Monday, September 24, 2012

One More Day & New Ad Program Coming

Didn't get to mow the lawn this morning as I had planned. It's drizzling rain which is a good thing for us. Been a dry and hot summer so am glad it's about over.

Profit Clicking: listening to the conf chat room... too funny. People asking the same questions over and over without reading or hearing the answers. And the number of people who don't read the updates is amazing.
- our daily income was stalled over the weekend but is slowly being added now.
- just be sure you do your daily surfing of at least 3 sites per day.
- if you can't surf, let's say for 1 week... everything will be frozen until you can surf (view ads) again. Then it will continue from where you left off.
the withdrawals are available daily among all processors. If you have pending withdrawals you need to wait until the first request with that processor is completed before you can request another.
- withdrawal requests can take up to 72 hours during "business days" to complete. This does not include weekends or holidays.
And don't forget this part before freaking out on your daily income:
- Here's how it works: Today's current retail sales of new Ad Packages, purchased on or after 9/1/12 receive a Daily Sales Profit of 20 cents on weekdays and 10 cents on weekends. Ad Packages purchased before 9/1/12 receive a Daily Sales Profit of 10 cents weekdays and 5 cents on weekends.

As of this morning, my daily income is caught up through the 22nd. I do have a few withdrawal requests submitted and could/should see the first one paid tomorrow about this same time. Yes, it was submitted on the 20th so 3 business days later would be tomorrow.

Regarding the site and the dashboard, not everyone's account seems to be updating the same things at the same times. So if your info is different than mine, please don't shoot the messenger.

ismAdsIncome and ismMagic: was reading a fellow bloggers notes yesterday which reminded me to go into ismMagic and renew my membership level for another month.
If you're active in the AdsIncome site, each time you purchase you receive Magic Points in the ismMagic site that can be used for your upgrade. (assuming you have an account in both that is.)
Just log into ismMagic
Under "My Account" click on "Magic Points Report"
That will show your Points earned thus far.
Go back to "Home" page.
Read your "Key Information". Mine said:
"Your Membership Details
Your current membership level is Wizard : Earned expiring on 02-10-2012.
CLICK HERE to Upgrade / Extend upgrade. If you have a current Paypal or Payza subscription your upgrade will be extended automatically upon successful payment.
When you CLICK HERE, you'll see the "Compare Memberships & Upgrade" page.
Decide on which Membership Level you want and go to the bottom of the page. There you will see the buttons to spend your Magic Points.
I re-upgraded to Wizard and now my home page says "Earning expiring on 02-11-2012".

just got word of a New Advertising Program coming very soon. Could be up and running as early as Wednesday for a pre-launch with the Official Opening on Monday, October 1st.
What I know so far is:
- 2% per calendar day for 125 days.
- $15 ad packs get you 5000 banners (486x60), 5000 Feature Banners (125x125) and 5000 Text Ads per pack.
- Minimum withdraw is $15.
- 3 Levels of RC, 7%, 5% and 3%
That's all I know for now. I'll try to get more details such as whether or not we can re-purchase with earnings etc.
Yippee! Something new to play in, LOL


Enrico Magboo said...

Hi Blondie,
Too bad, the income per day on PC gets lower and lower... Do they still implement a restart? I cant see update about this, or I just overlooked at at it.

blondie said...

Well at least they're still here, still paying and have some good plans for the future.

Yes the restart is now called a Profit Shift and the info is in the FAQ's.

I have faith that PC will come back and be strong again.

Cheers :)

doomcrew said...

Not really understanding this new earnings system but the dramatic shift in tripler position earnings is a red flag in my opinion. They know most make thier money from the matrix spots and so they are now going after the tripler big payouts so they dont have to payout hardly anything between the two.

blondie said...

Boy I dunno what they're doing or what they're thinking to be honest.
I have seen Pay Proofs in MMG today so that's a good sign.