Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st is here :)

Tripler2 or T2MoneyKlub: waiting on an update from Dave about the grand re-opening. Should be sometime today and will probably be at the old T2 site. There was an AP hangup with regards to the new site name, so we'll give him time to get that worked out. In the meantime, I did try to login to the old T2 member area and received a "back soon" note. Will let you know as soon as I hear something.
Per a forum post: "Sorry, I forgot to update here also... Mark the coder, said they are still working hard on the reset details...
They did not give me a specific launch time, but said that that the 2% crediting will begin at Midnight Feb 2."

OK, here we go:

Hi Member
The BIG day is here.
We have completed the retet, although we are going to continue on the old domain for a week before we make the full move to the new domain.
here is the latest VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE.
Please please read it before going to your account, it will explain everything. You MUST read it all, if you don't then you may have some prolems down the road.
Have Fun.
T2 Staff.

JBP-JSS: despite rumors going around I don't see anything different with JBP. I don't believe everything I see on the internet anyway. But I do know they're still running a great program and paying out as fast as they did when I first joined 10 months ago. Hip Hip Hooray! LOL
Oh and new members, don't forget you receive a free $10 to play with for 60 days in the JSS-Tripler area. Seems to be a win-win for advertising since they're still growing at lightening speed.

PXSense: finally contacted Admin about my 1st filled Matrix and I was given instructions on how to get PAID for that! One simple step and the next thing I know, my $60 bonus was showing in my account balance. Now I need to decide if I should cash it out, use it to buy more, or both. Hmmm

Don't know if this is because it's a New Year or if there's just too many scammers out these days... but I did notice another new program launch yesterday that is being promoted by the 'regulars' in the forums. I've decided to steer clear of it myself. The RC is too high for an inexperienced Admin in this type of game. Besides, I got a full plate already and I'm just not comfortable enough to join or share it.

LucidNature: I think today's the day! Let me go check.
Yep, my principal has been paid back to my account balance right on time! YaY! Back in a bit to share more.
OK, decided to cash out and make a new spend for another 5 weeks. It's all been perfect so far with the exception of a little down time due to ddos. But that sure wasn't Admin's fault, nor yours, nor mine. So... here we go again :)

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