Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of the Month

Well here it is, the last day of the month already. What do you need to do today that you've been procrastinating about all month?

Is your rent or mortgage paid?
Are you at work doing 'month end' stuff?
What else is going on in your life that you should deal with today? Fun stuff I hope ;)

Have you checked your 10DollarsWonder account lately to be sure you stay active? When was the last time you purchased or re-purchased a position? I will be checking my own today as well. Just remember the rules in order to keep earning.


What's up with SFIPay? Just received a comment that it's gone? Maybe they're just having trouble with their site. Has anyone heard anything about that? Let us all know if you have. Thanks :)


Am really happy with DRW and ETXAds, and I've been fortunate enough to have some great referrals there also. One of them in DRW now has 35 positions running. Wow! Thanks to all of you for supporting these two advertising programs. Sure is a nice 'bonus' on top of the daily profit share.


I don't think it's rained here for over a month now. I had to check back in my blog to be sure. Haven't I been asking for anyone to do a "rain dance" since June? C'mon guys. Dance Dance Dance! ha!


OK, I've decided this was a good idea.

I followed The Hermit (don't look behind ya Jim :) and just joined the Gano Coffee Free Affiliate Program.

They actually have a nice little set up. You can earn commissions on your own purchases of Coffee, Green Tea, Chocolates and other products as well as 20% on first level and 10% on second level sales.

I used to be a Ganoderma Coffee drinker a few years back, and an affiliate to boot. But that 'other' company forced me to make a monthly purchase in order to keep my sales site active. That's NOT the case here. This site is Free ... and Free in my book is always good!


brb ... or not.

I have some big money maturing in my "P"rivate program today that I need to decide what to do with. Decisions decisions ... ahhh :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Just heard back from Chung, the Admin of 10DollarsWonder and 'soon to be' 10CentClub.
In a nutshell:
- the security of the 10cc site has been upgraded.
- it caused some problems with the exporting of the e2epay database into 10cc.
- the Admin and the web hosting company are both working on it.

As soon as those problems are resolved, we'll launch the 10centclub. The 10centclub will launch as soon as the database is transferred correctly. All other text changes will be done in an on-going works. Since members know our system, the descriptions are not critical at the beginning."

Well he didn't estimate any time frame for that, and I don't know when he'll do a "news update" via the back office of 10dw either. So your guess is as good as mine. Poor guy. Seems like it's always somethin eh?
It's ok, we've waited this long. We can wait another day or two, right?


Just a quick word about "Paybacks", then I gotta run.

I'm sure you've heard the saying: "Paybacks are a bit**", right?

Yesterday I noticed a wasp in the skunks water bowl. Wasps can't swim. He was in the middle of the bowl struggling to reach ground. It didn't look like he would ever be able to do that. As hard as he moved his little feet, he was getting no where and stayed in the middle of the bowl.

I looked around and saw a piece of yarn that I cut for tying up my plants. I took the yard outside and put it in the bowl right in front of him. He latched onto it, and I slowly pulled him out of the water. I placed him on the cement, where he walked around for a few minutes drying off, then happily flew away.

Then it occurred to me ... I can't swim either. I would hope that if I were ever in that situation, that someone would throw me a rope.

So it made me realize ... Paybacks are not always a bit**. Guess it just depends a lot on how you treat others and how you'd like to be treated in return.

Have a wonderful day and be safe around the water bowl :))


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yes :) and Bad News, hahaha

Good Morning :)

Had trouble checking my DRW account today. Said the site was too busy. I suppose that's a good sign. More folks are getting involved. Very cool ;)


No trouble getting into ETXAds though. Everything is just dandy.


Well it's the 29th of July already. I've not heard back from the Admin of 10DollarsWonder. I sure as heck hope everything is coming along fine with the old
e2ePay merge to the new 10CentClub. Sitting on the edge of my chair.


OK, before you all ask ... was another hot, dry day yesterday. Same today so far. Still no rain :(


Well, it looks like my "gut feeling" was right-on about OceanSideWealth. Just read an update at 9planetreviews which was quite disturbing (to say the least).
Things just didn't look right to me from the very beginning. Maybe it was just a "woman's intuition" ... don't know for sure. But I hesitated slamming it since I know quite a few folks who were going to play. But that's NOT the case any longer. So if I were you, I would definitely Stay Away!


