Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cloudy but OK Tuesday

Profit Clicking: am seeing payment proofs in MMG today. Newer ones which is weird since they said they'd pay the older "before migration" pendings before starting the new ones. Ah well, any payment is a good payment in my book.

The New Ad Program I mentioned late yesterday is coming along and we should have a real URL to promote soon.
I've been asked to hold off giving links until we're officially up and running. So keep an eye on my blog please. Could be tomorrow or Thursday from what I understand. WhooHoo!

Change of Plans... it's Open Now! 
Someone let the cat out of the bag (no, not me) and the link is floating around the forums and social media sites already. Sheesh.


So I had a chat with the Admin Richard who said "Go For It".
You can spend via STP or LR now.
Egopay, they are still waiting on validatino since the site is only just validatable.
And PM is being tested as we speak.
- Just made my first spend and they're added manually, so will check tomorrow for it posting.

Turn $15 into an Income
Earn 2.00% Daily - For 125 Days
Earn 2.00% Daily - 60% per Month
Earn 250% per Position
100% Passive
Daily Payments per Ad Unit
Minimum Cash Out $15
NO need to Login or Surf to Earn
Increase Your Earnings with Daily Compounding
Earn Without Sponsoring
3 Referral Bonuses: 7%, 5% and 3%
Available to People in All countries
Our Responsive Ads Promote Your Business

I feel rushed today for some reason. Was mowing the lawn and doing my work here at the same time. Not an easy chore so tomorrow should be better. Going to grab a banner for my side bar.
Thanks to all :)


kevan said...

Looks like its already posted in mmg.

Or is that not the one ?


blondie said...

Email me Kev

Henry said...

Joined under you with a $100 spend. Used EgoPay, sending it manually, so I hope it goes through ok



blondie said...

Thanks Henry :)

Just tried to go to the site but it's down at the moment.
Well it's on a new server (my understanding) so it might take a while to come back up.

Anyway, not worried about it and thanks again.