Monday, April 22, 2013

Good News

RicanAdFunds: "Payment In Progress" is now showing for our earlier payment request. Since it's moved from "pending" status, you can now enter another request via pay processor. Now that's good news!!

ismAdsIncome: site is still not back up, bummer.

NeoMutual: lookin good and I'm seeing payment proofs in the forums already. Wonderful! I didn't withdraw yet myself and will let it build a little first. Maybe after today's earnings I'll try out the w/d button :)

ClickPaid: been real happy with it and hope it stays the way it is now for a long long time. You know what I mean...

ProfitClicking: dang buckets are gonna drive me to drink! (or drink more, lol)
Payments are still going out fast once you can catch a bucket, but trying to grab one is getting more and more difficult.
I sat here and clicked for an hour last night in Premium with no luck. I'm tempted to just put them in the queue and see how long it takes to receive. Surely it can't be as long as the Basic queue... one would hope.


HermitJim said...

Thanks for the usual!That's why we love ya!

blondie said...

Awwww Jim :)
Thanks buddy.
Just trying to do my job.