Do you all have a Song that you never get tired of hearing? Even after years and years and ... more years?
This is one of those songs for me.
Takes me back to the 'good old days' of "watching the world, watching all of the world, watching us go by".
Any guesses before you hear it?
No? OK. Listen up :))

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Parents went to Mexico ....

and all I got

was this

stupid Sombrero!


So you guys like the new layout of my blog?
Did you notice all the updated stuff on the right?
Pretty cool huh?


I see js got his account at the ASA Forum suspended. (har!)
For what? Asking too many questions about that new "pet program" of Jakes? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


Hard to believe that out of almost 200 sign-ups in, only 8 of them have verified themselves so far. Even some who Paid the fee back in Oct-Nov to earn more, have NOT verified themselves yet.
So what does that mean? More money for those of us who are paying attention :))

So if you're a free or paid member, and have NOT verified your account in the last couple of days, just go to Member Login and do it now! I'm sure it'll be well worth it.


I took yesterday off. So those who sent me email, I will respond soon. Thanks


No new updates at 10DollarsWonder yet :(
I (like you) am very anxious to see the announcement of when the 10CentClub will open. When it does, those of us who are already in e2ePay will be happy campers and those of us who promote the "new" program should be able to pick up some good referrals ... since this will look like a brand new program, right?


Oh lookie here ... I just made another $16 bucks from ThePriviateMillionaire program. YaY!!! Will put that in my sock and save it for the water bill.


You know what really bugs me?
Folks who write to me, tell me they love my blog, read it every day, etc. etc... then they try to promote to me something that I write about dam near daily!!!
So the proof is in the pudding eh?


Thanks everyone for your comments today!

This one's for you Gene :))


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Updated my blog and ...

looks like I lost a lot of stuff on the side that I didn't realize would just disappear. Yeah, that's a bummer but I'll try to remember what I had there. :(


Remember you must verify yourself in Michael if you wish to receive that Free Money that you signed up for. After you login, all the instructions are right there. So go do that now, before you forget :)


Got Paid again from DRW yesterday within minutes after request! Also purchased another Ad Spot and noticed the first one I bought has almost matured.
Yeah, it took a while but that's OK. I doubled my money on that one :)

On the same advertising note ... ETXAds continues to pay profit sharing daily. I haven't really noticed the percentage paid or compared it to DRW.
Thinking back to the days of Studio Traffic and Dad n Daves ... remember those? They paid 1% daily and we were all happy with that. So I'm happy here too.


The Forex Trading Program (previously mentioned) has delayed opening until Aug. 3rd. If you are interested, check out js's "Editorial Reviews" blog about it (shown here on the right).
I don't have the funds to make it worth my while.
Poor me huh? lol


The weekend is here, am watching cartoons on TV and noticed that folks must be doing their weekend check of their programs. Have been getting quite a few "Congratulations" emails from 10DollarsWonder today.
Thanks you guys :)
Will help to pay my next gigantic water bill. Not looking forward to seeing that one. Nope.


Wrote to the Admin of 10dw and 10CentClub asking if he would give me a clue about a re-opening date. He hasn't responded yet, but you'll be the first to know as soon as I hear back.


Hang on ... I smell poop.
Like in "old cat who forgot where the litter box is" ...
Back in a few.


Just agreed to have Lou Dog over for dinner and a sleep-over. She'll be here in about 2 hours. So I may be scarce for the rest of the day since I need to "Lou proof" my house and yard. hahaha

Do enjoy your weekend :))

And tomorrow, I do expect to see some comments on my new blog layout. Check the right side. A bit different eh?
You like?? Let me know :))

Friday, July 25, 2008

Michael Badger - Cleaning Up the List :)

Just read an Important Update from Michael Badger. If you joined the program back in Oct - Nov - Dec (?) last year ... it is now time for you to Update your information so that when the actual product launches, we can start getting Paid!

Did you receive the Email from him about this?
If not, here it is for those of you who may have changed email addresses since signing up last year. (ps, it's pretty long so if you're not a member, just skip over it :)

This is a VERY important e-mail, and you will need to
follow the steps in order to get paid from the profit share.

