Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's The Weekend & New Program Alert

Was sort of busy yesterday, then went to babysit my grand daughter last night. She's so fun. Her Boxer dogs are named Louis and Jake. She can't pronounce the L in Louis (she's just over 2) so it's fun to hear her say "Woolis, don't slobber on me!" LOL

STP is unavailable at the moment. After login, it just spins it's wheels and doesn't go anywhere. So it's not just you.

ProfitClicking: was shocked and surprised to notice that my pending STP withdrawal from 9/20 is OFF the pending list. Holy Cow! Did I finally get paid? Well, if I could log into STP I'd know for sure.
- heard that DOC's call from last Thursday was very good and informative. However it's not posted on the site yet. But those who were there said he mentioned quite a few things that we should start seeing this coming week.
Once I can hear the call for myself, I'll take notes for you.
- been paid my daily ad pack income through 10/8
- have several payments pending so I would hope that part of his call included that backlog, along with the "when will the Panels be visible" questions.
*UPDATE: hours later... I was Paid! Whoo Hooo!!
** UPDATE TWO: just grabbed this from a PC and MMG Forum member Stacy:
here is last thursdays conference sorry youtube was being so slow lol

Phinanci: the compound feature is ON for the weekend. When you Deposit, select your Plan then the next page will give you the option to use Cash Balance or Processor Site. Remember to check your "E-Currencies Cash Balance" before selecting which processor or Re-Spend from.

RicanAdFunds: just checked my numbers and they're right on. Requested a payment today which I'm sure will be paid pronto. Are you guys enjoying this as much as I am? Yes? Cool :)

ismAdsIncome: since I'm a little in profit already, decided to spend today instead of withdraw. Feels good to show support for the programs that are supporting me.
Plus the fact that my first spends are only 57 days old and this thing runs for 200 days! Well OK then, just bought 4 more positions.

ads2cycle: yesterday I completed my 2nd Silver matrix. I know I really should get my seed money out at this point, but since it was only a one-time $25 spend and since I have some personal referrals who trusted me on this... I've decided to throw it back in the pot. Good Luck!

ROI-187: just joined and added a new banner on my side bar.
Now at first glance I said "What? 11% x 17 days is crazy nuts! Nothing can pay that!"
But then after realizing there is a 40/60 Rule, a light bulb went off in my head.
What is the 40/60 Rule ?
ROI187 has in place a 40/60 Rule. This means that on withdrawal 60% will be paid to your processor account, and 40% to your repurchase balance, from which you may purchase more shares when your balance reaches the minimum amount (ie. $10). This is to ensure the sustainability of the program. To use your Repurchase Balance, simply click on Claim More Shares and select Buy From Repurchase Balance in the dropdown menu.

OK so it's your basic Advertising site.
- Free members can earn RC but you must buy at least 1 advertising pack before you can withdraw your earnings.
- No refunds of course. You're buying Advertising.
- You can repurchase from cash balance.
- For those who promote: 2 Level RC, 10% and 5%.
- Cost $11 per ad pack.
- Accepts STP, EgoPay, PM and LR.
- Site is currently in Pre-Launch and has over 800 members already.
- Buying Ad Positions should be open Tues 8 AM my time. There's a countdown clock on the site for your convenience.
From the site itself:

ROI-187 is online wealthy advertising platform which allows you to advertise your business and shares It's advertising sales revenue with It's loyal members. For every ad package you purchase you will get 20000 Ad credits which you can use to advertise banners and text ads. 

Apart from Revenue sharing , We also reward affiliates who promote ROI187, As a Sucessful Promotor you earn earn 10% commissions. Also try to participate on referral contest and earn up to $1000.

ROI-187 is hosted on DDOS Protected Snoork Dedicated servers and security powered by Cloudflare. And 256 Bit SSL secured and Business assured by Validsafe. 

  • Earn 11% Daily for 17 Days 187% at the maturity.
  • Get Quality advertising with every Ad Shares you purchased
  • Each Ad Share will give you 20000 Text & Banner credits.
  • Earn 10% referral commissions. (1 Level)
  • Daily Withdrawal : Minimum Cash balance required is $5
  • Start with just $11 and multiply your earnings by compounding.
So there you have it in a nutshell, sort of.
You know I don't like to do long drawn out blah blah notes. I prefer to tell it like it is and take it for what it's worth. If you join now, you'll have a few days to make up your mind on whether or not to purchase.
Well it's a risk, but so are some of the best things in life. And for some strange reason, I've been pretty dang lucky these days. Hope it continues for my sake and yours.


Anonymous said...

I just joined ROI187 under you.
I don't know if I would invest in this one. For sure it is not an American or Canadian site. Since when do you write "Summery" instead of "Summary"?

I read their TOS and they weren't too smart. They copied the text from another HYIP program which is scam now ( They forgot to exchange that in the very first paragraph in their TOS.

Will you go ahead and invest, blondie?

blondie said...

Thanks for catching that. I missed it myself.

Let me see what I can find out and dig up on this Admin.

At least we have until Tuesday to make a final decision.

Cheers :)