Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday !

- My Jeep is getting a new windshield today.
- Rain and/or snow is coming.
- John? It's the 23rd and we're still here.
- Dave n Jess are in Las Vegas.
- There are 9 Cows grazing on the farm.
- I use a stack of phone books as a side table.
- I love my new chair, but my hair keeps getting caught where the seat meets the armrest.


A reader from Holland wrote to me yesterday asking why I don't mention 10DollarsWonder very often. Well I dunno. Maybe since the last updates were Jan 7th and 14th, and there's not much new since then? I have been cycling on my "high" positions. Not every day mind you, but a few times per week. It's still running and that's just fine with me. And no, there is no word on 10centclub yet :(


Just got done surfing day 5 out of 15 at PAC, and added Surfs-Ahoy as one of my promotional sites.

** Wow! PAC just announced some great new promo's. If you're a member you've already received their email. If not, I'll probably post it tomorrow, ok?

Surfs-Ahoy is now over 300 members and I was #22. Should be fun to see this one grow. So I've decided to buy another Ad Pack there today as soon as I can, which will be after 3:00 PM my time. (remember their server time is ahead of most of us and I've already surfed for the 23rd). I do have some Alert Pay so might as well put it to work for me.


When I work and play in these programs, I call it like I see it and am always truthful. So if I say something you don't like ... prove me wrong or leave me alone. I've never held back when I smell trouble or deceit, and I'm not going to start now.


Let's do a quick update today. Links to these are on the right under "My Favorite Programs". Yeah I'm too lazy to copy and paste em all.

- ... forced 7 x 7 matrix and you do get spillover. I've made 12 bucks so far.

- WorkFor3Dollars ... using it mostly for the "List" these days. They are taking pre-registrations for their "Diamond Club" which will cost $30 per year. I have 50 referrals in the $3 program. Out of that, only 14 have upgraded with $3. So what are my odds?

- Bux-Matrix ... PTC - Matrix. I'm at a break-even point right now. I was hoping this one would get more attention than it did. Sorry sponsors.

- Team Pay / Insane Matrix ... see yesterdays post where I've just added a link to CIF that shows the Admin trying to explain to me how the matrix and spillover works. Does not make sense.
** PS, he just paid me $4 by credit card. Something smells here. See this:
Credit Card Payment Received From Robert Trueman

- MyNetWealthTeam is doing some maintenance to our member area. So if your "downline" list doesn't look right, that's why, OK? Most of my list is gone, and yours could be too. So don't panic, they are working on it now.

What am I forgetting?


I have 2 dogs and 2 cats here right now. This is NOT good. Will tell you the story tomorrow. Have got my hands full right now. Trust me.



Mattias Kroon said...

You mentioned there....wonder if the admin will create another system in that one when it´s active again.

blondie said...

Another system?
Not sure what you mean by that.
It's the old e2ePay and no one but the Admin knows the plans for it.
Thanks :)

Mattias Kroon said...

I mean another system than in 10Dollar now.It is rather complex now after all the changes and who knows? The old system from e2epay may change when it´s active.

Use your fantasy, hehe!

Status Quo is never good except if it´s rock:)

But 10Dollars has always been dynamical and under development.

HermitJim said... go, Girl! Why the new windsheid, if I may ask? Neighbor throw a rock at ya?

Good post as always, my friend!

blondie said...

Thanks for the giggle Mattias :)

Jim, you're too funny.
Don't think the neighbor threw a rock at me but you never know with him. Heck, anyone who would shoot their BB Gun in my yard can't be playing with a full deck, ya know?

I did visit your blog today but couldn't help you out since I'm just a spoiled city girl. Sorry :(

Later :))