As I mentioned last week, we need to take some actions to
clear out the database of fake members. We also need to
make sure that we are ready to move all of the members over
to the new products while maintaining the downline
structure that we have already established.

So, here is what you need to do:


1. Login to (if you
have forgotten your password, just click the "forgot
password" link and enter your e-mail address)

2. Right after you login, you will see a button for
"Reactivate." Click that button.

3. Now, click on "profile." Scroll down and you will see
the last two fields there. They read "Referral -
Clickbank" and "Referral - Paypal."

4. Enter your Clickbank ID and a PayPal e-mail address in
those fields. Even if you are using Alertpay for your payments, still enter a PayPal e-mail
address in this field. If you are using Paypal to
receive your payments, you should STILL enter
your Paypal e-mail address in that field (so it shows
up twice in your profile).

5. Click update.

If you need to get a Clickbank ID, you can sign up for one

For the products we will be launching, we will be using
Clickbank as the payment processor and to pay affiliates.
So it is very important that you enter your Clickbank ID
here. When the products launch, I will post links to the
products in the members area. If you have entered your
Clickbank ID, your referrals will sign up through your link.

If for some reason you cannot get a PayPal account, don't
worry too much about this. I'm not planning on using
PayPal for our payment processor. I'm only having you
enter a PayPal e-mail here to cover my bases.

OK, that's it. I'm very curious to see how many people
are still with us here. Remember, I've created this
reactivation system so that I can pay out the maximum
amount to you, the real person who is reading this e-mail.

Go take care of this right away so you don't forget about it.

I will send out a few more e-mail reminders over the next few
days. I need to make sure not to leave any real people

Thanks for taking care of this.



I might have more for you later.
But right now, I need to get outside and do some work.
It's only going to be 81 degrees F here today.
C'ya later :))

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Hello :))

I've graduated to Premier Executive at ETXADS :) So Thanks to everyone who joined from my link. I repurchased more positions with the money I earned to keep the 'profit share' ball rolling.
FYI: they are not accepting e-gold for purchases any longer. More on that in just a minute.


Now checking DRW Advertising & Profit Sharing ... it's also going very well. Now remember they (ETX and DRW) are both owned by the SFIpay folks. So DRW is no longer accepting e-gold as payment either.
I read the following this morning at the CIF Forum. Thanks Nighteyes for posting:

DRW's e-gold account is blocked. I noticed it this morning and asked admin about it. He said he will not using e-gold again in the future. with recent e-gold restriction and exchangers stopped accepting e-gold, it's better using other payment processora anyway."

So there you have it. Fine by me.
I prefer withdrawing through AP or STP anyway.
Makes it easier to get the money to my bank account.


10DollarsWonder is still moving along. Not as fast as it used to, but it IS summertime and a lot of folks have other things to do in the summer :) So perhaps once the summer is over OR once 10CentClub is released, we'll see business pick up on both ends.
And I still don't know when 10CC will open. He said July. So that's all I know.


I should have got a picture of this yesterday, but it caught me by surprise! (so I stole this pic from the net instead)

After watering my front lawn last night, I went to turn off the water and saw a baby skunk licking the water off the grass. Awwww, he was sooooo cute :)

I wish he would realize that there's a big bowl of cool water on my patio every night for him and all his friends and siblings!

Now there were a lot of "baby" skunks around last night, so I decided to put out some dry cat food (smaller chunks) along with the dog food.
They must have enjoyed it ... it's all gone today.


IMPORTANT: To my referrals in our "P"rivate program: If you ever notice that you've been Over Paid to your account balance ... Send in a Support Ticket ASAP to report it. Honesty is always the best policy. Don't risk losing your account over it.
Also please write to me about it, because if you were over-paid, then there's a good chance that my ref. comm. was overpaid as well.
Thanks to Scott for bringing this to my attention :)


Turning the TV off. It's starting to get annoying.
Besides, my neighbor is about to mow his lawn after 2+ weeks. This should be more fun to watch anyway :)


OK, last but not least ... perhaps you've heard and seen all the recent excitement about the new Forex Trading Program called "OceanSideWealth".

