Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hang In There

Profit Clicking:
could be a fun day today.
Wondering if the withdraw button will appear today or not. If not today then hopefully soon after. I know a lot of you are waiting for that.
- no daily income received for 9/18 on new ad pack purchases yet. It will all be caught up in the next 12-24 hours.
- if you plan to withdraw (when it's open), you will need to transfer your Ad Package balance to your Wallet first, then withdraw from Wallet.
- Transfer from 'Panel Balance' does not work at the moment.
- and I don't think the Dashboard is completely correct for everyone. That's another thing they're working on now.
- the old JBP Tripler positions are not earning yet, but we all knew that right?
- Remember to surf at least 3 sites daily and not through IE. FireFox and Google Chrome work great.
- I just bought another Ad Pack and the transaction went through immediately.
- tried to log into the conf chat room via the old link but it told me the room was full. Then I tried this one and got in just fine.
So hang in there :)

ismAdsIncome: requested a payment this morning and received it in seconds. WoW! Thanks Admin's Richard and Russell. You've certainly created a great little advertising program for us and we all appreciate it.
Remember guys, no surfing required for this one. Simply purchase positions (ad packs) and start earning daily.


Joey said...

Great update as always, Judy! Congrats on your ismAdsIncome payment again :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Blondie

Great news, it looks like the PC withdraw page is ready... i just managed to successfully do a withdrawal (obviously i haven't received it yet).
I have been trying all day, luckily i am in Australia and its still the afternoon here.


blondie said...

Thanks Joey and Thanks for all the great updates about ISM also :)

Hi Shersto,
Just woke up, got a couple of emails about it, tried to withdraw and YaY! It went through just fine :)
Here we go!