Monday, October 29, 2012

Darkest Before The Dawn

Has anybody gone to Google today?
I see it's Bob Ross' 70th Birthday.
Believe it or not, I have one of his paintings hanging in my bathroom. Don't know what it's worth but it matches the colors of my bath so well (shades of blue) that it can just stay there for now.

The reason I was going to Google was to look up the phrase "It's always darkest before the dawn." Reading some comments and updates this morning about Profit Clicking brought that to mind.
Some members are freaking out about the Profit Shift which should happen mid November. Others are calm and trying to make sense of it all.
I'm sort of neutral right now. Not knowing what percentage of our old Triplers or newer Ad Packs will be allocated to Panels, or not knowing how quickly our Panels will start producing again... there's not much us older members can do at this point but ride the wave.

Phinanci: Congrats to all the Winners from the "I Love Phinanci" contest and Congrats to Phinanci for completing one very successful month in business!
Silly me forgot to re-purchase this weekend so if I want to add more today, guess I"ll just have to make a new fresh spend.
Wonder if my forgetfulness has anything to do with that "old school" blog member comment in their last update? Hmmm
Me thinks somebody needs a spanking for that! lol

SolidTrustPay: if you're still not able to access STP, here's a solution from a good friend of mine:

And she says: "it works for 9 out of 10
some ISPs use crappy dns providers, so by setting them manually to googles dns service can help give a much better internet experience
and accessing sites that are otherwise taking longer to respond (for instance sites with heavy ddos protection)"

RicanAdFunds: just bought 5 more ad units :)

ismAdsIncome: same as above, bought 5 more.

For those of you in ismAdsIncome, be sure that you're a member of ismMagic also so that when you purchase ad packs in ismAdsIncome, you'll get credits for that at the Magic site where you can exchange those credits for your monthly membership fee. Oh and being a paid member in Magic also earns you some profit sharing at the end of each month. AND you can use that money to buy more in ismAdsIncome if you choose. (wow, that was a mouthful but hope it made some sense.) Just be sure your MAGIC name is showing in your profile at AdsIncome before purchasing.

Happy Birthday Robert Boyd! Is today really your birthday?
Awesome!! Hope you're having a great day and enjoying one more year here with all us crazy people. Cheers!!
PS, I've been friends with Robert longer than I've been blogging. He follows me everywhere. Smart man :) xoxo

Back to Bob Ross who started my day here, wanted to show you the painting I was talking about. See, now you know I was telling the truth.

One more thing ... 


Randy V said...

Hey Judy!

Hope you are having a great day.

I use to love to watch Bob's TV show. Its amazing how he made such beautiful pictures and his easy laid back way of telling us what he was doing.

Just wanted to say Hi!

Have a great week.

blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Did you see my pumpkin in yesterday's post?
Too bad it didn't bring them any luck :(

Yeah I've seen quite a few of Bob's shows also. Very laid back, and always fun to watch. And learn from if you were into that.

Have a great week too!!

r said...

Yes was a very good looking pumpkin.

I was pulling for the Tigers. The problem was they swept the Yankees and had too many days off while the Giants were hot and carried it into the Series. The Tigers had a great year but I was hoping the Series would have been better.

Talk to you later.

blondie said...

Well I know the days off was the excuse but ... weren't they on the field practicing every day?
Ahhhhh poo
Guess there's always next year.
Sleep well Randy :)

doomcrew said...

I guess the concern I have with PC is they arent making any progress with the other aspect of the site which used to be called the matrix. If they are going to do a restart and justify that they better start paying out on the matrix positions or its game over.

Randy V said...


The Tigers were practicing and playing their minor league guys while the Giants were playing real games and getting their confidence and momentum going. I hate to say this but it might have been better if the Tigers would have lost a couple of games to the Yankees and kept playing...ouch!!! It sure was hard to say losing to the Yankees. Anyway, who knows but I think it would have been a better series if they had the momentum going like the Giants did. I guess we will never know.

Yes...maybe next year!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. In sports, champions create their own momentum. The tigers didn't look interested. That comes from within, not from game scheduling. Just my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

Did you have also problems with profitclicking when new members sign up through your affiliate link, they check the code connected to his friend
But after submit there information they see a wrong sponsor.. Admin profitclicking

I've heard this several times and helpdesk does not helping but the only thing they say is it's our problem not PC so the advice they give is to de-activate the account and sign up again.. But it gives the same problem over and over


blondie said...

doomcrew: almost like they're starting over. We'll see eh?

Randy and mm: 2 good comments about the Tigers. Unfortunately, I left the pumpkin in the house and it seems to be melting :(

Benjamin: I didn't think PC tracks cookies but it might. Have your referrals clear their browser cache and cookies before joining.
If they already joined and it's showing the wrong sponsor, then Yes. Have them submit a support ticket to delete that account, then have them re-join before putting any money in.
Hope it works for you :)

Anonymous said...

@ Blondie

The problem begins after submitting their signup form
Because before submitting everything seems correctly
The affiliate code is on the right place in the form (before they submit) but after they confirm their account and they login they see their sponsor name is admin profit clicking...

After delete that account, doing it again, everthing seems to be okay because the affiliate code is on the form..... But after submit, confirm account... Same problem again

Did you heard of this problem already from someone else?

all the best,

blondie said...

By affiliate code you mean name?
Mine for instance is blondie, not my number but I suppose someone could use their number (not smart though)
I really can't check what would happen because I don't want to open a fake account, but my registration page shows:

Referring Independent Business Owner
(email, ID or username):

And no, I have not heard of this happening to anyone else.
You might want to check into the conf room and ask there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,

Yes, your affiliate code is "blondie"
(you can choose your own, or the code that is given by the system)

And yes, everything seems to be okay on that registration page because the right code shows up on the registration page but after that ..the problem begins..

After that you must click submit and when you submit, confirm and login they find them self under the wrong sponsor (admin profit clicking) again and again
that's the entire problem..

Thanks, maybe I will check also in conf. room.

All the best,

blondie said...

Yeah I understand that That's Not Good if that is happening :(
Hope you get an answer from the Mod's. Let us know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,

Glad you understand the problem!

Till these problems are solved I stop promoting my link because I also send a lot of people ( several thousands) (through TE's) to my link but don't know where they are..

If this is solved i will let you know. Thanks for listening.