I've been learning about it for over 5 days now. And yes, it took me this long to post because I needed to make an educated decision first. And now I have :)

I will not be participating in it for numerous reasons. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it's just my decision.

I do know that John over at 9PlanetReviews plans to be involved. So if you're interested in Forex Trading and don't mind the $60 monthly membership fee, visit his blog for all the scoop. But don't wait too long launches this Saturday at 10 A.M. Eastern time.


I don't know why you say Goodbye I say Hello :))

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Another Day

Not much to report on.
Plus it's getting late in the day.
So I'll try to catch up tomorrow :)
Besides ... it's just another day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Smell Smoke

This may be 25-30 miles SW of me, but the wind must be blowing in my direction. As soon as I opened the windows and door this morning, I could smell the wood burning. Knowing that no one in their right mind would be using a wood burning stove today, (not in 90+ degree weather), I figured it must be the smell of the trees and grass burning not that far away. Dang :(


Not much to update on today. Everything is going very well from where I sit.

If you missed my 'later in the day' post yesterday, I wrote about another Advertising / Profit Sharing program that I joined. It's called ETXADS, is also owned and the SFIpay folks, is almost identical to DRW and I've already earned some of the profit share even though I haven't been in 24 hours yet. Nice :)
Oh and the Advertising purchase starts at $5. What a deal eh?

I'll have to remember this one when 10centclub launches. Might be able to pick up a few new referrals from it. Doesn't hurt to try, right?


I have to go out today so I best do it early. It's been so hot and dry here lately that if I wait too long ... I'm afraid I might melt. hahaha


Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe Monday's aren't so bad after all ...

I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Then woke up way too early and was a bit grumpy. So I started checking my 'stuff' here on the net ...

While snooping around my programs (like Sherlock Holmes) I received this very cool email from 10DollarsWonder:

Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!
Your direct referral jaxxxxx has spent $ 190.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 19.00!"

and two days ago I received:

Your direct referral waxxxxxx has spent $ 150.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 15.00!"

Now I'm not trying to brag or show-off or anything like that. I just wanted you to see that folks ARE playing the game and folks ARE making money here. OK?
So if we don't cycle every day, I don't believe there should be any concern about it. What I think is as long as we stay positive, and do our fair share of purchasing and/or re-purchasing ... that we're gonna be just fine and dandy.

Thanks to the two folks mentioned above for their continued support!


And don't forget the same Admin wrote that the 10centclub will be opening in July as well.
For those of you who might be new here, the 10centclub is the replacement for the old e2ePay program. If you were a member of e2ePay, all of your information will be transferred to the 10centclub 100% as is. ALL of it, OK?
If you wish to verify that information, you can still log into your e2epay member area and make notes. I did. I'm a note taker type of person. Better than relying on the old brain, ya know? haha!


And yet another good thing to share today ...

Logged into my "P"rivate program this morning to see that a member-to-member transfer of funds that I had requested on the 9th had finally gone through. YaY!
So I was very excited to tell my good friend to check his account balance for a "surprise". I do enjoy helping others. Just wish I was rich enough to do more. Well, maybe someday eh?


Received another withdrawal from DRW yesterday. They sure are fast at doing those. Only takes a few minutes (or hours) after request to receive the money to your payment processor. So happy happy joy joy!


One more place to Advertise and Earn a Daily Profit Share:

Just finished a conversation with Mattias in my gmail. We discussed ETXADS who are also owned by the SFIpay folks.
Everything about it is identical to DRW with the exception of earning 150% per Ad Pack Purchase (rather than 200%). OK, so your Ad Packs mature a little sooner. But I also read the "profit sharing" portion seems to be a little faster. So it all sounded like a win-win to me!

You are able to promote your other businesses in the same three ways: Text Ad, Banner Ad and Website.
And they accept AlertPay, e-gold, PayPal and of course SFIPay. Once you're in profit, you can re-purchase though your account balance as well.

I kind of hesitated at first about joining since it is a sister site of DRW, then decided that:
- it gives me another place to advertise and earn in the profit share.
- the SFIpay folks have impressed the heck out of me with their DRW site and their Support.

