Thursday, February 2, 2012

ReSet of T2 and Our Friend Phil

It's Groundhog Day! 
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means fun and games for 6 more weeks of winter weather.
Here in Colorado, we're expecting a foot of snow starting late this afternoon and overnight.
That's OK. I've learned that 4 wheel drive is the only way to go around here. Heck, I need to climb a hill just to get out of my neighborhood.
Have a good day Phil ;)

Tripler2 aka T2MoneyKlub: just realized, if you click the ReSet button (at the bottom of your member dashboard), you will see all the stats on your account and how they came up with the numbers and DP's that are showing. Awesome!
Also today is our first day of earning since the reset was performed.
One more point of interest is that everyone who has 4 or more DP's will qualify for the Matrix Bonus when those mature. Now if you have 4 or more, you will need to pay the monthly subscription fee which is based on how many DP's you own. And in the ReStart stats, where it says "Subscription", click on View Scale and you will see what level you need to be prepared for paying on the first of each month.
Well, I am impressed with all of this so far. Now in the coming week or two we will be moving over to the new T2MoneyKlub website which I hope will be as clear to understand as it is now.
Update: there's a few bugs on the site which are being worked on. So if it doesn't open for you, just try again later.

JBP-JSS: funny, I was checking my Matrices last night and noticed I didn't have enough showing. Where did they go? How did they disappear?
Silly me ... they only show 30 per page of your JSS Positions. Oops. Once I found them, everything looked great and I continue to purchase Placements and Premiums for spots 1 and 2 in each of them as soon as they appear.

PXSense: still can't decide if I should withdraw my matrix bonus money or not. I'm still in the 'red' with them but have a long way to go before my first 75 days are up. Oh it's too early in the morning to make that decision right now. Later I will.
NEWS FLASH: was just over at MNO blog and noticed that Paul mentioned in the 'shout box' that he joined PX and gave them his link. Whoa! That should bring in a nice new stream of traffic (and funds) to the site. Very cool :)

GBC: got paid out for an Easy 40 'Moose' that I bought not that long ago. Gord is just gettin faster and faster with his strategy for working those boards. No complaints here and I really should be jumping back in with both feet.

Lucid Nature: decided to make another spend there today. I'm happy with the program and will continue to support it. Yep, I put my money where my mouth is even though that put me in the 'red' again, LOL

LuxoSurf: doing fine, surfing and earning for 5 more days, then I get 3 payouts in 3 days since that's how I bought them.

aDailyCash: was surprised to see some RC which put me over the $20 mark, so went ahead and requested a payout. Once I receive that, I'll then be in profit and will be more comfortable with either compounding or buying in fresh again.


Randy V said...

Phil looks like he might need to go on a diet...the top picture.

We have sunshine and mid 60s today and it was a great day to be on the golf course...or as I say...any day is good to be on the golf course.

Be careful in the snow. Hope we only have one small one..its pretty but a mess around here.

Hope your week is going well.


blondie said...

Hey Randy,

Looks like Phil's been drinkin too much beer to me, LOL

I had the 60's 2 days ago, miss it already.

Well I'm prepared for the snow. Unless I lose power, that would be bad.

Have a good week and weekend!
Always nice to hear from ya :)