Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today is the Colorado Lotteries 20th Anniversary! I've played faithfully all these years and have not once won the Jackpot of a million plus :(


PremiumAdsClub (PAC) has some great new promo's that just started. Here's a little of each:

1 -
All Deposits made to our PP accounts starting today Friday to Friday,30th will be eligible to enter a draw.On Saturday,31st we will pick a winner from each PP.The winner will get a $500 AdPack added to his or her account.....
2 - PAC Cares: Every week,starting today,Friday 23rd, we will give 3 members $1000 AdPacks.They will earn from them and when they expire, we will withdraw the $1000 and leave the profits with them.....

That's just a small piece of their last email update. Sounds great to me!!!


Just found the listing for the House across the Street. They're asking $144.900? OUCH! There goes the value of my own house right down the tubes! On the bright side, maybe I can get my taxes lowed now. Hmmm


There is a Referral Contest starting tomorrow over at Surfs-Ahoy, which will run for two weeks. The prizes are cash, cash and more cash :) Details are posted over at CIF. Just remember it's a high profit game. Only spend what you can afford to "play" with. It's always more fun that way :))


What's up with Alert Pay?
I went to move some money to my bank account yesterday and it wouldn't let me. When I first logged in, there was something about deactivating bank transfers until we enter the Swift Code. But today, I can't find that
News anywhere on their site. If you see it, would you send it to me? I need to transfer some money and am not sure how long we're going to be "deactivated". Thanks

** Problem solved (for me anyway). They ARE still sending checks to the USA and Canada. Whew!

UPDATE: Found the Alert Pay News ...

Date: January 16th, 2009

Unfortunately, a glitch by our banking partner in their system upgrade has resulted in a technical issue which is directly impacting our bank transfer functions at this time. We expect that they will resolve their issue shortly. Until this issue is remedied, we will have to disable Bank Transfers to accountholders in USA and Canada.

This issue is similar to an issue faced by banks before:

To DEPOSIT into AlertPay, you may still use the following options: Money Order, Certified Check, Bank Wire and Bank Transfers outside of USA and Canada. (i.e EUR, GBP, AUD…)

To WITHDRAW from AlertPay, you may withdraw by Check and Bank Wire.

We are working around the clock to remedy the situation as it puts us in a situation with you our members. We thank you for understanding, and it should be resolved in a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience."

"Date: January 23rd, 2009

We are now able to provide you new information regarding the ACH/EFT downtime. We are still waiting for complete information from our bank RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) regarding this issue. Their initial explanation to us last Friday January 16th, 2009 was that they had a system upgrade and this is why we were unable to access our accounts last week. We also understand that they were also reviewing our accounts. Unfortunately, at this time we are still in the dark as to what is truly going on.

We contacted every aspect of the bank from Account Manager, Branch Manager, Ombudsman (supposedly an independent mediator), and Legal Department to get an explanation. Only after much maneuvering, were we able to get in contact with our Account Manager who simply avoided any explanation. Our legal team contacted RBC’s legal team who responded on Tuesday stating that they need time to review our case and will respond back by Friday. Till this moment, our legal team has not heard anything from RBC’s legal team.

On a brighter note, we were already in the process of moving to another banking provider who will be providing us with better services and faster processing time. We were 2 weeks away before this RBC issue came about. We will be up and running with new EFT/ACH services shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience, as this issue was beyond our control and took us by surprise.

If you wish to have more information, we encourage you to call RBC directly at:

Hanane El-Makhad (Account Manager) at her direct line of 450-923-6115.

Additionally, if you are unable to contact her, then please contact Diane Belanger (Branch Manager) at the Main Branch number 450-923-5130"



Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Blondie!

Every bank has a Swift Code and you just have to check what certain Swift Code your local bank has and fill it in for approval to AlertPay.

blondie said...

Yes TY Mattias and I knew that. But there was more to it than just that. I finally found the Update and posted it so that others won't have the same problem searching for it.
And they are still doing checks to the USA and Canada at least :)
Take care now,