And besides ...
10dw & e2epay are 'sister sites', have been very successful and have earned me some good bucks over the past 18 months.

So why not ... Count Me In!

Thanks for all the information you sent me Mattias.
It was all very helpful :))


Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Haven't Forgotten About You ...

Have been busy today trying to learn about a new program before it officially launches, which will now be Saturday, the 26th.
I am not going to jump into another program before I know what it will take to actually make some decent money.
So before I commit to paying a "monthly membership fee", I need to be sure what I'm doing, how I'm going to do it, and what we need to do to benefit all of us.
Make sense? OK good.
See you tomorrow then :))


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ice Cream Anyone?

Well shoot!
This truck was going way too fast to get him focused. And by going that fast, how in the heck are the kids supposed to flag him down? sheesh!
Anyway ... this is the Ice Cream Truck that still cruises my neighborhood. So there ya go. Proof :)


A reader asked me about the referral commissions at DRW the other day, and I finally had the opportunity to verify what he (Calvin) asked me.
Yes, I am still receiving 20% commission (due to being Premier Executive) on my ref's purchases. So perhaps you are misreading the listing? It took me a while to get 'clued in' on how to read it myself. So all is well here and DRW is still kickin butt!


I cycled two days in a row at 10DollarsWonder. Could be a good sign! Maybe folks are realizing how the program works and what we, as members, need to do to keep it moving.
So keep those cards and letters coming in and don't forget to re-purchase! ha!


Did y'all see Hermit Jim's blog today? You really should.
It's adorable :)


Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Friday I Guess :)

I had planned on cleaning my house today, but then had a change of plans yesterday, which resulted in having the kids and Lou dog over for dinner.
So besides cooking, I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, dusted and watered the lawns.
Now today, I'm feeling like a Fat Cat ... just hanging out, watching Golf on TV, and deciding what else to do.
(and it's too early for a beer, ha!)


So what should we talk about today?
Does anyone have any questions about any of these programs that we're playing in?
C'mon guys ... help me jump start my brain, would ya?


I just did some reading on the program that Michael Badger is promoting (to kill time I guess) until his OWN program / product is up and running.
It's called: AutoPilot Cash Streams, and without going into detail and sharing the many thoughts that have gone through my head for the last hour or two ... I've decided to Pass on it.
So if you're already a member of, then you've received his emails about it also.
Good Luck to you if you decide to join ... but I don't think it's for me.
Besides, I've waited this long for Michael to release his own product ... it won't kill me to wait a little longer. Cheers :)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Guys and Gals Make Me Smile!!!

No, I'm not awake yet today.
Just wanted to get a head start on today's post and didn't want to forget this ...
Was just checking my aol address - the Alert List email one.
I received 13 new additions to my Alert list in the last 2 days!
You have NO IDEA what that means to me ... knowing that I have readers who really ARE interested in what I'm talking about and how I'm making money. Also knowing that I'm NOT alone out here helps too, lol

So if you've been meaning to join, but haven't yet ... do it from HERE Thanks again ... All of You !!!


Missi the support gal at 10DollarsWonder is in the process of moving for the next few days. So don't panic if your support emails don't get answered right away. She'll catch up as soon as she is settled.
Oh and if you have any general questions, send me a comment here and I'll try to give you an answer.


Yeppers, just checked my DRW account and I see that my friend and yours, Cat (aka meltcat) has finally decided to join :) Thanks Cat!
Also for those of you who don't know, Cat has her own blog page where she should be adding her DRW link soon. (that's a hint Cat - chop chop)


OK this is funny ... I am still getting emails from DollarMonster saying that "My Position Just Cycled". Now, what is wrong with that picture? huh?
Would someone please tell them to turn off their auto-mailer? hahaha


All this talk about smiling lately made me think of Chicago's well know song from the 70's (yeah yeah yeah, showing my age again) ...
Thanks to all of you who "Make Me Smile" :))

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is it raining at your house?

It never rains at my house :(
It's been in the high 90's (Fahrenheit) here for the last few days. It's only 10 A.M. and already up to 85. Dang.


Was happy to see that someone made a sale of ThePrivateMillionaire yesterday.
And silly me, I keep forgetting to advertise it. Let me go do that now and I'll be back in a bit. Oh and Congrats to whoever made that sale!

