Thursday, March 28, 2013

Better Late Than Never

OMG, just realized I didn't blog today!

Re: RAF and ismAI: if you didn't get to read all of the News Wire yesterday, please do so when you have time. Lots to talk about and discuss but I need to let it sink in first and keep an eye on future updates as well.

Sol-R: continues to be a rock star.

ProfitClicking: some of my friends and referrals are having great luck with Basic bucket withdrawals. Congrats to them!

ClickPaid: is doing just fine, but will discuss later.
Have had my head wrapped around other things today.



Brad Tramell said...

Just an update!! I got another 100$ withdraw to the BASIC STP Bucket!!! :) :) Im smiling now :D I got one for 100$ yesterday and already hit my STP :D

blondie said...

And there's one of those lucky members, LOL
Congrats Brad!
Thanks for sharing the good news :)