Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday in the Snowy Rockies

Feeling better today. Took a couple of Advil PM's last night to help me sleep. Woke up to a cold 5 degrees F plus the foot of snow we had yesterday. Well that's OK, supposed to be in the 60's by Friday :)

RAF & ismAI: since it's Sunday not sure if Richard will be sending out any payments. He may to get caught up but I've not seen any posted in the forums yet. Just remember to watch the NewsWire for updates.

Sol-R Energy: paid myself yesterday and have seen payment proofs sent from Admin manually through EgoPay. EP Instant Button is still shut OFF so if you request, it will go to pending until Admin does his thing.

ProfitClicking: I've been getting reports that the green light has been opening more often in the Basic system. That's great news and congrats to all who have gotten a Basic withdrawal into the bucket.
Personally I haven't tried and am just waiting on my queue withdrawals from January. Which reminds me, have read that the old queue w'd's are starting to be paid also. From Jan. 22nd I think it was. Or maybe the 23rd. In either case that's good news for sure.


Gene said...

Hi Judy. I have several payments due from ISM Income and RAF, hopefully those show up soon. ;)

I cannot log in to PC for some reason. Still waiting for those older withdrawals also.

Interesting times for sure.



blondie said...

Hi Gene,
Well the PC site and both Rican sites are down for me right now.
Time for a nap I suppose ;)

HermitJim said...

It's always time for a nap when you get to be my age!

Hope you are feeling up to snuff today! The weather there is just too cold for me!

blondie said...

Yeah it's too cold for me too so I try to stay in as much as possible.

Feeling better today, thanks :)
Happy Monday Jim!