Thursday, October 11, 2012


This dog is smarter than some people I know,
and more helpful too. 

Thanks to my friend Paul in Hawaii for sending it to me and taking my mind off of other things for 4 minutes.
Make that 8... had to watch it twice :)

ismAdsIncome: received another payment today so yes, I officially have a nice profit now with several days to go on my current Ad spends.
Thanks to those of you who joined me and if you haven't yet, might want to take another peek at it. Am feeling a nice long relationship blooming with this one.


Kendra Jiang said...

Hi, Judy,

Have you received any payment from Profit Clicking so far?


blondie said...

Yes I have.
Got a Payza that was req. on the 20th and an EgoPay req. from the 21st.
Now am waiting like a lot of others.

Payments have been posted in forums though so I know they are going out. Just not sure of the exact order of them.

HermitJim said...

Hey, thanks for the video! Pretty cool dog, I think!

Wonder if I could get my cat to do any of that?

blondie said...

In your dreams Jim, LOL
Take care :)

doomcrew said...

I have heard that RAF is a good one have not been able to upgrade much because of the PC current lack of profit. I have no idea what is going on with the matrix side of this site but I hope it starts paying soon or its frankly just a waste of my time.

blondie said...

Hi DC,
Yeah, RAF is a good one too.
Good pair of Admins and running smooth.

I don't know what to say about PC right now, other than post updates.
Hard to get or stay excited when so much time is spent waiting.