And remember this pays two levels deep. So when your direct referral makes a sale, you DO get paid the $16 for the 2nd report. OK? Cool


I have two new referrals in DRW and am very happy about that! Good Luck on your promotions folks, if you're promoters that is.
All of my positions are still running/earning and I received another withdrawal yesterday. So I'm a happy camper and I hope you are too!


Had something else written up this morning, but then decided it was too serious. So have a happy day and I'll catch ya tomorrow :))


How about we make today Beer Day?

This one's on me :))

Monday, July 14, 2008

10dw, 10cc, dog, cat, bugs and 10cc

"Oh-Oh ... is that a Cat behind me?!?

Maybe if I stay real still ... he won't notice I'm here!"


News update 07/14/08 - 10centclub and admin emails support

10centclub will open in July:
The 10centclub will open in July. Which we are working hard to move e2epay to Your account in e2epay will be transferred to 10centclub 100% as it is. Please do not purchase, re-purchase or withdraw from your e2epay transfer account in 10dollarswonder.

admin emails support:
To improve our admin emails support, please re-send your email request with one of the following 4 titles in the subject line:
1. your username - missing positions
2. your username - processor info change
3. your username - withdraw
4. your username - technical issues

To help us speed up processing your email request, you must include your username in the subject line. If you are reporting missing positions, please include the amount, date purchase and processor used.

SolidTrustPay clarification:
You can make a withdraw payout to STP, only if you have purchases made from SolidTrustpay. Your withdrawals payout to STP will be limited to your total STP purchases till 9/31/08. If you do not have purchases made from STP, Your withdrawals to STP will be cancelled and credited back to your balance. You can make your withdraw again to a different processor.


Well that's all Good News!
I am hoping to have advance notice of the 10centclub opening. If and when I do, I will notify those on my Alert List before posting here in my blog or in the forums. So if you're not already on my Alert List, please feel free to add yourself HERE. Thanks :)

Just a reminder, don't send me regular email to that AOL address. I only go there when doing an Alert. Always email me at my gmail address in this blog.


OK, I need to get outside and pull some weeds out of my garden before it gets too hot. I'll be back in a bit :))


You know, I can deal with all the flies, moths, rolly-polly bugs, grasshoppers and worms. Heck, I even removed a daddy longlegs spider crawling up my arm.

But when I put my hand in the weeds to lean forward and felt a sharp pain ... I knew exactly what I had done.

This guy was just grazing in the grass and I plopped my wrist right on top of him. Dang. Of course he stung me but I DID remember what Dave and Jess recently taught me ...

So back to the house I go, saying "ouch ouch ouch" the entire way. Found a penny in my wallet. Washed the boo-boo, dried it off, then rubbed the Penny all around the bite/sting area.

Within a matter of a minute or two, that horrible burning sensation went away! Cool eh?

And they say Pennies aren't worth anything!
This penny was like a Penny from Heaven. So you might want to remember this little trick ... just in case you ever get stung. Works like a Charm :))


Speaking of 10CC ... I just made this connection in my little blonde brain.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No need to work ...

How could you not love this little face?

As you can see, I was busy with my new camera last night.

Glad my little friend came early enough so that I could 'sort of' still see him after the sun set :))

Cute little guy eh?

Also do you remember me telling you about the Cat that brings me Socks? Well here is my proof so that you all don't think I'm crazy :))

Yes that's my Stubby girl.
(named because of the stubby tail)
She's a Manx so it's all good.

It's Sunday and I see no need to do any 'work' here today. So you all have a great day and we'll catch up tomorrow :)


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday and still no rain ...

Going to be another hot dry day here again.
Oh My! Someone is out mowing their lawn already, and it's only 7:00 o'clock A.M., on a Saturday no less, when people like to sleep in! What a goober :(


Well the Admin at 10DollarsWonder made a liar out of me. There is no news update yet. So maybe he'll post something tonight.
ps, everything is fine so not to worry.


