Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday and counting

ProfitClicking: well... the countdown clock hasn't changed again yet. Says 17 hours as of right now. So that makes it a 6 AM EDT launch tomorrow if I'm not mistaken.
Yes, all my Ad Pack numbers are zero'd out but the PC Panel numbers look accurate. So we check again later or in the morning.
Having been through this before, the wait time for re-opening that is... I personally am not that concerned with it. Sort of like a 'been there, done that' attitude from me. And remember, "Good things come to those who wait".

ismAdsIncome: here's a good update for those joining new and wish to use EgoPay for their first spend:
We currently have a situation where it is difficult to purchase via EGOPAY - this is also a problem for other sites. The way to get around this problem is as follows:
1. Purchase Ad Packs in ismAdsIncome using EGOPay.
2. Click "Confirm Payment".
3. The EGOPay login page is shown.
4. Enter the EGOPay login credentials.
5. The following error is displayed. "404 Invalid params given".
WORK-AROUND (Log into EGOPay first in a separate tab).
1. Open a separate tab in your browser.
2. Log into EGOPay first.
3. Purchase Ad Packs in ismAdsIncome website.
4. Click "Confirm Payment".
5. This time, the EGOPay Login Page is NO longer shown. It goes directly to EGOPay Confirm Payment page.
6. Confirm the payment.
7. Although the original "404 Error" still exists, the payment to EGOPay at this stage should be successful. Thanks very much to Joey Dala for this solution. Happy purchases for all,
Also everything is fixed and caught up in our Stats. Lookin good.

- I should be outside mowing the lawn right now, but our high today is only going to be 72F. So no hurry to beat the heat. YaY!

ismMagic: if you joined in August and have funds available, here's a note from my sponsor with regards to getting paid:
If you are due a payment next Friday, that is any one whose account balance was over $10 as at 31st Aug >>
then check and update as required the following information.
Basic Information Section: First Name & Last Name (must be your real name)
Contact Information Section: Payza (Alert Pay) Account, Mobile or Landline, Address, City, State, Post (Zip) Code and Country.
If it is not complete we cannot pay you.

GrandBankClub: here's a GBC update in case you didn't get Gord's email:
Hello GBC Members
Currently... the Club is in sort of a restart but more of a merging of plans into one... the Easy 40 Plan... and I want to thank members who have contacted me and for their patience at this time.

Accounts that are not in profit will have funds transferred into positions in the Easy 40 Plan. Meanwhile current pendings from members that have followed the 50 percent cashout rule will be paid as funds become available and in priority of their withdrawal date. The list is getting smaller as these requests are paid so I ask for patience in this matter as well.

Meanwhile... the only plan available for purchase is the Easy 40 Plan. I will be back with a future update on the Club progress. If you support ticket is not answered yet.. it will be eventually as I adjust members accounts.

Horse Rescue Site: yesterday I added a banner for "Borrowed Time Equine Rescue" and it's shown right below js's picture. Now there's a story behind it that I'd like to share with you.
Near the end of July, I warned you NOT to join the new "DailyCashMania" program run by David Bell of T2MK and C150 fame (cough).
Being curious if he would really run this one honestly or not, I kept up with the MMG thread for it. After reading this post from "ladytrader" my heart just sunk seeing that she had been fooled into trusting someone that should not be trusted.
"Everyone in my horse rescue group went down to almost nothing to withdraw. We ALL joined at the very first minute this was opened... we should have made something out of it.. but I lost all my positions and two others lost $500 and $1K. I don't see how he can look himself in the mirror. How can you justify taking everyone's funds down to nothing and not running this program the right way? Where is the money? YOU PAID NO ONE , NOTHING at all in this since there never were w/d's allowed by you. You owe everyone a refund for this debacle. I gave you the benefit of the doubt ... no more. My poor horsies... sad.gif"
So a few days ago I did make a Donation for the Horsies through PayPal. Looking at the front page of the site, I see you can donate via Payza or STP if you prefer. There's also a mailing address in Nevada, USA if you'd rather send a check. And of course, it's Tax Deductible.
Now the best thing that could happen is for her and her horse group to get a refund of course. But in the meantime, it just made me feel good to press that 'send' button from PayPal, you know?


doomcrew said...

I would just hope they dont restart the countdown again thats a bit much.
I too have to mow the grass in the insane heat.

blondie said...

Haven't been to the 'chat room' today, but rumor has it:

"There isn't much new being said in the conference room. The only new items are that the site will open today when the current clock hits zero (they will not add any more time to the clock), and that everyone's account is at zero at the moment because IT is working."

Drink Lots of Water!