Thursday, January 15, 2009

Found the solution? ... or maybe not :(

Had a problem yesterday trying to upgrade for the $29.95 package in WebProsperity because the "form" wanted to charge me $20 for a one time set-up fee rather than the $10 that it should be. My support ticket response said the site was busy and to just keep trying.

So this morning I thought I found the solution, but NOT!
Received a different error after making my payment, so have sent in another support ticket.

Yes I'm a bit frustrated over it and wondering why it happened. I'll let you know how it all turns out.


This is cool ... last night I cycled more than the norm over at 10DollarsWonder! So maybe I was right and things will start picking up again soon. Yay!


by Frederick Mann

From a Program Admin (12/24/08):

"As of today we are not accepting Liberty Reserve.

We had received a threat to send $2K to an LR
account a few days ago and obviously we ignored
it. We were informed if we do not comply they
would set an Auto-Hack to our account and it
would be emptied regularly... [T]here must be
a loophole somewhere on the LR site and they did
get to our account and some funds have been stolen.
Fortunately it is a loss that we can absorb. But
will we leave [our program] open to this constant
threat? It's not prudent. LR offers absolutely
no assistance in these situations so it will be
futile for us to carry on using LR."

On 1/2/09 my own LR account was emptied. It was
a relatively small amount, fortunately. In any
case, given the above, it seems that it's not
worth contacting LR about it.

If you have any funds in LR you may want to get
them out. It may also be prudent to stop using LR.


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