice.
This is Dave n Jess's living room.

This is our friend Jesse with Lou dog and J's dog Carma checking out his new boxers.

Just had to end with Lou dog catching a tennis ball in my living room. Oh and see the big screen TV on top of the little TV? Yep, that was a Christmas present from Dave and Jess!
Thanks again you guys ... You Rock!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

She's making a list, and checking it twice. hehe
Want to make sure I have all my ducks (or critters) in a row for tomorrow. I may not be online at all so ...

Merry Christmas!
to all my friends and readers!
I hope you all have a purrfect day :))


One more week and this year is over. Did it go by fast for you, or slow? Mine seemed to fly by. Can't wait to see what next year brings.


Admin at 10DollarsWonder is reminding us that we only have one more week for this ...

Lock in your Low-priority for "High-priority" cycling end on 12/31/08
The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for High-priority cycling" offer will end on 12/31/08. For those of you who did not have the opportunity or if you hesitated to lock in your low-priority positions, you have a few days to take this advantage.


Hey I thought these guys weren't working today?
I'm not complaining, just looking forward to next week.

Date: December, 24 2008 11:30:19 AM
Amount Sent: $6.00 USD
Sender Name: BuxMatrix


Seems like a lot of the Admin's are OUT for the Holiday. So I'm not going to worry too much about any of this for the next two days myself. Am just gonna take it easy and be back to "work" on Friday. Sound like a plan?


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Name is Blondie ... and I AM an Internet Junkie

Realized it yesterday when I had to leave my computer (and my friends) and got the heebie jeebie shakes :))


Just read a note from Mark at WF3D and Bux-Matrix. He's going to be gone for three days so if you join Bux, upgrade to Gold, and it does not show right away ... give him until Saturday the 27th to get you locked in. And that's OK, we all need a little time off eh?


MyNetWealthTeam is still chugging right along. Remind me to check my 13 positions (times 3) later today. I'll bet it's time to withdraw again ;)

TeamOrangemoon will be launching their Teams downline link for the 2nd time on Dec. 27th for S4P. And there is a countdown clock on the site. They are anticipating a lot of new members, which I hope to see also. Have mentioned before, my purchase got in late even though I was early. So have not received any spillover to my own ID yet. I do know that those of you near the top did. So maybe Saturday will be my turn.


My little squirrel must be full. He's burying the nuts I gave him rather than eating them. I guess he knows it's going to snow this afternoon and he wants to be ready. But can he really remember where he put them all???


Off to check my email and answer a few and grab a quick shower. Expecting the UPS delivery guy again today so I hate for him to catch me in my robe & slippers :))


Monday, December 22, 2008

Women can always change their mind :)

I just sent an email to all my WF3D downline. All 246 of them. Yeah, I changed my mind and decided to join Bux-Matrix after I told a few of you that I was not. Sheesh!
However, I am not allowed to post the link to the public yet.
So, if you're in my downline at WF3D, then you should have received my email and link (or should shortly).
If you're not, I will be posting it here as soon as they give me the OK. OK? OK :))

This seems like a pretty simple PTC (paid to click) that you can join for Free or Upgrade for a one-time $12 (through AlertPay only) and have more benefits. So that's what I did.

And it looks like no one listened (except me) about NOT promoting this yet. Guess there are several pages on Google already. So I got the OK to post:

"Promotion is open - You can promote - Enjoy yourself!
Registration page is working normally now:

..At least You have all the same chance now.
We will try to be as fast as we can to make the site
100% ready by tomorrow.
Mark & James
The BUX-MATRIX team"

And here's another one: (wonder why they give us so many links?)

Please be sure when you register that it says "blondie" as your referrer. I had problems with that earlier today.
Thanks Much !!!


As you all know, 10DollarsWonder is Alive and Well and Cycling once again!!! Read a few posts about recent payouts today. Nice ones too! Congrats All :)
Now for those of you in profit, you may want to consider putting a little back in to help keep the ball rolling. Plus it'll convert some of your old low's to high's IF it's a new (not re) purchase. (members understand that, right?)


