Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quiet Sunday

RAF and ismAI: quite a few new posts from Russell in the NewsWire blog today. AlsoRussell ISMmagic: Instructions will be placed on the blog before RAF is live tomorrow.

Sol-R: instant payments continue :)

ClickPaid: also coming along and they seem to be getting all the bugs worked out. This afternoon (my time) when the server time changes days, you will receive Monday's daily sales profit which is 2% as opposed to 1% for weekends. Just don't forget to surf.

ProfitClicking: more good news from a friend/reader regarding an old basic queue payment:
Yesterday PC deposited $100 (minus fees) in my Solid Trust pay account.
It was in the Queue since 1/23/13
Please let everyone know.
It made me very happy!!!

Congrats to you!
Now I've seen payments posted also from the 25th so it doesn't appear they're doing them in any particular order. Maybe by Pay Processor. In any case, old queue money coming out is always a good thing!!

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