Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Talk of the Town

Ok Ok ... just joined WebProsperity which is in Pre-Launch for the next two hours. Am off the read what I got myself into. But this one has been promoted by everybody and their brother. Oh and the big boys are playing too (so I hear). Join me for Free now if you wish and I'll be back in a bit. (bummer that username blondie was already taken)

I read through the site and still not sure what's going to happen at launch. **Nevermind, I found the FAQs and am reading them now.
Hey I got my first referral already! Thanks Bobby :))

***It's afternoon EST and I'm not going to fight the crowd there. Will wait a little bit and see if things settle down. Besides, am still reading all about it.


Finally a week later ... 6 pick-up trucks just pulled up to the house across the street. They are clearing out the front yard! YaY!!! Too bad all that junk is covered in about 8" of snow now. Oh well, am sure they had a reason for waiting. Could be some legal limitations on that huh?


Received an email from a new reader (Luis) who had questions about 10DollarsWonder. I just couldn't resist posting them here.

1)Do you now how long it takes to convert the the $10 into 2 millions ?
2)Do you know anyone who already made the 2 millions, beside the program owner and the closed associates ?
3) are you making a real profit - no just a few bucks ?

Here are my answers (to the best of my knowledge, that is) ...
1) Probably cannot be done in your lifetime.
2) No one has made 2 million, not even the program owner.
3) I have made a very good profit (a few thousand) over the last two years.
This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build your positions ... especially if you start with $10 and never put more in. The key is to build your positions because the more you have, the more you can earn. Once your account balance (earnings) reaches $10, you can repurchase from your member area, therefore not spending any additional out-of-pocket money.
Hope that all made sense.



Mattias said...

Hi Blondie!

A comment to those questions about 10DollarsWonder there:

The key thing with 2 Millions is that it is formulated like that to show what is theoretically possible and not necessarily what has been done.

If we would summon up the time with 10Dollars so far we must say that the admin has done what very few has succeed in doing to us members, so congrats to admin!

blondie said...

Very good comments Mattias.
And yes, you are absolutely right.
Take care :))