Am waiting for a UPS delivery, then I need to go pick up my Christmas Ham.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

10dw is back :)

Yep, 10DollarsWonder is back online!
Thanks everyone for the comments last night while I slept. It's great to have friends all over the world, ya know? :))


I need to talk, but I also have to go out so ... best get that out of the way first. Back in ahhhh, longer than I thought. Waiting to hear from a friend so tomorrow will be more good stuff :))

Saturday, December 20, 2008

10dollarswonder and more ...

Good morning :)

Since Chung, the Admin of 10dollarswonder cannot access the site, he's posted this on the 10centclub and e2epay sites:

Note (12/19/08): 10dollarswonder is having technical problems and temporary down.
All operations will resume as soon as our web site is up.
Please check back later.

He also sent me a personal note and here it is:

I have been tried many ways (phone, email etc.) to contact web hosting company. Maybe most of staffs are traveling for holidays, I am still waiting for them to help.
Our server is working fine. is the only site down. I have posted the web site down msg in both and
You may instruct those anxious members to check on the msg on and
As soon as I hear from web hosting company, I'll let you know. Our database is intact and secure. Only the web site is not found. It may be caused by the registration or DNS propagation problem.

OK, so not to worry :))


Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Friday? Sure, why not :))

Rumor has it that the 10DollarsWonder site is down? It's up for me. So if it's down for you, I'd suggest you go eat breakfast and try it again later.

OK 45 mins later, now it's down for me too. I'll see what I can find out.
And the WORD from Admin is:

I'm contacting web hosting right now.
Hopefully, it will back up soon.

Good enough for me :))

PS, please don't worry or post negatives in forums. That doesn't help anything. Just sit tight or hang loose and have a little patience. It'll be back soon, OK?


When I woke up this morning I felt myself making a face. Am sure it was a funny face, or maybe a panic face, so thank goodness it didn't freeze that way. haha


Gotta share this with you all to change the subject ...
As I got my dog food ready to take outside tonight, I noticed a dark shadow around the dog bowls at the back fence. It was the Coyote waiting for me.
As I approached the bowls, he ran away but not so far this time. Only about 20 feet and sat down. He watched me again as I filled the bowls. I talked to him in a soft voice and he never moved. As soon as I was back to the house, he was there having his dinner.
Gosh I love helping those critters. It seems to take me away from all this for just a short time. That's all. Just wanted to share. Have a great night :)


Thursday, December 18, 2008

MyNetWealthTeam is kicking butt

Well I think between John (js, who is my sponsor) and I, we're doing pretty well in MyNetWealthTeam and have picked up some really good referrals who are also doing their fair share of promoting. Many Thanks to All of You!
Those who are waiting for spillover, sit tight and it'll happen. It'll just take a bit longer, so no complaints :)
Requested payment from Thomas this morning and received within minutes. I must have caught him at his desk.
Date: December, 18 2008 11:32:25 AM
Amount Sent: $233.25 USD

Message: My Net Wealth Team Commissions

Now I can go
Christmas shopping
this afternoon.

Yes, the kids want
Tennis rackets.

Good exercise, right?
For them, not me (hehe)


Still a big zero over at S4P.
Patience patience.


Hey, check this out ...
Got my own domain name.
Pretty cool eh?

Oh and TY js for hinting around this.
Always lookin after me.
You are a good friend :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bits n Pieces

I don't have a lot of time today so this might just be a quickie.

Received a payment from 10DollarsWonder this morning that was requested on Monday. He sure is keeping up on those, isn't he?
Date: December, 17 2008 7:47:25 AM
Amount Sent: $126.00 USD
Sender Name:
And Thanks to those of you who post 'happy notes' in the forums. It helps others to realize that this isn't a fly by night program.

PS, just read over at CIF a note from pauljets. He just got a $700 payment from 10dollarswonder!!! Holy Cow! Congrats to you Paul. And many more ;)


Speaking of Forums, there is a New Referral Contest over at the CIF Forum. So bring your friends and family over ... could be worth a few bucks to you!


