Sunday, September 2, 2012

Profit Clicking - Coming Around Again

A good online friend just asked me if Profit Clicking is something that he should get into now?
My answer was Yes.
If you weren't already in JBP, I think this is an excellent time to join Profit Clicking. From what I've heard and read, they have a lot of new goodies coming for us all. And since I've been happily involved with JBP for 17 months, why would I turn my back on them now? I wouldn't.
So regardless of the doom crew out there (no offense doomcrew :) who might tell you differently, I think they'll be eating their words in a very short time.
I'm not a quitter. Never have been. And once the site comes back, all of their BS will be forgotten and members will be surfing and earning and cashing out once again.
You remember the turmoil last August?
We survived that, so we can certainly survive this :)

HERE is an excellent update posted by luvbug06 in the MMG forum. Many thanks to them for taking the time to put that all together.

"I know nothing stays the same 
But if you're willing to play the game 
It's coming around again"


doomcrew said...

I agree its a must join site and its forced all admins to bring top notch sites to potential members.

blondie said...

Thumbs Up :)

Anonymous said...

Something baffles me about Profit Clicking, must I surf every week? And if I dont, what happens?
Also, do I have to surf to qualify for withdrawal??

Emmanuel Sider

blondie said...

Yes it sounds like we will have to surf to get paid in the near future. But it's only 25 sites over the course of the entire week so it really won't take that long to do. (unless they change it before opening) I'm sure we'll be notified.
Found this in the FAQ's:

21) What about withdrawals?

A. You can withdraw a minimum of $20 at any time by submitting a withdrawal request from your Matrix Package account, under the "Financial" tab. Once the Traffic Exchange has been launched, you'll need to meet the weekly surf requirements in order to withdraw funds.
Generally, withdrawals are paid every 24-72 hours, depending on the pay processor. If you submit a withdrawal request and you receive an email about a "POTENTIAL SECURITY PROBLEM," then you need to reply to that email as requested.

Funds deposited to your account have to be used to buy Advertising or Matrix Packages. If you fund your account and then attempt to immediately withdraw the funds, your withdrawal may be blocked. If you also attempt to withdrawal the $10 PIF fund without buying a Package, your withdrawal may be blocked.