Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to work :))

Had a great time last night at the bowling alley Birthday party. I'll share more later. Back to work for now.


UPDATE TWO: Well shit. I got an answer from the Admin about how the matrix and spillover works. (you can see it here, 3rd post down) Made no sense to me or another person familiar with matrices. So I say ... promote if you like. There are some good Advertising offers there for your $5 bucks. And any personal referrals you get will earn you some money. OK? Case closed.

UPDATE ONE: The Admin for the Team Pay program below just sent me a personal email, so am chatting with him now about "spillover". So keep the door open. Let's see where this goes.

Original Post:
Read my blog comments from last night (thanks Cody) and started scratching my head. Took a second look at the "matrix" I joined yesterday, then I popped over to John's blog to see what he thought (yes, js is my sponsor) and I read this:

Well, what I said yesterday about that 4 by 10 matrix? Forget about it. They guy does not understand matrices. He's got $5 paying out out $18! Pointed out to me by Cody. Thanks Cody. Dang, should have paid more attention to that one! I guess the message is: trust no one. Do your own research! Ok, now have a nice new day."

Well, you can make your money back if you already bought in. Just promote a little. And he IS paying! Paid my ref. comm's to me last night, and I didn't even have to ask for it. Just don't look for any spillover, ok? Seems like you have to "do your own thing". Yes yes, I was originally confused as well and am sorry :(


A note from Derek, the Admin of Surfs-Ahoy which explained their down time yesterday. Seems there was a ddos attack because of this:
Message: admin:
I will attack you site if you refuse to buy banners:"
There sure are some jackass's out there, huh?
Well surf's back up today :)


It was 72 degrees F here yesterday :))


Collective Investments Forum is having another referral contest. Go find your link, (my controls, refer your friends) get some new folks to register, and you could be the next winner. Here we go:

The prizes for the new contest are as follows

1st place - 200$
2nd place - 2 weeks large banner ad
3rd place 1 week 125x125 banner ad

Same as last time it will be the member with the most referrals that wins this. Also remember that multiple signups arent allowed and we will be checking for duplicate ips.

This contest will run from January 22nd through February 22nd.


If you're waiting for a payout from MyNetWealthTeam via Alert Pay, sit tight or hang loose (whichever you prefer). There was a slight delay with their AP deposit, and Thomas will get it to you as soon as he can.


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