Also received my first payout from Dollar77.Biz last night.
Date: December, 16 2008 8:31:58 PM
Amount Sent: $11.20 USD
Sender Name: Dollar77.Biz
Now if I could just get down to that 7th Level and make 192K, then I'd have something special to write home about eh?


Read a nice post in one of the forums this morning for MyNetWealthTeam. A member and reader of mine (and js) posted his first payout of $185. Congrats Wayne and thanks for your kind words about my blog :)
My own account is still building pretty good too! Whoo Hoooo! This little matrix seems to be working great, especially for those who are doing a little promoting ... else you have to wait for spillover. So get out there and grab a few referrals and teach them to do the same. It'll be worth it!


Let me go check my Team Orangemoon / S4P program and I'll be back.
I'm back. Hmmm Nothing there yet but like I said before, I got in really late for some reason and am near the bottom of the barrel. Well, a watched pot never boils so I'll check again tomorrow.


I've got something else to tell you after I figure it out. So I'm off to take a shower. Maybe the hot water dripping down my head will wake my arse up a little :))

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My "Pet" Coyote

Alrighty then ... where were we?

The good news is I received another payment yesterday from MyNetWealthTeam after I reopened my ticket. But the bad news is, it was about 1/2 of what I requested. Oops, forgot about this:
Remember this: The first $15 you earn from each of your 13 positions comes back to admin to finish paying for your 13 positions and team advertising, and PIF accounts. After that, everything you earn is yours. Take this into account when you ask to withdraw your commissions."
Now don't you forget it! And I'll try to remember also :)


Had an awesome feeling when I went out last night to feed my critters.
It was almost dark and I saw something large standing by the empty dog bowls. It was a Coyote looking for food. Now they normally run away fast when they even catch a glimpse of me.
But this time, as I walked outside, he backed up about 30 feet or so and sat down. He watched me close as I filled the bowls and as soon as I got back to the house, there he was having his dinner :)
Not sure why he trusted me this time, but since it's been so cold and snowy lately, I suppose a good warm meal was just to good to wait for.

(no, I did not take this picture, just wanted to give you a visual)


Finally received my ID last night in S4P, the first program launched by Team Orangemoon. I'm way down on the totem pole so it'll be fun to see how those of us who got in later will do. And I'm not giving you my link here. What you should do is join team orangemoon, and from there join S4P ... since we're in here as a team, right?


I'll be back, maybe. Today is a slow day for me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

He's Baaaacckkk!

Yep he's back, bigger and stronger than ever! Had about 6-7 inches of snow yesterday and a low of -19F (-28C) overnight. Brrrrrr! Today's high will only be 17F ... and I need to go out (if my car will start that is :)


Still no ID from the first program launched via Team OrangeMoon. There is a new update that said to give him several days to get us all in. So I won't mention it again until I'm up and running.


Waiting on a payment from MyNetWealthTeam which is very close to 72 hours now. I'll take a shower and if it's not here after that, I'll drop him a reminder.
That program is doing real good by the way. If you can promote a little and/or get a few under you who can promote, you'll see a nice commission there. But if you sit and wait for spillover ... of course it'll take longer to see any earnings.


10 Days till Christmas. Wow! At least I got my online shopping done yesterday. Next it's time to get out to the dreaded packed stinky old stores. So Men, don't believe everything you hear. ALL woman do NOT like to shop. OK?


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Lights and more ...

What started out as a very easy task yesterday, ended up being a major overhaul of my living room.

After moving one piece of furniture to get to the window, I realized how long it had been since that one (and many others) had not been moved. Oh crap! Talk about dust bunnies!
Well at least I can breathe easier now that that is done :)


Have not received my ID yet for the new program launched via Team Orangemoon yesterday. And didn't I read to give him 48 hours now, instead of 24? Guess there was a lot more action then they anticipated! So that's good news!


Requested my first cashout today at Dollar77.Biz. Minimum withdrawal is $1, but I waited till I had $10. So it's all good, right?


