Friday, April 19, 2013

The Real Friday

Just removed Sol-R from my side bar.
Don't want anyone clicking on it by mistake before reading my notes. No it's not dead and it's still paying but I wouldn't want to see anyone new join at this point.

RicanAdFunds: members waiting for their first payday since RAF reopened on Tuesday. They did say they would start payouts on Friday UK time, which it still is Friday in the UK so no need for worry IMO. Give em time to get it together.

ClickPaid: was paid last night a couple of hours after my request. Excellent :) I also purchased more Click Packs before withdrawing. Sure hope this is just the beginning of a long wonderful 'paying' program.
* Checking again, that payment didn't come through that fast but I hope to see it soon.

ProfitClicking: tried for a Premium bucket for about 1/2 hour last night. No Luck. I've read that others went ahead and added it to their Premium Queue so am anxious to hear if the Premium Queue will be any faster than the Basic queue payouts? Mmmm Still waiting for my Jan 26th in basic.


Jasna said...

Dear Judy,

I just cought Basic bucket in PC (Payza)..
First time..
How long did you wait for final bucket payment?

Best regards,

blondie said...

Bucket payments are usually sent in 24-48 hours. Sometimes a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Hello Blondie

I just received a withdrawal from profit clicking for $92.00 to my Payza account. I actually withdrew this amount on January 26 2013 from the old withdrawal queue not the premium or the bucket.

I figured you would want to know since you said you had a pending one from that date.

Your reader

Jasna said...

Thank you..

blondie said...

That's great news!
Thanks Steve for letting us know.

Jasna, you're welcome.