Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday !!

ismAdsIncome: I'll post this here so you guys don't have to hunt for it like I did:

Richard Cannon
Due to circumstances that we don't fully understand I am not able to get access to the ISMAI admin area to be able to process withdrawals - Russell and the team are working on this now to get me the information to be able to process all payments. I am very sorry for this situation and confirm that all payments in ISMAI will be up to date by Monday night/Tuesday Morning. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support.

@Kev, I haven't withdrawn from ismAI for a long time, except to my wallet. So can't verify the problem that you encountered. Sorry.


RicanAdFunds: site is slow again for me today and I can't see my Stats page. So I'll check again later and you should do the same if you're having a similar problem.
Later in the day: got in just fine and purchased 15 more ad units with e-wallet funds... meaning rather than cash out of ismAI, I transferred earnings to e-wallet then used that money to purchase in RAF. Easy to do if you're involved in both programs :)


ClickPaid: yeah I'm still waiting for it to open too. 
Wonder why they had a countdown clock?
Seems sort of pointless now. Oh well, patience :p



Brad Tramell said...

lol on the count down clock :) Seems kinda familiar, if you remember the countdown clock for Profitclicking :D :D They had to reset it like 4 times LOL

blondie said...

Yeah I hear ya.
Same clock, different day, LOL