Forgot to withdrawal from 10DollarsWonder last Thursday so now I'm locked out for the weekend. No big deal. I DID purchase 5 NEW positions though in order to get 10 more of my old 'low's set to 'high's. Remember that "offer" is only good through the end of the month/year.
Every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for "High-priority" cycling end on 12/31/08.


Open space for when my brain comes back.


This is for one of my new readers Dwight. He wrote to me about how much he enjoyed (and laughed about) the "neighbor with the trash" story, so here's a new one.

See the black vehicle?

That belongs to the neighbors on the left. Now, one would "think" they would park it in front of their OWN trash rather than blocking "grandma's" driveway, right? Sheesh!

Have a good Sunday you all!
And be careful where you park!
You just never know who's watching :))


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Team Launch

The first program launched by Team-Orangemoon was more popular than the site could handle and crashed both servers. Reading a few comments; some got in and made a purchase, most did not. I am still getting an error trying to access the site.
Thomas did send a note to all Team members where you can get the link. OK? In the meantime, I'm going to have another coffee and just wait it out.

UPDATE 11:30 EST ... I just got in, bought 1 position for $10. I didn't realize it's a monthly subscription so will wait and see how the Matrix and spillover are working before I buy more. Just testing, you know?


More tomorrow, OK?
I was a busy girl today.
Later :))


Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Joined Team-Orangemoon

Just joined Team-Orangemoon.
It is Free to join and they have over 2500 members now. This TEAM will launch a one time payment opportunity each month for $20 or less. There are no sponsors, no referrals, we're all in the same Team! So we (the team) should do very well with profit. There is lot more detail after you click the purple banner.
You can read and join from here:

After joining for FREE, you will be sent a confirmation email.
From there, you can join the NET Millionaires Club. (free)

Since I just got 'on it' today and only had about 10 minutes to digest the information, I wasn't sure if I did everything I needed to. So here is a CheckList for anyone who is as confused as I am, LOL

That's all for now.
I have way too many things in my head at the moment.
But I will be there tomorrow for the early launch of their first program :))


Thursday, December 11, 2008

FPS ... not lookin good

Fast Profit Surf site is suspended for not paying their hosting fee. Will Paul pay it? I doubt it. Will be surprised if it comes back this time.


I didn't receive one of these fake e-mails, but js did. So I thought I should share his post with you.
Remember, Be Careful, it's a jungle out there!

"Liberty Reserve: Ignore the fake e-mail you are getting that requires you to verify your account! If you do? You will lose your LR bucks! Just hover the mouse over the link in the e-mail and you will see a bunch of numbers in front of the liberty reserve site address... This means it is going to another server. What is called a phishing site. They will rob you blind!"


It's that time of year for me :(
Even though I thought I was one of Billy Joel's favorite blondes, I was not allowed to post the embedded link. So here it is
Am feeling it. How about you?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lazy Day on the Farm :)

Everything seems to be going in slow motion today, including me.

I offered to have Lou dog here for the entire day, so was up at 6 AM waiting for her cute little black nose to smear snot all over my front door.
And she did not let me down!

So now we're just hanging out, keeping a close eye on the killer cats and trying NOT to get in their way.

I'll have some news in a minute or five.


Some of the features are up and running over at MyNetWealthTeam. There will be a Phase Two of the matrix program launching soon also.
Currently there is a Texas Hold Em web site to play Poker and a private Safe List for you to use. If you are a member and did not receive the email, you can view the information from your members area under Information Center (which is right under your stats).


Did FireFox's latest upgrade make some of their print a lot smaller, or is it just me??


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Day ... Another Dollar :)

Here it is, another day and I've made another dollar ... or several :))

Just a reminder to all, when checking your positions and earnings over at MyNetWealthTeam, be SURE to check all 13 of them using the same password. You may just have a nice surprise.

I received another payment from them this morning which I didn't really request but I think Thomas (the Admin) thought I did. So that's OK. I never turn down money, LOL!

Oh and I checked the CIF Forum late yesterday and noticed that no one had started a new thread for MNWT yet ... so there is one now, started by me. OK?
But don't let me hog all the glory. Post there when you have good news to share!
Also remember to put your MNWT link in your signature line. You could pick up some new referrals that way.

