Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh What A Relief It Is

About a month ago when everything around me started going downhill, I received a Juror Summons in the mail. Good Grief! That's the last frickin thing I need to do right now. The date for appearance is 9/24, Monday. Well, you have to call them the business day before to see if your number comes up. This being the weekend, I realized I could call today and ...
Whoo Hoooooo!!!
Never been so excited about mowing the lawn before. That is what I am going to be doing on Monday and not sitting in a stuffy court house!

Profit Clicking updates:
- was able to transfer Panel balance to Wallet today.
- withdraw's are open. Min $20, Max $250 from Wallet.
- daily income could take up to 72 hours to receive.
- withdraw requests could take up to 72 'business' hours to be paid.
- withdraw requests can be made daily to any pay processor that does not have a pending request already.
- pending withdrawals from before migration will be processed first before new ones from PC.
- once it's approved, to add credits to your own URL Traffic Package, simply place your cursor anywhere on that line and "Credit Applied" will show plus or minus. Click on the Plus Sign and add your credits.
- listening to the conference room, can't believe people still think they have to surf from Midnight to 12:05 AM each day, LOL Don't mean to laugh but that's just funny. You have a full 24 hours to get your daily surfing done. Just be sure to do it each day since the 12:05 AM server time is the time that the Surf Stats Re-Set to -0- for a new day. Kapish?

Repeating from yesterday since it's the weekend...
** Hey you guys wanna do me a favor today?
Click on this and Vote for my grand daughter Olivia.

There's only 3 days left and you CAN vote once per day.
Lots of cool prizes and cash I think too.
Much appreciated :)

ismAdsIncome: their front page states:
 Turn $10 into a Fortune! 
 Earn 1.50% Daily - For 200 days 
 Earn 1.50% Daily - 45% per month 
 Earn 300% per Position 
 Earning for Little Effort on Your Part 
 Daily Payments per Ad Unit 
 NO need to Login or Surf to earn 
 Increase Your Earnings with Daily Compounding 
 Earn Without Sponsoring 
 3 Referral Bonuses: 5%, 3% and 1% 
 Available to People in All countries 
 Our Profitable Ads Promote Your Business
As for me, I started on August 17th, got my first daily earning on Aug 18th and it's been smooth sailing since then.
I've not re-purchased (compounded) and have only used fresh funds thus far.
Don't have my 'seed money' back yet but working on it.
My personal referrals are all happy from what I can tell, and they're promoting also as I can see my Level 2 and Level 3 downline numbers are good.
Admin's have been very responsive to any situation that has come up.
Well, what else can I say? It's been a nice no-drama daily-earning program that looks to be pretty darn stable in my opinion.

Just a reminder especially for those of you new to this sort of 'business': if you do decide to get involved with anything I post here... don't bet the farm or spend your food money. Get your seed money out in a reasonable amount of time then play with profit. Better to be safe than sorry with any money spent in programs or games here on the internet.
Peace :)


Anonymous said...

Don't know what I did wrong yesterday, but again my post didn't go through.
So I'm back. I wanted you to know I voted for your beautiful Olivia. I also shared the link with my family on facebook and told them to vote too. lol She deserves to win!

And I want you to know you're lucky with your jury selection summons. I got one last yr too and I had to spend the whole day in court, only to be told they didn't pick me. (thank God, didn't want to do it anyways) lol
You only had to make a phone call!!! Lucky you!!!


blondie said...

Thanks for voting Tree and thanks to your family also!!

Yeah I remember your Jury Duty posts in MMG.
I've spent the entire day there in the past also and it was no fun.
The last time I ended up in the Jury box, but the kid on trial was a gun related issue. So when I told of my being robbed at gunpoint when I was young... they dismissed me. Whew!

Also there are other reasons I didn't want to be away from home all day, but I'll tell about that at another time, maybe.

Thanks again for the VOTE!!!