Checked my DRW Advertising and Profit Sharing account. It's doing very well. Looks like I'll be able to pay my huge water bill just from this programs income alone. Nice :)
Now you may be earning more or less than I am, since it's based on the number of advertising positions you have and active referrals. I have a few of each, so that helps a lot! Thanks you guys :)


One more time I'm going to tell you that MySponsoredPosition aka SponsoredCycler must be a SCAM. So if you ever see this name again (this was in e-gold):
MJG Home Industries - Run Away Fast!!! All they are doing is collecting money as far as I can tell. Shame Shame on them :(


OK, this is funny ...
I got a note from DollarMonster a few days ago that my position just cycled. hehehe I guess they forgot to turn off their auto-mailer.
So what does that tell you, since there is no money coming in anyway?!?
Plus the fact that my account with them was deleted. Hmmm I wonder if they just kept my address on file for their next crappy program?
I dunno. What do you think?


Tis the Season for SPAM? (and I don't mean the canned meat product :)
I don't know about you, but I sure have been getting a LOT of Spam lately. You know the ones ... with an email address like: hymskpeklzoi@yahoo, or something of that nature. Idiots. Just goes to show they're already trying to get away with something that they shouldn't be doing. So why on earth would I trust them to be my sponsor in a program? I wouldn't, and neither should you.


Just for the record, that new CrunchWrap at Taco Bell really sucks. So don't waste your money on it, unless you like weird tasting cheese. But what I can tell you is the Skunks really enjoyed it! They were running around like bullets in my yard last night after they got a mouthful :) Makes me wonder what kind of cheese is in that thing anyway. ha!


Here's one of my old favorites from "Journey".
So have a good Saturday and "Don't Stop Believing"

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday :))

Happy Friday!


UPDATE: Was just told there should be a News Update coming out tonight at 10DW. Feel free to post it in the forums if you see it before I do. Thanks :)

Our support gal Missi at 10DollarsWonder is moving soon. So please don't worry if support emails take a little longer to get answered. Here's what she wrote:

Hi Blondie, I hope this finds you well. Just so you know I will be a bit scarce online over the next 2 weeks. I may only get to 10dw emails every 2nd day as I have so much on with the big move in 9 days so if anyones concerned just let them know that I havent abandoned ship."

And I was just there purchasing some new positions trying to do my fair share to keep the ball rolling :)


It's going to be 98 degrees Fahrenheit here today. That's 36.66 Celsius. And I was asked to cook something for dinner that requires an hour bake time.
Now is it me ... or is that just plain stupid? I have no air conditioning in my home, so maybe someone wishes me to collapse from heat stroke?!? oh-oh


My tub faucet is leaking. Until it's fixed, I'm just letting the tub fill, then taking the water outside by the bucket.

One of my cats who likes to jump in the dry tub, didn't realize that the tub had about 4 inches of water in it this morning.

So I woke to the sound of those claws trying to "get out" as fast as he could!!! I'm sure it was hilarious to see ... too bad I wasn't awake yet.

(and no, that's not a pic of him. I just wanted to give you a visual :)

Have a Great Friday!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

10DollarsWonder ... is back up and running :)

The 10DollarsWonder site is down right now. Well, not down ... you can still get to it, but you cannot log into your member area.
Admin is aware of it and working on the problem now.

*** Update: Seems to be back up now. All problems solved :)


DRW continues to rock-n-roll for me. Just purchased another advertising position and requested another withdrawal ... which should be paid in a couple of minutes :) Thanks again to my referrals for those "fast cash bonuses"! Looks like some of you are doing really well also. Congrats!


For you Dog Lovers in the USA (and Canada maybe), there is a TV Show that premiers tonight on CBS called "Greatest American Dog". I saw a cute Boxer in the previews so I'll be tuned in for sure! If you love dogs ... don't miss it.


Well, I wasn't going to mention this but I feel like I'm bursting at the seams right now and need to tell someone (besides Hermit Jim who I shared this with last night).

I received a really nice (and I mean really nice) referral commission payout from one of my Private Programs yesterday. Thank you very very much!

I'll be saving the money for some necessary home repairs. And I don't mean the holey back fence. That can wait. Besides, the skunks and raccoons need an easy way to get to the back door to visit me, right?

