Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paying, Not Paying and Everything In Between

Paid Process: is NOT paying. I requested a small withdraw last night and it's not paid yet. Checked the forum posts, and I see I'm not the only one NOT paid today. 
Boy oh boy, when they say "short term HYIP", they really mean it! Just removed the banner for this one. Dang, really thought it would last a little longer than this :(

JBP-JSS: growing like a weed and they're making me anxious to know what the big secret is all about how we're going to be able to make more money.
JSS-Tripler now has 166,874 members -- growing by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Thanks to all our sponsors our viral growth continues. Purchases of JSS-Tripler positions have also hit all-time record highs in recent days.
We're using some of our funds to grow the breadth of JSS as a company. This will add powerful new income streams. This will soon become very exciting and will also provide our members with great new earning potentials.
Stay tuned for some thrilling developments!

Well you know I'll stay tuned for more. They don't have to ask me twice, LOL

PXSense: checking the options, I see there IS a way to remove your banner ad, but still cannot remove any Pixel ad's. OK, I know that's something they're working on, so hope to see that in our back office soon. Hate for people to think that I'd be promoting a dead site, ya know? I'll be back if there are any changes made today. In the meantime, 2% daily adds up fast :)
PS, almost forgot it's Saturday. You can compound your earnings on the weekends if you choose.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): well we know changes are coming here too. Once moved over to the new website, I believe Dave will start removing those free / inactive members to make room for those who want to make money. He said something about a 2 week time frame before they're deleted.
Now if you have less than 4 DP positions, there is no monthly membership fee. But once you're at 4 or more, although you pay a small fee, that makes you eligible for the Matrix cycling later down the road.
If everything goes as planned here, this could be another very good place to earn some serious money.

GBC: bought a new 40 spot yesterday and next will be our profit share Sunday. Thanks Gord for all your hard work & dedication.

aDailyCash: still surprising me daily. Not complaining, just surprised, lol. Realized today that I was actually in profit so decided to use their compound feature rather than buying in new. Worked like a charm, so my new positions are set for the next 50 days of earning 3% daily. Coolio ;)

ShowBizHits: Surf Promo day at Showbiz and the gals wrote:
Happy Saturday to all,
Today we are having a 1 Day SurfNsaturday Promo with William over at Surf Skeleton. Come on over and join the festivities. William has a great site and it will be well worth your effort.
If you don't have time to surf the promo please come on by and assign some credits to your sites so they can be seen by these fresh eyes!
Not, enough credits?  Well we have a super deal going today. So now would be a good time to stock up:)
SurfNSaturday Promo with Surf Skeleton   Saturday 2/11
Surf 150 At BOTH TE's to qualify  ( Must Surf BOTH sites)
Prizes at each Exchange
1  X  $ 2.00  + 500 /500 /500
2  X  $ 1.00 + 250 /250 /250
2  X  $0.50 + 100 /100 /100
1  X  500 /500 /500
1  X  250 /250 /250
2  X 150 /150 /150
Not a member at Surf Skeleton? Join here: (
That is their link. Am not a member.)
No Tickets needed
LeaderBoards exchanged

That's what I did last night to get some rest. A big shot of NyQuil and I was out like a light! Today I'm trying DayQuil and it's sure giving me a runny nose. Oh well, if the tissues run out, there's always TP for back up.


naphtali said...

Good ole TP! always there to save the day.
I hope that Tripler2 does as well as JBP. That would be great to have 2 consistent programs at the same time, Judy.
I need to get my butt in gear with GBC. I should have been active in that when it 1st started, but have been dragging my heels. Every time I see you posting a payment, I wanna kick myself. Oh well, no better time than the present. cya

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
Yeah, good thing I bought the 12 roll TP package last time I was shopping cause I sure need it.
I hope T2 does well also. Am looking forward to that for sure.
GBC is a no brainer - no drama - just make money program. Thanks to Gord of course who runs a good show. Just remember it's semi-private. No outside promotions.
Take care :)

Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
Just made my first withdrawal from Trip2 and got paid to my AP account within 10 minutes. Hoping for a long ride on this one. I have 10 matrices ready to pay in JSS. In spite of buying placements and upgrading to premium, I've been waiting for 21 days so far.

blondie said...

Hey Petrus,
10 minutes?!? That's gotta be some sort of record! Congrats!

In JSS, those should be filling soon, but then there's the next wait for the rest to be filled before cycling.
You know, I get them, I buy the P&P's for spots 1 and 2, then I sort of put them on the back burner and wait.
After all, I do consider it a bonus and am happy when they DO cycle out :)