Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Updates

Just some quick updates today since it's Sunday.

ProfitClicking: when I place my cursor on the Level 1 Upgrade "Renew" button, it tells me my L1 membership expires on 11/3/2012, but when I click on Renew, the page just reloads and doesn't take me anywhere else. OK so I check again later or tomorrow. At least there's some progress there.
- daily ad pack earnings received for 10/18
- oldest pending withdrawal request dated 10/1

Phinanci: is doing great and a reminder that you can purchase from account balance today. That option is only available on weekends.
However, I decided to add some fresh LR instead ;)

Just saw something silly... whoever is promoting ROI-187 in RicanAdFunds might want to take that banner out and use your credits for something that's actually still working, hehe

ismAdsIncome: requested one more withdraw today. Then I'll start building again after that. Yep, sounds like a plan.

Since Winter is right around the corner, decided to change my banner for ProfitClicking to a more suitable one. Polar Bears, they look cuddly to me.

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