PS, if you've registered at CIF after Oct 28th, you'll need to do it again. Remember they've lost their data since that date.


FastProfitSurf site is down. Should be back up later, maybe? And as I advised weeks ago ... do NOT put any new money in there if it does come back!


Let's do the rest of the nitty gritty here, then I gotta get outside and shovel snow again :( Yep, snowed a good 6-7 inches last night. Sure looks pretty though!


Nice numbers over at 10DollarsWonder today!
Total members now: 20032
That really rocks, you know?
Keep up the good promoting you guys! It'll pay off :)


And over at Dollar77.Biz things are booming, ha! I have 30 personally sponsored members and a total of 46 in my downline ... which has earned me 5 times my original spend. (too bad it was only a buck seventy-seven eh?)


Haven't mentioned WorkFor3Dollars for awhile. It's working just fine and since it's a "List Builder", I actually took advantage of that on Sunday night to promote MyNetWealth to just over 200 folks. (Remember you can email your downline once per week.) So out of that promotion, I have gotten 6 new sign-ups so far to my other program!
Hard to believe I finally thought of it, did it, and it worked!
Kudos blondie for using your brain :))


NEWS from a friend ... 8DailyForever are doing some refunds but ONLY through STP. I am not a member there, nor ever was. So if you're out some money with them, you may want to investigate that further. Cool?


OK, one more thing before I go ...
I got this from my sponsors sponsors sponsors sponsor in another program and all I have to say is HELLOOO!!!!!!!!
It's an MLM that accepts PayPal!
Not too smart on the Admin's part and way to risky for me. They should know that PayPal does NOT allow MLM programs. So please in your best interest, stay away from:
Wow. Glad I got that off my chest.
Have a great night :))


Monday, December 8, 2008

12DailyClub is Closed

Going through all my emails today, I see that 12DailyClub had to close it's doors. Well, the reasons he wrote in his email sure make sense to me. And if you recall, I wasn't real excited about it anyway. Not recently. I just hope you are NOT one of the members who suffered a loss.


OH ... the CIF Forum is back online !!!
Some of the more recent data was lost so if your favorite program thread is NOT there, please create a new one. But do search for it thoroughly first. Thanks!


There is a clarification in 10DollarsWonder about the recent referral commission change for re-purchases. And yes, I had a hand in getting that explained and posted. So I hope everyone is happy with the explanation now. Anything that helps the program to keep cycling on a regular basis is just fine by me :)) Here is the short version but do login to see the long one if you wish.

System improvement:
We have improved our system scripts to accommodate our growth and record larger new purchase and re-purchase more efficiently. Your positions are cycled by new purchases and re-purchases. Every new purchase or re-purchase will cycle 70 positions always. Re-purchases will cycle an additional 9 positions when the new purchases and re-purchases are low (especially on the weekend, monday and holidays). Which will help maintain more stable positions cycling.


I'll be back tomorrow with all the other bits and pieces.
Night night :))

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go Ahead ... Make My Day!

Actually this DID make my day!

After joining MyNetWealthTeam on Nov. 21st, I wasn't real excited about it, didn't understand how the 'matrix' worked, and so I decided to "test it out" for those who are passive. I quietly sat and watched my account grow to $15 (which is also the cost of joining) without any promoting.
OK so after the first week, I was par.

Then on the 28th of Nov., I put my link here and got a few referrals, who got a few referrals of their own, plus the spillover we were getting ... Wow!
This is turning out to be the best thing since sliced bread! LOL

So on Wed. I wrote in for a withdrawal, and received this morning MORE than I requested! My guess is Thomas (the Admin) is sending what you've earned by the time he pays. Which as you can see is much more than the $225 I requested.

From STPay username: mytrafficempire
Transaction Number: xxxxxxx
Amount: USD 372.75
Details (if provided): My Net Wealth Team Commissions

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... this was the best $15 bucks I've ever spent! Plus I've already bought myself another position.

