Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Grandbaby ... Again???

Well here he is! Yes I said "HE" !!

After the last mix-up with the female that was thought to be male (oops), Dave and Jess were told "this is definitely a Boy", and the breeder even touched his penis to be sure! hahaha

So in 8 weeks (or is it 10?) he'll be home to meet his new sister, Lou dog. I'm sure she'll love him as much as we all will.

Pretty markings huh?
Can't wait for those slobbery puppy kisses :))


You know what? Other than CIF, I'm really starting to hate going into forums. People shoot their mouths off trying to make trouble for programs that are making them money.
I don't understand why anyone would do that, other than to appear foolish. Oh well, to each his own right? I'll continue to cash in while they continue to whine. ha!


Speaking of making money ... I am :)

Received another payment from Bux-Matrix today. Not a big one, but enough to buy another position there ... which I will do as soon as I'm done here.

Yesterday received a payment from MyNetWealthTeam. And that one was enough to pay my heating and electricity bill for the month of January.

On Monday I received a payment from 10DollarsWonder for $131 bucks.

So you see what I mean? Never ever bite the hand that feeds you. Being negative over changes only creates more negativity. Yet if you stay positive, and others stay positive ... things can continue to flow just fine.
Well, that's my two cents at least. And I know everyone doesn't agree with me, and that's fine. Or as they say ... what ever.



Just got a really nice comment from Greg in Detroit. I met Greg here on the net sometime last year and he's been a reader ever since. Yes I do appreciate my readers and followers into our little money programs. I do like to see everyone do well. Don't you?
This one's for you Greg!

My Son has always been a big Red Wings fan, and thanks to his Wife for 'special ordering' this Autographed Jersey for one of his birthdays. As you can see, it's important enough to be in the family room. Nice eh?

Which reminds me ... where's the pic of the Stanley Cup you promised me?



Roy said...

He is adorable. My congrats to you. Just think of all the great times you will get to share with him.


naphtali said...

But you know Judy most people actually "DO" agree with you. Staying positive attracts more positive results to you. Just like being friendly attracts friendly people to you.
That's why I read your blog as well as Js, CIF, and others for a more positive look at the internet programs. I would have given up on 10dw a long time ago. But I held on and now I have made more money in the last 3 months than I had all year! You keep up the good work, because it outweighs the naysayers by leaps and bounds. OK I'm shutting up now!

blondie said...

Hey Roy,
Thanks for stopping by and seeing my new grandbaby! Am sure he'll be lots of fun :))


Hey Greg,
Wow, I could listen to you all day, hahaha
Yeah am sorry about that post but folks just got under my skin this morning and I felt to need to express my own feelings.
And I am really happy that you didn't give up on 10dw. It's those of us that hang in there that see the end results, right?

Which reminds me, I got a picture to show you. Will post it in just a minute or two.
Take care now :))

naphtali said...

Thanks for the picture Judy. I didn't forget about sending you the picture of the Stanley Cup, But Brian Rafalski's dad said that the players could only take the Cup to one place and since Brian lives in Minnesota, he took it there...... so we never got to see the Stanley Cup at work. sorry!!!

blondie said...

Dang ... for me AND you.
OK, thanks for letting me know.
Maybe next time eh?
Later :))

curt said...

Redwings - boo!!

Anonymous said...

test from harry the dutchy

Cat Melton said...

So what will the little MR.'s name be? He is really beautiful.

Blondie, I do SO agree that negative posting in forums is the ultimate in stupidity. There are so many factors that can affect a program, and when one unhappy, impatient person starts squawking, it just upsets the whole nest.
I know not every program/admin is honest, but shouldn't we all want the golden rule practiced on us if we were in their shoes?
Okay, novel falls off her soapbox...and lands on her!

Have a blessed day,