Thursday, March 21, 2013

Better Late Than Never :)

Short on time today so I'll be brief.
I usually like to blog in the morning but I've been busy all day and just now got back here. Answered some emails and checked my programs. That's about it.

ClickPaid: I left them yesterday with 12 clicks reserved in my Traffic area. Today I have a big fat red -0- so had to surf. It stopped my surf after 3 so that tells me we can't reserve any anymore and will need to surf 3 daily in order to earn.
Don't know if you're seeing the same that I am or maybe they're fixing the site and it's not 'changed' for everyone yet. Will check again tomorrow.

Sol-R EnergyI read that EgoPay was kicking out too many withdrawals when only 1 was requested, so Admin needed to turn the auto-pay feature OFF.
I did however get an STP w/d just now, with no problem.
If you've received more than one EgoPay w/d unexpectedly, please do the right thing and send it back. Thanks :)

RAF & ismAI: are slowly getting caught up with payments. In the meantime, my numbers in my back office are right on the button. Thanks R & R.
PS, don't forget to check their News Wire daily. Posted here on my side bar for your convenience.

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