Now go get yourself an account, do a little promoting, and have a lot of fun :))


Saturday, December 6, 2008

May 5th ???

Received a comment last night to my May 5th Post ...
Has anyone made more than $14 with mammoth list? Is Mammothlist a scam?"
Well, the same day I announced it, I backed off and decided NOT to promote it. Did any of you join and make a few bucks? Would love to hear from you if you did. Personally, I've closed the door and never looked back.


My Dollar77 Biz is filling up fast! See yesterdays post. It's an expensive one though. $1.77 through Alert Pay. It's a matrix with spillover. Working so far!


The CIF Forum will be back up by the end of the weekend. A little data was lost though so if you cannot find your favorite program thread, feel free to create a new one!


is growing fast! There is a note posted in the Contact Us which states:
We are experiencing a large amount of sign ups at this time. Do not request your login info unless it has been 72 hours since you signed up. We will get your information out to you.
Since the Admin does all of this manually, please be patient after joining.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Seventy Seven

Gosh I'm right in the middle of laughing about something, but I really need to force myself to write here today.

So OK, I just joined 77..... what the heck is it called?

Oh I know ... Dollar77.Biz !! Yeah that's it.

For a buck seventy-seven payable through Alert Pay, I think you can get a lot of stuff (downloads and e-books) that you probably don't need. Well I don't know. You may like it.
And you guessed it ... I'm bored so I did it for the money, lol

Dollar77 is a forced 7 X 7 matrix, so when your up line has more than 7 referrals, you will get referrals (spillover) from your up line.

And as you know, I usually do pretty well with these things. And so does my sponsor, js. So those who join early could be in for a nice surprise.

For a buck 77, am sure it won't make us a million, but HEY ... you never know right? I mean, look how well MyNetWealthTeam has taken off! OK?

So as of right now, I'm in :))


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dazed and Confused ...

Sometimes when things are confusing, I find that if I write them down, they make more sense. I am a true believer of lists. I have lists for everything under the sun. Besides, if I don't write things down, I quickly forget them.

So this morning I woke to a PAYOUT from FastProfitSurf!
I quickly opened my account to see what was going on.
My expired upgrade from Dec. 4th was Paid! However I still have pending Nov. 24, 26, 30 and Dec 3rd.
So now that I've wrote it down, does it make more sense? Not really ... but Thanks Admin. Could be a good sign?
I dunno, but I'll take it.


It's Snowing Here! Might have to get the shovel out today :)


I've accumulated over 100,000 points over at 9PlanetAdvertising. What do you think I should advertise?


I have some good news. I'll be back when I get it all figured out :)


Just checked all of my 13 positions at MyNetWealthTeam. My downline is growing like crazy AND I have $225 in my account ready for cash out!!!
Gosh I hope some of you have joined me there, if not.. it's NOT too late. Like the song says "we've only just begun".
With a one-time payment of 15 buckaroos, and a little promoting, the matrix goes crazy!
Sure is the best 15 dollars I've spent in a long time :))


BTW, for some reason I am having trouble getting into my own comments as well as comment areas in other blogs. So once my computers nuts and bolts unfreeze, you'll hear from me more.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bad News, Good News, Shocking News!

Bad News first:
You guys remember "Jake" or "Max"?
Here he is at 4 weeks old.

But the Vet who delivered him made a terrible mistake. Jake should be called Jacqueline.

It's true. Jake is a Female and female Boxers don't get along so well together. So the search for a new grand baby is on hold for a bit now. It's OK and Louis understands that she'll just need to remain an only child for a while longer.


Good News: Received my weekly or so payment from "Old Faithful" aka 10DollarsWonder early today.
Funny thing too, someone asked me to view the comments about 10dw in a forum. Not a forum I frequent, so I couldn't believe what some were saying. I guess if they don't understand the program, they figure it's just easier to whine about it. Well, I'm just laughing ... all the way to the bank :))

There is a new update at 10DollarsWonder today ... Alert Pay is fine and dandy, still no e-gold, 10centclub is coming (hehehe) and the biggest thing I noticed was this:

Referral bonus commission:
To balance the growth and eranings and maintain more consistant cycling, the commission from your referrals re-purchase is changed to $0.1 (10cent) as referral bonus commission. You can view your referral bonus commission in your member back office.

