Wednesday, September 5, 2012


ProfitClicking: a day has been added to the count down clock for the programmers to finish things up.
Just logged in and all my numbers are set to -0-
No worries since I know they're working on the site.
Also when it does open, it will be for funding, buying and surfing. Withdraw request will be opened at a later date :)
QUOTE Anne Davies
The situation on withdrawals is this, when they are are ready to start paying out ( and it will be soon) pending withdraws will be done first, so that means those who are waiting for monies from before the migration get theres first, which is how it should be, then the rest should follow, BUT, no details have yet been released, you WILL be told when it is going to happen, so stay cool and stop wearing your shoes/feet out from all the pacing up and down..lolol..;-)
25 minutes ago

OK, that's the kind of stuff I like to read in the forums. Helpful information for other members or those looking to join. Kudos to the supportive folks out there.

Total Profit from Units: $check it soon
That's because 2 days were credited to today's earnings.
Admin says it will be corrected soon.
Thanks to my upline for that information.

ismMagic: alright I caved, lol
After being asked for my link to ismMagic, figured I might as well add the banner to my side bar.
Also I just haven't had time to really check it out as much as I should have. But after learning from a referral that he was able to purchase the membership from his 'point earnings' from ismadsincome, I did the same.
Now when I first joined of course I got a handful of 'friend requests' and 'join my group' requests, which I choose to ignore at this point. But you never know, I might get more friendly over time... just not today.


Gene said...

Ok,time to get friendly, Blondie. Yep. Go for it. Nice little programs the income and magic show. Good admin working hard to make it work.

Profit Clicking is still ticking down then up then down. lol

Who knows when the monkey will fly.

wow that is ugly captcha, cannot read it, will keep trying



blondie said...

Hey Gene,
I've just been short of time lately else I would have checked it out more.

Yep, PC is still a mystery.
Hope it all turns out well in a couple of days, ya know?