Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hula Hoop 50 Year Anniversary

Wham-O has become the most successful manufacturer of hula hoops in modern times. They trademarked the name Hula Hoop ® and start manufacturing the toy out of the new plastic Marlex in 1958. On May 13, 1959, Arthur Melin applied for a patent for his version of the hula hoop. He received U.S. Patent Number 3,079,728 on March 5, 1963 for a Hoop Toy.

Twenty million Wham-O hula hoops sold for $1.98 in the first six months.
(of course blondie had one too, lol)


RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: News Wire Updates:

written by Richard Cannon , March 05, 2013 
Payments have been made today and we will be catching up throughout the day. ISMAI payments have started to be processed also so that we can catch up across the board. Thank you for your patience - we will be up to date very soon as we (I) now have access to both sites (Russell informs me that we had to change the dns settings in order for everything to function correctly) - very sorry for the delays we will be caught up very soon smilies/smiley.gif

Support Tickets
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 05, 2013 
Please note this BLOG is not for member to post support tickets as stated

"Members' Support Tickets and general comments should NOT be posted here"

Support tickets posted here will not be responded to.

We are currently reviewing support desk software to cover all our sites.

So happy to see Russell put a stop to that.
I wasn't even aware that a member could post in the News Wire until I saw it getting cluttered up with support issues, geez.
Thanks to our Admin's, our information page will be just that!

- Completed my first 200 days in ismAI and my first 10 Ad Units have expired.
Am I going to replace them? No, I don't think so.
Viewing my back office for both programs... members are participating more in RAF than ismAI, so I've been using my earnings from ismAI to purchase Ad Units in RAF to keep that one building.
Now, you don't have to do what I do.
I'm just sharing how I'm playing my cards right now.


ClickPaid: still can't get into any dashboard or member area, so nothing to share at this time.
*** Hours later: received an email that I was "active" so I went ahead and bought 2 Click Packages. BUT now I can't find where to surf or see my money.
So you might want to hold off purchasing until they get the bugs out and have it working properly.


Sol-R Energy: tomorrow will be 45/45 for me. Meaning 45 days paid and 45 days to go. At 2.2% daily, that will mean 99% ROI back on my first (biggest) spend.
The Admin here sure has been doing a wonderful job and I'm anxious to see what the future holds for this one.
Am going to wait till tomorrow to cash out.
To save on fees, ya know?


ProfitClicking: members are still buying a lot of Ad Packs in the current plan. Example: Your Referral's Referral, xxxxx just bought 141 Ad Package(s)!
Makes me wonder why they're not waiting for 'Premium' to open to see what that's all about.
Well to each his own and I'm pretty sure those purchases are re-purchases and not from new money. That's my best guess.



Henry said...

I had a yellow Hula Hoop!!!!



blondie said...

WoW! You remember what color it was?
I'm impressed.
I don't recall the color of mine but we sure did have a lot of fun with them.
Cheers Henry!

HermitJim said...

Hula hoops and frisbees...boy! How I miss my first childhood! I'm working on my second one now!

blondie said...

Thanks for my first morning laugh Jim!
That was funny!!
(oh, me too)