So Sponsors, notice he says re-purchase. You will still earn a buck on every $10 your referrals spend with a NEW purchase. OK?


More Good News: Also received my upgrade payout from 12DailyClub in LESS THAN 48 hours this time!
OK, so maybe I was too harsh on them earlier. Let me get over the shock before I write anything else :))
Oh and they've added STP as a pay processor.


Speaking of SHOCKS: I received a referral commission payment from FastProfitSurf last night. It's been pending since Nov 22nd. Paul the Admin said his Alert Pay account finally got unlocked so that he is able to start catching up on more of the late payments. So I guess time will tell on that one too eh?


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Been surfing, been reading, been thinking.
What are you up to today?


Telemarketers got you down? Here's how to Fix It! LOL


The CIF Forum is still down :(


Was reading elsewhere that folks are receiving their payments from 12DailyClub in 24 - 48 hours. Which makes me wonder why some have to wait longer. Shouldn't the Admin have some sort of schedule for these things, so that it's fair for everyone?
I had another go to pending at 00:01 AM this morning. Let's see how long that one takes. I'm not holding my breath this time.


It is SO warm here today, I went to the mailbox via cement and grass barefoot, and my little tootsies didn't even get cold :) It's going to rain later, turn to snow, and go down to 25 degrees F overnight. Tomorrows high is only 36. Today is almost 70. Wow.


Was reading Gord's blog this morning about these fast cash programs, and I tend to agree with him a lot. Another thing that came to mind was how everyone needs a little extra cash for the holidays ... including Admin's of programs. How do you know if this 'new' Admin isn't going to start a program, pick up a few grand, then disappear? You don't. And it happens all the time, right?
So unless I know who is running the site, I may back off for a few weeks. It's just too risky right now.


Monday, December 1, 2008

December Already?

Well, I'm just scratchin my head this morning. I know program admin's change their rules and FAQ's when needed. But I swore I read payouts were 24-48 hours in 12DailyClub. Now today I read this:

20. When do I get paid?
You get paid after 12 days when your upgrade expires, to the same payment processor you upgraded from. Payment is to be expected after a period of 48 hours except weekends.

OK, so I'm waiting :(

UPDATE: 64-1/2 hours later ... I've been Paid!

Date: December, 01 2008 6:21:16 PM
Amount Sent: $72.00 USD
Sender Name: 12DailyClub
Sender Email:

And not even a big amount as you can see.
Will I reinvest??? hmmm


Some info over at 10DollarsWonder:

Alertpay web site unstable:
Alertpay web site was down on 11/30/08 all day and very unstable and has technical problem to record your positions to our web site since 11/27/08 4:00pm. We are manuually verifing and recording your postions. Please do not panic, if your positions are not recorded correctly. If you have missing positions, please send email to admin with -missing postion and your usename in the subject line. We will correct problems and process withdrawals as soon as Alertpay web site is up and stable.

Nothing to worry about. Just info.


I also read that some payments are being made over at FastProfitSurf. (still scratchin my head) I have four pending now and will continue to say ... DO NOT re-spend if you get paid out. You will only lose it!


I just read an email from someone that PUT ME THROUGH THE ROOF! They wrote that they had LOST money in a surf program that they've been "playing in" for 6-7 months now. WHAT???
How in the hell do you LOSE money after that long?
Shoot, after the first cycle or two, you "should be" playing with profit. Are you not? Are you investing your life savings into these things?
Holy Macaroni !!!
Please get your heads on straight, OK?
Nothing lasts forever!!!
Play with a little. Make a few bucks. Then continue to play with "some" of your profit.
You WILL come out ahead that way! OK? Kapish? OK!


Oh and PS ... the CIF Forum has been down for a bit. Which really bugs me cause I pretty much live there :)

So ok, am off to eat a steak and twice baked potato for dinner. Will catch you tomorrow. Bye :))