So Thanks Again and you know who you are :)


Good thing I decided to get up early today. Else that hay baler would have woke me up for sure. Ahhhhh I love living this close to that wonderful farm. Wish it were mine though. Oh well, maybe when I make millions here I'll be able to own a piece of property like that. Would be nice eh? Especially not having any neighbors, hahaha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jimmy Durante

Anyone here "young enough" to remember Jimmy Durante and his famous saying: "Good Night Mrs Calabash ... where ever you are!"

Well I have an older Sister that I have not seen nor heard from since the late 70's (long story and not worth the time to explain). So today, I would just like to say:

Happy Birthday Joann Young ... where ever you are!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary !!!

This BIG SMILE is for my Mommy & Daddy's Wedding Anniversary Today!!

They were married on 7/7/07 in Las Vegas.

I wasn't able to attend, but I heard it was really fun!

So Happy Anniversary Dave & Jessica!!!

I'm really glad that you chose me to be your doggie daughter!

Hugs and Kisses,
Love you Lots!
Louis Potimus Morrison


That Lou Dog ... she's such a crack up :))


Was just over at DRW and happy to report my income seems to be growing faster and faster. With each withdrawal I usually buy another Advertising position (or two) as well. Here's my latest payment on Saturday:

From STPay username: drw
Transaction Number: xxxxxxx
Amount: $48.00
Details (if provided): DRW Earnings Withdrawal

So if I can do this once per week ... whoo hoooo!
And a big thanks to my referrals as well!


Someone asked me about the progress on the new 10CentClub (the replacement program for e2ePay).
Unfortunately all I know is what I see.
I do see the site is up. There is no "Heading" on it yet. And there is no member login either. So it's getting there, but I honestly don't know how much longer it will take. Believe me, I miss it as much as everyone else. I know it's hard to be patient sometimes, but we have to be. We're all adults here, right?


On the same note, I'd like to say that 10DollarsWonder is working just fine.
I realize there have been concerns of "not cycling enough" or "not cycling as much as others" ... so I would like to add that WE don't know exactly how the cycling works. WE don't know how the algorithm was written. Only the Admin knows for sure and he isn't here.
I'm still happy with the program. I am :)


MySponsoredPosition has got to be a full blown down right Scam! There's no nicer way for me to say it. My $20 disappeared. And I'll bet yours would too.
I put their name in brown cause that's what it reminds me of ... doggie doo doo! So don't go there. And don't say I didn't warn you.


How do you spend your hard earned money on internet programs or games and keep your sanity?

Well, I've learned over the years that the first thing I should do (once I'm making money) is to withdraw my "seed money". That way, if a program slows or closes down (for whatever reason) I don't lose anything and am able to keep my wits about me.
Now of course, there are some programs that just don't last that long. And those can be (a lot of the time) a scam right from the start.
But for the ones that have been around for months and months, and paying me on a regular basis ... Dude! Take out your seed money first. Then play with profit. Once you're not out-of-pocket money any longer, you may find that you have a whole new perspective on the program and it can be A LOT MORE FUN!!!


Remember to Keep Smiling :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to those in the USA

Our friend Hermit Jim wrote a real nice piece about it in his blog today. Definitely worth a read. Thanks Jim :)


I will be out today. The "kids" are having their annual 4th of July party that I need to get to with my 15 (or 20) pound bowl of potato salad! Hope it turned out good.


I heard the DollarMonster admin sent out a final update to members. I did not receive one since they canceled my account. But if you're interested, it's posted in the CIF forum here.


That's all I got time for today.
Happy Holiday to All !


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Face I Saw


This is the first face I saw today!
At 4:45 A.M. I was awakened by this face staring at me and making some whiny little sound that meant "I gotta go potty". So on goes the slippers and the robe to take a stroll out back. It was still dark and I didn't want her to run into any skunks or raccoons. So it's gonna be a long day for me.


Not much new to report on anyway.
The programs I'm working are all running great.
I think they are all listed in my last post, right?

I did receive a nice withdrawal from 10DollarsWonder this morning. And that's about all the excitement I can handle today.

I have to leave this afternoon to take Lou dog home.
Then I need to shop for stuff to make potato salad for the 4th of July party over at my Son's on Friday.

So without further ado, I'm otta here!
Have a good Wed. and I'll catch you later :))