Tuesday, April 16, 2013

RAF Is Live

RicanAdFunds: site is up and running for me but could still be propagating for others. Russell is keeping the News Wire updated as we go so stay tuned to that.
Was also happy to see the withdraw limit for non-verified members at $45. So I got my withdraw in for today and will keep tabs on the progress.
- Reading a little more, that $45 may be the limit for the pay period and not daily. So unverified members can w/d twice per week at $45 each.

ProfitClicking: never did receive my DSP for April 7th in Premium, and no response to my support ticket either. Dang.
Been reading about members hitting the "Daily Limit Reached" when trying to withdrawal from Premium. That's not good and I do hope it's just a glitch.
I tried last night to withdraw and did receive that ugly note when requesting via STP. Tried again with another pay processor and it went right through so not sure what to think at this point.

Received this news from a happy reader:
"Hello Blondie!
I just wanted to let you know that I received my 100 dollar payment through payza from the Queue.
I'm not sure what day I requested it but it came through.
your blog reader,

Looks like the FAQ's have been rewritten for Premium withdrawals:

21a) How does the Premium withdrawal system work?
The Premium Withdrawal System is much like the Basic Withdrawal System - it just has no Pre-ProfitShift Funds and no Post-ProfitShift Funds. To withdraw, just request a withdrawal, which is processed in approximately 24-48 hours or choose to withdraw into the queue, which will be processed in the order they are received. There is no set time for when a queue is processed.

BRB, I need an Aspirin :(

Sol-R: received another STP payment instantly!
Thanks Admin. No matter what happens in the future, you've done an excellent job running this program and I wouldn't hesitate to get involved with you again. Three Cheers!!!

ClickPaid: sure wish I had a hotline to whoever was in charge at CP. So often I see something not working properly and would like to tell someone. Like now for instance, tried to "Surf" but it's not doing anything except giving me a blank page. Would hate to be the one who waits till the last minute to do their daily surfing, just to find it's not working, lol
- Anyway, logged in later and did my surfing for today. And of course earned my daily sales profit for it. Will be back tomorrow to do it all again :)


Joe said...

Is there a way to convert all basic funds to premium funds?

blondie said...

Hi Joe,
Not really.
What you can do is use 20% of your basic towards a premium ad pack.
Meaning if you want to purchase one for $10, you fund your wallet with $8 (fresh money) and then you can use $2 from your basic account or from gift card funds.