Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunny Sunday & Scam Warning

Supposed to be a bright sunny day here today. Temps in the mid 80's and a repeat of yesterday.
Tomorrow will be only in the 60's so will be a good day to fertilize the lawn for the winter and maybe do a little watering, if it doesn't rain.

Profit Clicking: some members are asking about this line in their "My Traffic Stats" area:
SURF DAILY BEFORE 00:05:00 (server time)
They think it means they only have 5 minutes per day to get their surfing done (giggle). Actually that's what time the Surf Stats reset so you must get your surfing done before that time each day. Yes, you have a full 24 hours to do that.
- The dashboard is still not correct so it's not just you.
- Haven't received any income for my newest Ad Pack purchases either.
- Ad Pack Details page is counting down days but no earnings at the moment.
- Member dashboard keeps changing each time I check it, so obviously they're working to get things right.
I'm listening to a Mod read the updates and he seems a bit clueless about the member area. This is the reason why I purchased when I could. I do need to see first hand what's going on as opposed to what they say is going on, especially since the updates are only done every day or two. I suppose you could call it 'hands on training', lol


If you do go to the conf chat room, be careful what you read. I just corrected a Mod's post and his reply was "I didn't say that". (a-hem) Well he did say that and it was right there in black and white. Figured I'd better get out before I got booted, LOL

- Here's something that surprised me...
was catching up reading in the MMG forum last night where Snoop has his own thread for JBP/PC. He announced that he resigned from JBP/PC as the "matrix trainer" and is moving on to other opportunities.
Now of course he's still a member of PC so am sure we'll see him around even though it won't be in their training room.
Good Luck Snoop :)

ismAdsIncome: requested yesterday and received today another payment from ism. Admin Richard is doing a wonderful job there.
Oh and it's 31 days online... one full month!
Thumbs Up :)

ism update from my upline:
I just got this update from Admin Russell. 
This is very minor, though.
"We have found a bug in the TEXT ads. The system is not recoding any clicks they receive. We will look at this during the coming week. As the next job to start."

For your information.
Thank You.

Received an email Ad today which reminded me of something an MMG member told me about on Friday.
She joined this site because it was only a dollar so why not.
However when she submitted her $1 through LR, the program took ALL her LR funds out and left her with a dollar and change. Holy Crap!!
After seeing her 'receipt' from LR that the account number it went to said (AccountSuspended) she immediately contacted them to get her money back. Well of course they were of no help in the Live Chat so she must wait now to get a reply from the 'Abuse Dept'.
I took a look at the site, 1usdriches and they do show a lot of impressive stats on the front page, but when you click on the "Paid Out" link, it's blank. Not showing any payouts so one could only guess it's a fake site with fake stats just stealing money from the innocent.

Be Careful. It's a Jungle Out There!


doomcrew said...

Im wondering about the matrix positions in pclicking how those will translate under the new system.

blondie said...

I'm wondering about that too but have a feeling it'll be one of the last things on their list.
Hope I'm wrong but these things probably have an order in which they're being completed and I would guess the daily earning, membership level upgrades etc will come before the matrix panels.
Oh and the withdraw button maybe. I know everyone is anxious for that.

HermitJim said...

Thanks as always for the update, sweetie! I know I can count on you for the latest!

blondie said...

Thanks Jim :)
I try. That's all I can do.
Later (wave)